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sandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universe

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koolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autographkoolme98 has celebrities hunting for his/her autograph
get well soon buddy

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sandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universesandy4hotgirls is one with the universe

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naughtythings9 is an unknown quantity at this point
Hot story bro
great work

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Update on way

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Well she didn’t have much time left and went to office. At office it was all about the impending client visits. Teams from US, Australia and Japan were coming virtually back to back and it was decided that we would entertain them in Agra only. They had offered negotiated rates for hotels to visitors and they accepted them gleefully. Mrs Kapoor too was very happy that it meant big business. As a special gesture, she had upgraded rooms of all employees of Vicky’s company and Vicky got an upgraded Suite.

So the troupe from US was to arrive at early hours of Monday morning. A team from Vicky’s office was their at airport to receive them, take them to a local hotel in Delhi for freshening u and breakfast and then to dispatch them in taxis to Agra for the actual meeting.

Mrs Kapoor had herself reached Agra just to ensure everything was in order and was accompanied by Zareena (you will have to revisit the story to find details about Zareena) and her daughter Alia who too had joined her mom and Mrs Kapoor in same hotel. Mrs Kapoor was now heading BD for major parts of North India.

Safia was given a separate room, Sonia and Ashmeet were to share one, Vicky got his room upgraded to suite on a complimentary basis. Another room was kept for colleagues who were to join from Delhi for making technical presentations and go back.

So Vicky and the beauties went in Vicky’s SUV and reached Agra. Being in Noida/Gr Noida area meant that they could reach much earlier as didn’t have to negotiate with Delhi traffic. Vicky was pleasantly surprised to find Zareena and Alia there along with Mrs Kapoor. He hugged Mrs Kapoor and whispered “thanks jaan”

She smiled back.

Zareena and Aalia met him nicely but by now Safia, Sonia and Ashmeet knew that he had a big harem. They had time, US team was to arrive by next day late morning. He reached his suite and was followed by Zareena and Aalia and within no time they were kissing like mad lovers.

He wanted to fuck them there and then but could not since they were on duty. They promised to join them at night. He called for a working dinner meeting in his suite and the meeting went for long. It was almost 11pm when they finally ended. The other 3 beauties were still in his suite when door bell rang and in came sexy Zareena sexy Alia and sexier Mrs Kapoor. On seeing the other 3 beauties they felt awkward.

V – don’t worry darlings, we are finished. They will leave in a moment. You gals make yourself comfortable.

Z – ok Vicky

Safia was looking wide eyed at Zareena and Alia. She had seen Mrs Kapoor earlier but another set of beauties from same hotel chain.

Vicky put his arms around Ashmeet and Sonia who were on his either side “Mrs Kapoor, Zareena and Alia, Sonia and Ashmeet are my babes and I am sure we will enjoy in this suite”

Alia – I am sure Vicky but aaj hamaari baari hai (but it is our turn now)

All laugh barring Safia. Sonia and Ashmeet leave after kissing Vicky for a few minutes. They were game for it. Safia stands in a far corner near the door. One part of it wanted her to be with them but the other one wanted to maintain the distance.

The fuck fest followed for the next 5 hours. Alia, Zareena forgot that they were mom daughter duo or Mrs Kapoor was their boss. Vicky’s cock was a great unifier. All were his randis.

They did it on bed, on sofa, in bathroom, under shower, Mrs kapoor licked Alia’s pussy, who in turn licked her mom’s who in turn licked Vicky’s balls and Vicky completed the circle with Mrs Kapoor. It was orgy of mammoth proportions. Finally all slept.

Readers know that I do not tend to repeat sexual acts with previous conquests in detail.

At around 6am, the 3 ladies went to their respective rooms. Vicky got up at 10 and joined other beauties later. All were invited to join him in his suite for last minute preparations. The ladies were dressed in saree and these were not regular sarees but designer ones. They were dressed to kill.

Ash – Raat kaisee rahi sir (how was the night)

V – waisee hee jaisee honi chahiye if you have 3 sexy babes at your disposal (just like it should be)

So – baat toh hai, babes were hot (you have a point)

Safia was still silent.

