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Old 3rd December 2017
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kalyanprasad is a pillar of our communitykalyanprasad is a pillar of our communitykalyanprasad is a pillar of our communitykalyanprasad is a pillar of our communitykalyanprasad is a pillar of our communitykalyanprasad is a pillar of our community
Once u got cure by ointments, there is chance of getting piles back, so maintaining diet is important ,daily have fibre content food, fruit juices etc thats enough , and these fibre content food not only makes to pass stools easily it also helps in many ways to our body. So dont go for operation , get cure by ointments now from then maintain diet strictly.
it is not at all a disease just change ur diet u will find results.
I went to doctor 1 yr back he told me that '' u r still young no need of operation , if u get operated also there is chance of getting piles once again in other area(other than operated area) so maintain ur diet avoid oily foods and spicy ones'' I followed thats y i am saying u

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Old 11th December 2017
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Kidding Toons,...

Well,....Read google,. it has tons of advices without operating it and soothening it, when it grows worst,..


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Old 11th December 2017
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buddy dont search here there for the typical problem ....go to the doctor and take a proper treatment

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Old 12th December 2017
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Originally Posted by delhi_devil View Post
Hi, I am having piles, I am 32 yrs old, does any one know any ayurvedic or natural treatment and is this common disease
Best is to see a doctor and get the same examined.
There is no shame in this. I understand fellow xossipians have tried to help you. But only a doc can examine diagnose and provide you with a right prescription.

Diet, sleeping habits, firm abdomen regular exercise all are key factors in reducing the piles.

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Old 1st January 2018
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Below is what was prescribed to me. You can try it, it works for sure. However i would strongly suggest you consult an ayurvedic doctor. It's better to have a professional advice right. This is a very common issue and nothing to be ashamed of.

I am 32 & the problem was identified when i was 29. My ayurvedic doctor prescribed me the below medicines for 4 weeks. It worked fantastically for me. I took it first when i was in Bangalore & now i am in UK and always have a dosage of it handy. Just in case i need it.

But do not think that by taking medicines once, it's done. It's not a disease, it's a lifestyle disorder. So if you do not workout enough to digest your food, or if you do not follow a healthy diet then you can expect it to be recurring (exceptions & relaxations can be understandable of course).

Do not worry much. Once you control it for say 4-5 weeks, you know how to maintain your diet and when to relax it.

The allopathy doctors i consulted, told surgery is the best way. But please do not go for surgery as there is no assurance that the problem will not recur. The below medicines and strict diet for one month did a world of good to me. Try to follow the diet atleast while taking medicines or the weeks when the irritation is more . Above all, do some physical activity that aids digestion.

Avoid anything that is heat to body & add more fibre and cooling food. Try to avoid long distance driving especially in hot sun. Take a break from sitting long as it reduces pressure and heat on the affected area.

Avoid -> Chicken, Egg, & poultry, Curd, Til seeds, Prawns, Crabs, spicy food, Oily food, Papaya, liquor, smoking
Can include -> Mutton, Red meat , fish (better not fried) , Butter milk, Milk, more green leaves, fruits, vegetables,honey(honey acts as mild laxative to avoid constipation), warm water -> 2 caps * 3 times day for 2 weeks & then 2 caps * 2 times a day -> 2 caps * 2 times day -> Apply on piles whenever required to sooth it

You can go for pilex ointment instead of the above ghee, but since it has menthol i feel it gives me tingling. The above ointment sooths me. -> 2 tables * 2 times a day (for 2 months)

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