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Awesome updates

Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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awesome stroy mate... pls continue

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long wait buddy help us out

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One of the best story of this year....but the story title is lame.
Should have been more erotic and suitable for this beautiful story.

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hi buddy niti is still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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cooldeveloper is beginning to get noticed

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Niti looked at the fuck fest inside and was partially surprised. Partially, since she was expecting something between Sheetal and Vicky. Like Sheetal she was also witness to the new found glamour and its results for her mother. Deep down she could reason. She herself had made love to Vicky and thought that her mother may have fallen to his big dick.

Sheetal and her Mother looked at the shadow and screamed. They shell shocked and did not utter a word, but neither did they clothed themselves. Vicky looked at Niti and got up. He held her by the hand and brought her in. The ease with which he cast a spell on her made Sheetal and her mother realize that he had been with Niti also. Since all were exposed, quite literally, nobody could point fingers at each other. Vicky kissed Niti bang on lips in front of her mother and sister. Meanwhile Mrs Kapoor and Sheetal got busy with each other. Then it was turn of the mother with her elder daughter and then the sibling love. All the smooches and saliva interchanged ensured that Vicky will always have atleast one Kapoor female specimen at his beck and call.

Strangely enough, Vicky did not have the fuck fest he was waiting for. It was already 7pm and he had to rush back home. He left everyone in the lurch but not before some seriously hot foreplay. Sunday was well utilized.

Sadaf and Tina were still in Sikkim and Mrs Khan was still at home. The next day was Monday and owing to the Tuition pressure he could not meet her much apart from the Wet Thankyou at the staircase door. The next day was a Tuesday, the non tuition day. He had time on his side. After the usual Wet Thankyou he moved to his house, had the lunch his mother had kept for him, as usual. He took a short nap at was woken by the doorbell. It was Mrs Khan. She came in. Was wearing a light coloured Saree, the boobs were about to spill out from the deep cut blouse. The blouse was sleeveless and was cut deep from both the front and the back. The Pallu of the Saree was carelessly taken or carefully taken to expose the side of the huge mammary. The deep cleavage of ample bosom was also on display for all who cared to look. She spoke about the usual things and then requested Vicky to help her with something. To him it felt as if it was something deliberate. He said OK and then went to her house.

Those were not the days of MCB tripping. MCB was just a couple of years away then and thank god it was then a couple of years away. Those were good old days of the meter fuse, which you had to re-wind with a copper wire. Apparently, due to some faulty wiring in the electric Iron, it gave away. Vicky went down to check the Meter in the staircase, pulled out the Ceramic Fuse, brought the wire from his house, usual practice of those days, re-wound the fuse and inserted it back. As he tried to switch the meter on, it again went off with a sound. Mrs Khan got a bit worried. He was not. He again pulled out the fuse, analysed what he did wrong, corrected the mistake and bingo. This time everything went off well. They went to her house, he looked at the iron, took out the burned wires, re-plugged the iron and it was all ok now.

She started with the usual thanks.

He replied Aunty aaj Thanks thoda zyaada gila karna padega (Aunty the Thanks has to be wetter today)

She replied meaning

He went near her and said Roz ke tareeke se nahin hoga (not like the daily pecks)

She laughed and said phir kaise (how else then).

He took her face in hands and planted kiss on her lips. She tried to move away but he was too strong for her. Also he thought that she could have protested a bit more vigorously. Though she did not open her lips for tongue penetration but the protests had gone down in intensity a lot. After he felt that she was not protesting much, he disengaged.

Both looked at each other with a neutral expression.

He then said Ab fees badh gayi hai (the fees has now increased)

She kept silent and nodded slightly.

This time he again lifted her face and kissed her. His ability to kiss made her go weak. She was feeling very weak and then she opened her lips to welcome his tongue. This was the opportunity worth waiting for. He let his tongue probe her mouth. She was reciprocating. The hands were now behind his head mingling with his hair. The eyes closed. The boy could kiss and he was using all his experience to impress the neighbourhood hot aunty. And impress did he. She felt the huge difference in the way he kissed and others had (remember mention of fun by Sadaf/Tina). He licked her tongue, her lips, her face and as he was about to move down to neck, she stopped him.