V – Safia you are looking hot.

Sf – thanks

Soon they get a message from their colleague who travelled with the US team that they are about to reach the hotel in another couple of minutes. So the entire gang rushes for the reception and Vicky calls Mrs Kapoor to ensure that the check-in is smooth and they get a very warm welcome.

The US team consisted of 6 persons. 4 males and two females and one of the two females was damn hot looking. Her name was Ivanka, a daughter of Russian origin mom and American dad. Just to put a pic to the name, pretty similar to President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, but this Ivanka was a tad curvier. She was tall – 6 feet tall girl is tall, had a very pleasant smile. Of the four men, Vicky could make out two were gay. The way they were holding hands, Sonia leaned into Vicky and whispered “aadmi hoon aadmi se pyaar karta hoon variety” (man loves man variety)

Vicky gives a smile and a nod. The other two were in late 60s. He leans into Ashmeet and says “ tumhari pyaas ke liye main hee bacha hoon” ( Only I am left to quench your thirst)

Ash – I don’t mind.

All of them interact.

4 males – 2 oldies : Ronald and John

2 youngsters (gays) : Bill and George

2 babes : Ivanka (super hottie) Cindy (lovely MILF)

Hugs were exchanged. Ivanka was leading the team from US side and Vicky from here. When they shook hands they knew it was a match between them.

It was planned that they would have lunch together at around 2pm and then start with first round of meeting. Mrs Kapoor passed on the instructions for booking table and all related things. Mrs Kapoor and Aalia left for Dellhi leaving behind Zareena to take care of the special guests.

So the tall beautiful blonde Ivanka led the pack followed by the gay couple and then the two oldies and then the MILF Cindy. They had joined in the regular restaurant of the hotel but arrangements were made to have a separate and secluded seating for the group of 12. It was a very informal discussion with both sides getting to know each other. Vicky was talking with them and they were surprised to find him the only pure vegetarian in the group. The lunch continued for over an hour and the leaders of the two groups assessed each other. Once lunch was out of the way, it was decided that the formal meeting will start at 4pm. Teams parted and met again at 4pm.

The discussions started with the technical requirements and ability of Vicky’s company to deliver the results. The presentations were made questions were asked, amendments to the designs were sought and provided. It was hectic and it was long. Vicky had assessed her to be a tough negotiator and on top of her game and he was proven right. She had a very good idea of price range for such services in India and was up for it.

Vicky was also on top of his game in terms of negotiations and technical services. By the time they decided to call it a day, it was almost 9pm. A rigourous 5hr long meeting was fun in terms of agreement on technical deliverables. Critical part of the contract, financials was still pending.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Zareena suggested that the group can unwind at the disco in the Hotel and have dinner a bit later. All agreed and parted for their rooms to change. Vicky changes to a simple jeans and shirt combo and reaches the disc after taking a bath & general freshening up. The guys in both the groups reach within 5 minutes. Gay couple move to a corner, the oldies moved to the bar, Vicky was talking with them and held a coke. They made fun of him not drinking. By the time ladies arrived, the two oldies were a bit tipsy and the gay couple was not even to be found, may be called it a night to spend quality time with each other.

First to enter was Ashmeet, wearing a caprice and camisole. She was soon followed by her cousin Sonia in one flowing dress coming upto her knees. Cindy came in next wearing a backless dress upto knees. Safia was the one who made the entrance soon after wearing a a flowing one piece dress reaching upto her shins and then came the diva herself, Ivanka, wearing a short one piece, barely reaching her mid thighs, held by a knot behind neck and showed acres of glowing skin on her back and front. She was a head turner and marriage breaker and she knew it. Radiated confidence of the Diva.

All got together and it became one Vicky Vs 5 sexy females. The two oldies too had joined the group with the hope of landing someone, especially generously endowed Safia. They were having fun in general. As the time progressed, Vicky asked Cindy for a dance by passing Ivanka. Mind games. Vicky and Cindy danced very nicely including some risqu movements. During the course of dance he managed to get her ass to feel his cock. As they disengaged, she looked down towards his crotch then towards his face and gave a smile and a wink.

The next babe to join him on dancefloor was our Sonia and as soon as she stepped on the floor, she melted into him and let the entire world know that she is his babydoll. She gyrated her ass on his crotch, crushed her boobs on his chest and did everything she had done previously to clear any doubts on her status. She increased the temperature by a few degrees. Ashmeet noted that Safia’s super heavy bosom was heaving up and down with great vigour after seeing Sonia’s hot show. As they disengaged Sonia gave him a lovely long French kiss. Ashmeet followed her cousin in the act and went past her in terms of raunchiness quotient.

Ivanka was looking at him with great intent. She had seen his control on the female contingent and the show convinced her that he must be a great lover as the girls are with him like creepers on the tree.

On the other hand, Safia who knew of Sonia, Ashmeet and Vicky, was feeling pussy getting moist. Cindy looked at Safia and smiled. Vicky came down from the floor and ignored Safia and offered hand to Ivanka for the dance. She accepted.

The dance numbers had changed to peppy desi ones. Ivanka was a fast learner and started dancing on the beats though she didn’t understand lyrics at all. She was dancing very well and was feeding off from the energy from fellow dancers who were enjoying the desi numbers now. They were making eye contact and enjoying each other’s company. Vick’s smile was infectious. Him being a good dancer helped. Some guys on the dancefloor was trying to get a bit too close to the blonde chic but some movement from Vicky to shield her ensured that they got the message and stayed away from her. Ivanka was used to such stares and acts even in US and parts of globe. She took in her stride. The lights were dimmed again and this time it was turn of slow numbers.

Most of the eyes got locked on the desi man and blonde couple on the dance floor, since they were expecting some serious action. Cindy, Sonia and Ashmeet had provided a very sexy trailer and Ivanka was the Diva among all. He had his hand on her lower back and other hand in her other and she had her free hand on his shoulder, the traditional ballroom dance pose.

V – Ivanka how many times you have been told you are hot

I – Innumerable

V – How many Indians have told you so

I – hmmmm none

V – then let me be the first Indian male to say Honey you are HOT
Ivanka smiles and says “thanks Vicky and you are not bad either”

V – I am not bad at many things Ivanka (hinting her at sex)

Ivanka read the glint in his eyes and smiled “naughty”

V – have done negotiations for so many contracts but never had such a beautiful one to negotiate with.

I – hmmmmmm

She moved a few inches forward and Vicky’s hands were now on her lower back and hers on his shoulders, they could feel each other’s breath. Ivanka was pretty tall and Vicky was only a couple inches taller.

V – I want that we get the contract

I – why Vicky (she knew the answer though)

V – can meet you often

I – what if I can meet you without contract

V – then who needs the contract – and smiled.

Sonia and Ashmeet knew what was coming. Safia and Cindy had guessed. Ivanka’s boobs were now touching his strong chest.

V – hmmmmmm. You are 3B

I – what is that – she smiled

V – Beauty brains bank balance

I – hmmmmm (smiles)

V – let us make it 5 B

I – 5B?

V – Add boobs and booty to the other three

I – ha ha ha ha

As she was laughing, he turns her around to embrace her from behind. His hands were on her stomach just a couple of inches below her rack and he had stepped forward for her neck to feel his breath and her ass to feel his cock. Ivanka had taken a few and knew how the real big and strong ones felt on her ass like that and Vicky’s compared very positively in that respect.

I – hmmmmm

V – enjoying Indian hospitality Iva

I – Iva?

V – you are Iva for me

I – oh yes

Vicky’s hands move up a bit north and back of his hands are pressing her juicy melons. He bends forward to put juicy kiss on her neck and hands continue the good work. Dance floor was getting hotter by the second. She gyrates her plush posterior on his ample crotch.

Meanwhile Cindy moves closer to Safia and places her hand on her thighs. Safia looks at her and then moves her gaze back to the action on dance floor.