Aaj ke liye itna thanks bahut hai (enough of thanks today)

This was music to his ears. She had not ruled out progress further.

He said ok but before leaving requested for one more round. She too wanted him to do so she wanted to see some semblance of control so rather than giving in to him she wanted him to request. This time the smooch was longer, more passionate and captivating. He had won her with the kiss only. One more milestone reached.

The next day, Wednesday, she opened the staircase door and both kissed unabashedly in the staircase for good 10-15mins. She was giggling like a teenager. He wanted her to be his while kissing so that the transition to the boob press mode is smooth.

The next day was a Thursday, non-tuition day. What he didnt know that Mr and Mrs Khan had a bit of fight, the preivous night. She was expecting some love from Mr Khan since none else was there and she was in the mood for some love making. They had not done so for quite some time. Everytime Mr Khan would cite Sadaf and Tinas presence in the other room as the reason or something else. This time too he made excuses, god knows why, which resulted in an eruption of volcanoes from both the ends resulting in Khan calling her names and also raking up her past. This had infuriated her no end.

So as their Wet Thankyou session began in the staircase itself, she melted into him. A soft hand on her boobs was pushed away by her. This meant she was ok till kissing and nothing further as of now. They went up and he continued kissing her. He tried to move to the boobs one more time but the advance was curtly rejected.

By evening he had Mrs Khan in 7-8 thanking rounds. Each thanks going on for good 8-10 minutes. They were behaving like teenagers. Over the next 2 days they kissed each other at every given opportunity to the point of Mr Khan being in the living room and they kissing each other in the kitchen on pretext of helping her. If he went to the terrace for his night sojourn, she also came up briefly on some pretext and now all charade of Thankyou had gone away.

He would now openly ogle at her heavy boobs and she would just smile and let it be.

He had started commenting Sadaf has taken your upper half and Tina your bottom which soon moved to boobs and sexy ass. She was also encouraging the filthy talk. Perhaps it was her way of getting back at her husband. Who said domestic discord was bad?

On Sunday afternoon Khan and Vickys father had gone out for some Resident Welfare Association work, his mother was busy with her cousin sister who had come to meet them. Mrs Khan was itching for the kissing, she came and requested Vickys mother to ask him to help her lifting some heavy stuff for her. Vickys mother didnt see anything wrong in this and asked Vicky to do so.

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Vicky went as if not much interested and only going to help a neighbour. They did not bolt the door only shut it. Both he and Mrs Khan went in to the room and spread some stuff as if re-arranging them. He caught hold of her and smooched her. She said Arrey bagair thanks ke (even without thanks)
He replied Thanks gaya tel lene (Thanks has gone to get oil not possible to translate in English the essence of the sentence)

She said Tel kyon (why oil)

Pat came the reply lubrication ke liye (for lubrication)

This made him burst into laughter and her to smile shyly and enjoy the boldness of the kid.

Mrs Khan was wearing a thin cotton suit with a deepish cut in the front. The thin cotton suit made a lot of sense in the Delhi Summer. He noted that when she came to ask Vickys mother she was wearing a heavy dupatta to hide the contours.

He started while picking up some load Sadaf ke bade hain aur soft bhi hain (Sadafs are big and soft)

She looked at him questioningly

Sadafs boobs

How do you know was her instinctive reply which she regretted saying.

This was the opportunity he was waiting for I have felt them they are just awesome he said proudly. He continued Tinas are a bit different but still very good he said salivating at the opportunity before him. Ek baat toh hai aapki dono betiyaan aapki tarah bahut hot hain (must say both your daughters are very hot, just like you)

Now it was case of Mrs Khan to feel awkward.

He was looking at the melons in front of him.

Aunty uncle bahut lucky hain (uncle is very lucky) he has access to those boobs

He was going too fast and she was not able to control him.

Vicky then focused on lifiting the box and placed it in the store.

Without waiting for a response, he smooched her. She was expecting him to try to go for her boobs, but he outsmarted her and placed his hand on her ass globes and pressed them slightly. Since her hands were pressed between his chest and her, for sake of stopping his boob attack, she could not ward off. Perhaps she did not want to either.