In the interim, Vicky had taken his hands on her shoulders and moved them down to her palms, measuring every square inch of her skin.

V – Iva

I – hmmmmm

V – your room or mine

Before she could even answer, Vicky led her holding her hand and moved out of the disc. Ivanka was used to dominate but this was different, the young man was more dominant. As they entered the lift, he just pounced on her and both started kissing and didn’t even bother about the liftman. Such was their passion. Liftman had seen a few like this but never such a hottie and as soon as their floor came, she went out, looked at liftman, a boy of 18-19 and winked at him.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Within no time, they were in his suite and add a few seconds and both were naked.

Like a wanton prostitute she stood there in her full naked glory. The door was still a bit ajar.

He went inside waited for her to close the door, the shameless beauty closed the door without any fear of anyone seeing her in such a state and pressed her boobs on his back. Both kissed like teenagers. The hands explored every inch of each other. She pulled him to the bed but he didn’t flinch. His clothes came off and he pulled her to the bathroom of the expensive suite. He wanted to have a bath with her today. What a lover!! She thought.

Both stood under the shower of a luxury suite bathroom kissing each other with streams of water finding their way to the floor after traveling over the two intertwined naked bodies. Was it the water or was it the sheer audacity or his power over her, he enjoyed it like never before. He continued kissing her with the hands mauling the ass globes. A thin trail of water was streaming down her boob, he brought his tongue close to it to savour the nectar of love. This was magical – both thought. He then kissed her flat stomach and moved down to the love nest and kissed it continuously. The combined effect of tongue and water on her pussy made her go wild and she pressed his head on her crotch. For balancing, she took support of the wall as he continued his onslaught on her pubic region. The lead negotiator from one side had just started and lead one from other side was getting jittery.

During the charge on her pubes, the hands had not ignored the ass globes or mammaries, while her one hand pressed on the wall for support and the other played with his head hair.

The shower continued.

He got up and picked up the shower gel and started rubbing it on her from her feet. From the feet he moved to her beautiful calfs and then knees and then thighs, he did not rub on ass or crotch but moved to her hips, back and stomach. The boobs came in for some special cleansing with rounds and rounds of rubs. He then moved to her upper bosom and her slender neck. The creamy white ivory skin was shining beneath a thin sheen of lather.

He gave the gel to her, she started rubbing the soap on his legs, torso, back, stomach, she avoided soaping the erect tool though she gave a quick suck.

The shower was off.

He also another pouch of gel and both started soaping each other. What a erotic cleansing frenzy both were in. He also believed in “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

After soaping each other’s asses and crotches, both looked at each other with an insatiable sexual hunger. The two pairs of eyes said it all. Iva was standing with her back to the wall and he was right in front of her. He took the gel and gave one more round to pussy and his dick and placed the granite hard tool at the entrance of her pussy. He lifted her one leg and tried to push the dick in. Thanks to the lather lubrication, the dick was easily able to find its way in the much used pussy.

Soon he developed a rhythm, Ivanka also started gyrating to the beat of the tool hitting her innermost walls. She in turn was hitting the bathroom wall. Both the bodies had a sheen of lather on them and a certain amount of wetness owing to the sweat and also to the shower. He held her shoulders and in between continued kissing her, mauling her boobs and salivating her nape of neck. This sheer audacity of thing was making the love making that much more pleasurable. Never she had made out with the negotiater. It was strict business for her but something snapped in this case.

This time both felt the familiar tingling in their reproductive organs and came at the same time. She shivered and tightened the grip around his waist with her lifted leg. He also withdrew his tool and let the semen fall on to her stomach, her thighs. With both legs on ground she felt more comfortable as she still felt the shivers of her orgasm.

Now he made her go on all fours on bathroom floor. The shower was switched on with the stream focused on her lower back / hips region. He lifted the bar of soap and spread on her gorgeous, luscious ass entrance and on his tool. The mauling of boobs and sight of the horny lady got his tool back to attention within no time. The contact of wet bodies also helped the soldier to become stiff and ready for the attack. However, he had a change of heart. With one swift motion, he rotated her so as to make her lay on the floor on her back with her legs on his either side. The shower came directly on her boobs, hitting the melons and then spreading away. He moved ahead to suck the wet mammaries, suck and kiss the kissable lips. The pressure on boobies and lips coupled with water effect and a very recent orgasm was making her go wild. For good measure he had started fingering her pussy. He was determined to loosen her up further before the grand ass fuck.

He continued the circular motion of his two digits in her pussy walls, she was writhing with pleasure and was nearing ecstasy. The continued pressure on the nape of the neck and ear lobes interspersed with that on her inner thighs and boobies was making it too good to be true for her. He continued applying the pleasure pressure on her pressing the right buttons. Vicky knew how to go about it. As she was scaling new heights of pleasure, he started sucking her cunt for good measure. The lapping up of the shaved pussy lips was giving her love shivers. After about 10-15minutes of such continued love pressure, she gave in. She tightened the grip of her legs around his waist, her hands moved in order to get some sort of grip on the wet bathroom floor. The eyes were half closed and she was in a state of ecstasy. Her head swayed from side to side and her body shivered. By now Vicky had known the reason of this state. She had cum and he hadn’t. The Indian negotiator had cum once and the American one had cummed twice. Boy he did have some staying power, she thought.

As she was recuperating from the after effects of a shattering orgasm, he just inserted his fingers in her pussy and brought the digits out, soaked in her love juice. He then lubricated her ass hole entry with those. The digits invasion gave her one more shiver and while she enjoyed invasion of her pussy, her turned her around to make her go on her all fours and placed his dick on her rear entry. The thought of the rear invasion make her shudder with some fear. He picked up the soap, rubbed on the rock hard tool and also on the rear entry and started the invasion.

Centimeter by centimeter it went in, the pain was much less thanks to the lubrication but she definitely felt thoroughly filled up. The inner walls stuck to the beloved tool. He stood in such a position for a couple of minutes so that she could accommodate the monster, meanwhile he continued the mauling of the hanging melons. Gradually he brought the piston out, almost two-third was out and then pushed in. Likewise he started the motion and gained momentum. The tool was hitting her deep.

The ass hole invasion meant that she felt that much more filled and the tool felt that much bigger. The lubrication had lessened the entry pain but the pain deriving out of a big hammer hitting the inner sensitive walls was still there. The melons were coming in for some special continued mauling. He again held her blonde mane and continued giving powerful thrusts. She felt the hits becoming harder and she had also starting moaning / grunting, the lust were making her moan but the big hits were making her grunt. For him the ass fuck was a mode of showing his power or control over her apart from the absolute sexual ecstasy of enjoying the gorgeous ass of such a beautiful lady.

Both came at the same time with his legs also feeling a slight shivering, bathroom flooring had a lot to do with it. She felt tired and lay down on the floor. Both lay there on the bathroom floor with the bodies intertwined as creepers. The knees were grinding against the bathroom floor and felt some bruises but not threatening enough to ooze blood.

After a brief lull spell of 2-3 minutes, he started again kissing her and playing with her boobies. This made her come in the mood, if any invitation was needed, and she started moaning at a low volume. He moved to shut off the shower. She stopped him.

With this conversation he moved her on top of him to achieve a 69 position. Both set of mouths went to each other’s crotch with a vengeance. The American lady was in no mood to prove second to the Indian with the big tool. She started sucking the cock. As they say “don’t stroke it – just smoke it.” The smoking was having a very good effect on him. He was in the meanwhile not to be left behind. He continued lapping her pussy lips with his tongue. In order to tease him, she lifted her ass and made him to raise his head further. Not to be left behind, he inserted three fingers in the freshly fucked asshole. This startled her and made her laugh.