As they disengaged Tinas ass is much like you

She was finding out too many things today and was startled.

Accha ab chalta hoon (ok time for me to go)

She was disheartened like a teenage lover but understood since his mother and aunt. But before leaving she thanked him a lot for a good 10-12 minutes. At one point of time when he tried to press the boobs she moved his hand away after some seconds only.

He opened his door. His mother asked kya thaa (what was it)

Kuchh dabbe thhe (a few boxes)

His mother felt proud of her husband and son as due to them she did not have to pick up such heavy stuff.

The next day was a Monday, it was a day worth its weight in Gold since the Summer Vacations were starting from Tuesday. He came home a bit late since it was their last vacations at school and the 12th class students decided to have some get togther. Sheetal was also part of the get togther and he got together with her for a few minutes in school at their exclusive spot. At home he was not expecting anyone since Mrs Khan was to join office that day. But as he came back, he found the door bolted from inside. He pressed the doorbell for both his and neighbours house since he did not know who would be there.

Mrs Khan came down to open the door. He was surprised since she had yesterday only told him of her leaves ending. Anyways he did not mind as the wet thankyou was the order of the day. They continued kissing her for another 15 minutes or so with pressing her boobs over the blouse. She would move away his hand though the duration of contact was increasing every time.

The reason for her being on leave was another fight with Mr Khan last night. It ended up Mr Khan hitting her. This had her infuriated and she swore to herself of having fun with Vicky. Though she was in such a mood that she could have gone ahead with anyone but it was his luck and effort that would bear fruit today. He rushed upstairs and went for the Tuition. She thought him to be lacking in expertise or experience but she was so wrong.

He did not want to miss tuition to arouse any suspicion. He was sure of doing it the next morning.

The next morning, he got up lazily, bid bye to his parents who went to the office, freshened up and had his breakfast. By now he was sure that Mr Khan would also have left. He didnt know that he had left a bit early that day. With the intention of having Mrs Khan for additional breakfast, he moved. He was wearing only Bermuda Shorts and a loose t-shirt. He was deliberately not wearing anything underneath. He had sensed the craving she had for him and thought that within next two days he should be able to do many things to her. Before he could open his door, the bell ranged. It was Mrs Khan. She was more eager than the kid. He checked with him in a most concerning tone about him having taken the breakfast, to which he replied in affirmative. She then asked him about having tea this time he said he would like to have it with her.

She asked him to come with her. With both the doors on terrace and the one in Staircase properly shut, it was only Mrs Khan and Vicky together. He left his door half opened. As she stood near the gas stove for preparing tea, he went behind and encircled her with his arms. The python was touching her lower back. He started nuzzling her and kissed on her nape of the neck. If it worked well with Mrs Kapoor it should also work well with Mrs Khan. Both were Mrs K in one way. Mrs Kamasutra.

And it worked well. She for a minute melted into him by moving back to him. The ass was on his crotch and moving. The eveready python also had caught the groove and was enjoying the contact of the much wanted ass. The hands found their way towards their favourite resting place, i.e the much ample bosom. The hands did not apply a lot of pressure, but enough to feel them. Her head had tilted back to rest on his chest. Her eyes were closed and she was living the illicit moment to the hilt. He applied a bit more pressure on her boobs and kissed her neck a bit more and nibbled her ear.

He said in her ear aapke boobs toh Sadaf se bhi acchhe hain (your boobs are better than Sadaf)

She felt proud on receiving compliment from a youngster though the comparison was with her own daughter only.

His index finger found way to the nipple and applied a bit of pressure to tingle her. She was losing it. As the passions were boiling so did the tea and it came out of the container and spill over. This brought her back to senses and she quick disentangled herself and shut off the gas stove. The shutting of the gas stove was accompanied by shutting off of her passion valve, albeit for the time being.

She just came back from her trance and pushed him back and got away. Still she did not have the courage to tell him no or ask him to go out. Her body wanted him, her mind wanted him, her passion wanted him and she also knew that if the boy is there and she is also on leave, then it would be case of when (in that week) rather than whether. But a thought of being a good wife, though she had her minor flings, and that too so close and what if someone finds out was making her disengage. Rest she was his for the taking.