She said “you rascal” and moved her ass back to the original position. The two lead negotiators continued the licking / sucking of each other’s crotch. She was smoking it and he was licking and biting it. The 69 was relatively new for him but very enjoyable, smoke by smoke he was getting close to cumming and lick by lick she was about to reach her love climax. The water was still sprinkling for good measure. Both were doing their jobs as experts. The ass was moving up and down to match the licking pattern and the strokes on his tool had become more prolonged. After about 10-15 minutes more fun of licking, the ass movement became a bit furious and she gyrated it with some extra passion. She then pressed her crotch on his face and rubbed it. He felt some wet fluid on his face. She was cumming by the litres and to match her accomplishment even he had cummed. With her drinking his semen he lapped up all the love nectar he could with his tongue. The lady was a divine fuck – he believed. His face was smeared with her love juices and he continued the onslaught on the pussy for some more time.

Both then stood under the shower, kissing, licking, pressing each other’s favourite body parts with the stream of water washing them.

This further session of 5-7 minutes of sin washing under the shower ended. Both took the towels to dry each other. He focused a lot on boobies and ass as expected and she on his crotch. Still naked, they both went to the bedroom and lay on the bed in each other’s embrace.

I – Vicky hmmmm you are great

V – you are best I have ever had

I – thanks

V – Iva I want to meet you more often

I – we will

V – seems you liked technical specifications

I – ha ha ha oh yes I liked.

They start kissing, long passionate kisses and Ivanka holds his tool.

His tool dangled before her in a semi erect state. It was looking dangerous and monstrous. Definitely much bigger than her boyfriend and her hubby she was divorced once. She was still in a state of trance. He just moved a bit forward and made the tip touch her lips and let it stay there. He did not push her head or make her move to suck it. After a few seconds of dangling, she parted her lips and kissed the knob of the tool. She gently took the knob between the quivering lips and moved her tongue over it, he felt the divine touch. Gradually she moved forward to cover more of his tool and brought his hand around it to hold it. The rock hard tool was in its full glory. Slowly he started developing a rhythm by moving his dick in and out. The tool was not fully in and was hitting her throat. After some strokes she felt comfortable and was doing it like a pro. With the other hand she was holding his balls and playing with them, in the meanwhile, his hand was behind her head, synchronizing her head movement with his gyrations.

After about 10 minutes, he felt the familiar sensation his balls and he was about to cum. His dreamgirl’s cock suck made him cum much before than he would have usually done. Stream after stream he shot his warm semen in her mouth and she like an expert drank most of it with some strains oozing from her beautiful mouth. He took his finger, gathered the oozing cum on it and brought in front of her mouth. She licked that too. He pulled out his limp cock glistening in combination of his semen and her saliva. He felt like a winner.

Now it was his turn to suck her again. Both were not having enough of each other’s body. He bent down and went to the coveted boobies. The big boobs were his for the taking. He sucked them like a kid. He played with them, kneaded them, mauled them like an expert. Drew circles around nippies and aerolas, made her quiver, shiver, moan with lust and passion. He could have fucked her there and then and she was all his for the taking but he waited for another day. He moved in behind position his legs on either side of her and her ass touching his crotch. The expert hands played with the boobies and the lips focused on the nape of the neck making her go mad. Slowly but surely he moved his hand over her stomach and towards her pubic area. The digits started the usual play with the pussy. He was pleased to find her pussy shaven. The fingers drew circles around the pussy, driving her crazy. He pinched her pussy lips, nibbled them with his fingers, tickled them. The luscious lass was in throes of passion and moaning with passionate screams. The three pronged attack on nape of the neck, boobs and pussy was making her go wild, this was the winning strategy with all women, she was shaking her legs and she felt the never before sensations.

Suddenly the legs closed in tight and she cummed. His fingers got wet, she closed her eyes, shook her head from side to side and bit her lip. Contract negotiation was fun. The sheer audacity of the act got her biggest orgasm till date which had shaken her big time.

Both looked at the clock, it was almost 1.5hrs of passionate love making. Vicky called Zareena and asked her for dinner. She was ready for this as knew his ability to make love. Asked them to come down to restaurant which was open till 2am.

Both dressed up and went down holding each other like lovers. Others were still there, the four beauties, Cindy, Safia, Sonia and Ashmeet had bonded well and were enjoying when they walked in.

C – welcome welcome love birds

Vicky and Ivanka smiles.

C – you would have brought the roof down with your screams honey

All laugh at Ivanka’s expense. The gang had completed dinner but then continued when both leaders joined.

C – Wouldn’t mind exchanging places with you Ivanka but would he take an oldie like me

V – Mature wines taste better

All laugh again.

One hour of fun and they all came out.

V – Cindy darling would you permit me to take Ivanka for further negotiations.

C – you breaking my heart and taking her….liar about old wines

V – I never lie

C – give me a hug

Cindy whispers “is yours as big as it felt on dance floor”

V – you can ask Ivanka, Sonia or Ashmeet (he whispers back)

Known smiles exchanged.

C – Stud has a big harem…

So – trust me Cindy you have no fucking clue about the size, even I don’t.

C – Can’t be that big, he is no Hollywood star

So – he had once shown an FB page of his conquests, all of them are connected, lovely sisterhood. Now I am too part of the page.

C – Seems well endowed

Ash – very well endowed

All chuckle

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Vicky and Ivanka leave for his suite. The same liftman gets to see them but this time nothing more than a casual side hug is the sight for him.

Back to the room and back to the par for the course – nudity.

He did not go directly for the gorgeous rack but started kissing her instead. She thought he would go for her prized assets. Gradually, moved down from kissing her to her neck and then traced the saliva line to her boob. He sucked on the nippie for sometime, alternating between sweet bites, tongue play with nipple and sucking only with lips. This was special and more pleasurable than her current BF and ex hubby, she was used to. He shifted his attention from one boob to another and sucked them and mauled them. This went on for some time. The continued sucking and mauling of boobs was making her go weak in knees. Needless to mention, the ass globes were also getting their fair share of the press.

After continuous sucking and licking of her boobs, he traced the path to the clean patch via her navel and flat stomach with his tongue, wetting the skin on the way and once he reached there, he inhaled in the aroma of her wet pussy and it felt awesome. Though he had her earlier but this was even better.

Gradually the tongue reached the spot and showered the pussy lips with its saliva. The continuous showering of saliva on pussy was having a mindboggling effect on Ivanka. This was a sensation she was feeling for a very first time. The clitoris was being plastered with rich saliva and slight accidental bites of the teeth on the lips was making her go crazy. She enjoyed sex and had done with a few on overseas visit but since her divorce and the current “steady” boyfriend, the frequency had gone down. Vicky had perhaps taken her back to her wanton days.

Years of practice with so many had made him a master at the foreplay. The sensations were too much for Ivanka and she crossed her legs over his head and the upward movement of her hips were an indication of her enjoyment of the extreme non-penetrative pleasures she was being subjected to. The non-penetrative pleasures were to get more pleasurable now.

He disengaged from the pleasure point and gasped for air and saw the refrigerator placed in the dining area of the suite. He picked himself up, albeit a bit reluctantly, and proceeded towards the fridge in the corner. Ivanka was seeing her with a bit of dismay & expectation. He opened the fridge and pulled out a tray of ice cubes from the freezer and came back to her. Slight movement of the tray made the ice cubes squirm and come out of their sections.

She was eyeing the impending storm of love. He picked one cube and placed it between his teeth and moved down to the love pot. The application of ice and the newer sensations were getting better of her and she was loosing her senses. This was much much better than her all previous flings put together. Vicky knew how to make a woman happy. The touch of chilled water cube was too hot to handle even for her. These were not unchartered waters for her but the pleasure was certainly like that of a first timer. The sensations were new and very pleasurable. The pussy lips were getting a bit stiff due to low temperatures inflicted by the cubes and the cold water percolating down inside the inner walls was giving her unknown pleasures. Again the legs crossed over his head and the hips moved upwards to match and meet the ice cubes, seeing the wanton display of lust by Ivanka, Vicky moved further and applied the cube to her nipples with the other hand. Now the scene was such that he was on his knees on the bed, bent down towards her love nest, her legs were crossed behind his head, one cube torturing the pussy lips and the other one doing the same to the sensitive nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head was swaying from one side to other and she was biting her lip as well.