Two things then happened as if on cue. The doorbell rang and so did the phone in Vickys house, he rushed to pick up phone and Mrs Khan went to see who was it at the staircase entrance. It was Mr Khan. She tidied herself and went down to open the door.

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It was Vickys fathers call from office. It was an urgent call. Vickys maternal grandfafther (nanaji) was not well and was hospitalized at PGI Chandigarh. His parents were coming back home early to go to Chandigarh. Though he was not terminally ill but was unwell nevertheless. Even at his age of over 85 years he was considered fit. Hence it was a shocker for him. As he spoke more with his father he learnt that it was some liver problem and he may have to undergo a liver operation. During the call of 2-3 minutes memories of time spent with his nanaji flashed before him. He admonished himself for thinking worse and was hopeful that he will come out well.

On the other side of the door, Mr Khan had returned to tell his wife of the impending tour that he will have to undertake. He had gone early to office for some urgent work and as it turned out he had to travel to the Southern part of the country in the evening. He got the booking for the evening train through Government office channels. Flights were not very common then for domestic travels.

In another hour or so, his parents also returned. His mother was predictably a bit worried and was hurrying up. His father had got the evening Shatabdi tickets arranged. A few more calls were made. They learnt the condition from their daughter who they believe could give a more realistic picture. After understanding that it was not life threatening but considering his age it will make him weaker they felt a bit better.

The whole afternoon went on for preparation for the travel on both sides of the doors.

At around 3.30pm his mother went to Mrs Khan to explain them about their travel and a request to take care of Vicky. Then they learnt of Mr Khan also traveling the same evening. Now it was a case of Mr Khan asking Vicky to take care of his aunty and for Vickys parents to ask Mrs Khan to take care of Vicky. Little did they know of the care they would end up taking. Mr Khan offered to take them to the Railway Station in his official car that he had called. They agreed. So at 4.00pm his parents and Mr Khan went in the Official Ambassador to the Railway Station.

Vicky and Mrs Khan came down to bid byes. As the car turned away from the block, both looked at each other and went in. The staircase door was closed. Vicky had moved ahead and went in. Mrs Khan was expecting him to pounce on her and she also wanted the same but he was not in the mood. He went to his house and straight away called his sister. He thought his parents were hiding something from him. He told her that parents have gone to the Station with Mr Khan will be taking the 5.20pm train. He then asked her to tell in more detail. After talking to her he learnt that it was not life threatening but they will have to be cautious considering age but were very positive of it going off smoothly as the preliminary test results were encouraging. He then felt a bit relaxed and as he relaxed his mind wandered off to one Mrs Khan.

It was already evening and he had missed the classes today. Anyhow he was sure how he will make up for them. At around 6pm the bell rang and in came the concerned Mrs Khan asking him to fill the water as it was time for the water supply. The water was supplied twice a day. 3 hours in the morning and 2hrs in the evening. The concerned aunt came in and filled in the kitchen water etc and told him to come to her house for the evening tea. The tone was very much asexual as if by a genuinely concerned person but the message was not. And the message was not lost on him.

He did not let her go and held her arm. She was just waiting for his touch and melted into him. This time all notions of being a good wife went with the Superfast Train. They kissed each other like lovers. He kneaded her boobs, her well rounded ass, licked her super silky skin. He again exchanged saliva with her and was a bit more relaxed safe in the knowledge of not being disturbed by anyone and also that she was now a willing partner. He was more patient and the saliva exchanges and kneading of the gigantic mammaries had become more slow and pleasurable. Mrs Khan never expected him to be such a master at this.

She was wearing a light cream coloured printed saree with cream coloured blouse encasing the ample bosom and was wearing a light coloured knee length petticoat. The pallu of the saree on her shoulder was more than willing to drop off and became successful in the same after a few attempts bringing to view the best possible view of the deep cleavage of the ample bossom. He then noted the extra deep cut of the blouse and how it was very short as compared to other blouses. It was cut deep from both front and the back and was hiding the much wanted treasures.