He lifted his head thereby raising her legs as well and enjoyed the scene. A chance taken on the dancefloor brought such rich rewards and that too so soon was something he liked. The continued torture brought her close to the point of orgasm and she tightened her grip on his head and the hips moved up and down indicating the throes of pleasure she was in. Seeing her state and guessing that she was ripe for taking, he opened the packet of Condom and wore it. He didn’t like the feeling but this was the minimum precaution he had to take.

He untied her legs behind his head but let her remain in the same position with legs on his either shoulder and placed his dick at the entry to gateway of pleasure. The face was hiding the emotions of a first timer. The well lubricated inner walls of her pussy were more than ready to accommodate his tool and with slow strokes he started it. Gradually as he got comfortable with the motion, the speed increased and even the motion of her hip’s upward movement increased to match his strokes. In the heat, the pace of the strokes increased, his thick tool was hitting the coveted spot and letting her enjoy the sensations never felt before. Ivanka was too much into it and was again moaning with passion.

Safia was in the adjoining room and could hear screams through the not so thick hotel walls. She had taken off her clothes and was getting hot listening to the love making and was now rubbing her boobs and wishing Vicky could do it to her as well. The other hand went to the pussy and she was at it. Her eyes were closed and lips parted and was moaning softly “Vicky Vicky”

Back in the room, Ivanka’s head was swaying from side to side and screams of “oh god” “aaah” “jesus” “fuck me” “take me” “mmmm” filled the room and adjoining areas. Her boobs were swinging with each thrust and Vicky leaned a bit forward to hold them steady and enjoy them. The nipples were taken between the fore finger and thumb and mauled mercilessly. She screamed even more.

Suddenly he heard a sound of something being ruptured, instinctively he took his tool out with Ivanka gasping for more. He had some stamina as he had not come even once whereas she, the elder and more experienced one, as she thought, was on the verge of second. The poor quality of condom was not able to handle such heavy strokes and got ruptured. He removed the condom but what to do now. Ivanka was at point of no return and asked him to continue without it.

Such was her lust at that time that she did not think anything and said the first thing that came to her mind. He started again and so did Ivanka, his hands were holding the milk jugs and pinching the nippies. Ivanka or Iva as Vicky called her, was holding his arms for support. The legs started the familiar movement of increasing its stranglehold on his head and the hips were moving vigorously indicating that within about half an hour she had cummed twice with the ‘young negotiator” yet to cum. The droplets of sweat had formed a thin liquid film on her body which was shining in the light of the tube. The milky white complexion, musky smell of the sweat, the swaying boobs, the sideways movement of the head in wanton lust with super sexy blonde mane, the wanton lust on the face, the suppressed moans, were there to be enjoyed by the senses. This was now getting too much for him also and he felt the familiar sweet feeling in his abdomen he started pounding her even harder and harder and the screams became louder and louder, which had a catalyst effect in adjoining room where pussy rubbing became faster and harder. Not only the two lovers intertwined like creepers were covered in a sheen of sweat but also the one fingering herself in the room.

Within a minute or two more, Vicky cummed and deposited the rich semen deep inside her. She too had cummed simultaneously releasing gallons of love juices. Both loved fuck fest and he then took out his cock and some of the remaining semen and mixture of love juices was spread on her boobs, stomach and a bit on the face. With his hands he spread it all over her body with special attention on her boobs and ass globes. Iva’s skin was polished with his semen and she was glowing. He remembered how a cobbler uses a white coloured liquid to shine the shoe after applying the polish. The simile brought him to a chuckle.

The one in other room too collapsed on the bed after having an earth shattering orgasm, had a smile on her face thanks to the powerful orgasm but then felt a bit guilty of pleasuring herself thinking of Vicky. While having orgasm she too screamed his name, and thanks to not so thick walls, Vicky heard it and could make out what happened. Smiled.

Both young tough hard negotiators slept hugging each other and in morning, the super sexy Ivanka walked out of his room to hers to prepare for the day ahead.

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