He left her face and with one shot licked her deep cleavage. This was unchartered for her as her husband never had licked it and even in the flings she had nobody did that to her. Others were busy in pressing and kneading her boobs only. He was different he was a budding master at pleasing women. He held the pallu of her Saree and pulled it off slowly. Mrs Khan was a willing participant and rotated to facilitate taking off her saree. It was a scene right out of a erotic one. 3-4 turns and off went the Saree. He got a hanky and tied it over her eyes and led her close to the fridge.

Gradually he licked her face throwing her into the throes of passion. Lick by lick she was growing crazy. He did not only wet the face but her face, cleavage, upper bosom, shoulders as she was wearing a sleeveless blouse. She was trying to hold his head to her herself but he was too quick for her. A couple of times she tried to get rid of her blindfold but he did not let her do so.

And then, the top hook of the blouse came off giving way to more view of the deep cleavage and one by one all 4 hooks of the blouse came off. She was in no mood to hide her modesty and he was in no mood to let her do it. The front of the blouse opened to showcase the lacy bra encased melons. If not melons then only god knew what were they. She tried to take off the blouse completely which he stopped. It was a sight worth its weight in gold, diamond, platinum. Sitting before was the dusky dream lady like a slut ready to bow to his demands. He cupped her boobs over the lacy bra and kissed them again and again. He played with the nipple from over the bra and tweaked them.

Vicky allowed her to remove the blouse completely and with the blouse off went the lacy bra. He could not believe his luck of having been successful with two of the hottest specimens of mature female (Mrs Khan and Mrs Kapoor). Vicky sucked the boobs like a kid, licked them right from the bottom to cleavage to upper bosom and back. She also pressed his head on her ample treasures.

The fridge door opened and he brought out fruits starting with a banana. What a naughty sight it was of a mature blindfolded lady, topless dancing to the tunes of the young kid and taking in the banana. Meanwhile he had also got rid of his garments. She took one small bite of the banana and he pulled it out. He then brought his own banana to her face and she opened her lips to form an O. The lips touched his tool and as she licked the head she found the taste to be different. He pulled it back.

Kya thaa (What was it)

Kela (banana)

Kele ka swaad aisa nahin hota (banana doesnt taste like this) said she

mard ke kele ka yahi swaad hota hai (This was taste of a mans banana)

She almost screamed when she got the import of the sentence. Before she could say anything he again sealed it with his lips.

Again the fridge opened and he took out curd. It was pretty cold. He went to the kitchen to get some sugar as well. He loved curd with sugar.

Kahan ho (where r u) she said

Aa raha hoon meri jaan (coming, my darling) said he with a lot of stress on Meri and Jaan to indicate his control over her.

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He opened the bowl with curd and poured some of it on her heaving heavy bosom. The chilled curd touched her deep and made her shiver. The sensitive aerolas, nippies got stiff owing to the cold touch and as she shook her boobs as a reflex action to the chilled liquid the semi thick curd flew in all directions leaving the dusky melons in a coating of white curd. He dipped his hand in the bowl and rubbed the curd on the much wanted love jugs. This time she was well prepared and did not react much however the nippies continued to be stiff in attention. He then he spread half spoonful of sugar on the curd and went down to lick the curd from the boobs. Due to the movement some of the curd started dripping from the nippies which he was too happy to lick up for the lovely lady. The luscious beauty found new avenues of love making. The sheer style of love making made her forget that she was a wife and a mother. Here she was in her glory as a wanton slut and loved did she her current state. The sweet curd was lapped up lick by lick and out came the honey. The honey was spread on her boobs individually and lapped up with all earnest. She was enjoying it to the fullest and so was he. Another dip in the honey bottle and it was smeared all over her full lips. Just like her breasts he licked every drop of honey from her lips and tongue.

By that time she was shaking her head in pure ecstacy. Vicky took pity on her predicament and off went her cloth which was a semblance of a petticoat. She was now only her panties and nothing else. A very mature lady only in her panties with her upper body smeared with honey, curd, sugar and being licked by a kid young enough to be her son. This was fascinating. He saw the lacy panty and pulled it down to her knees and from there they were off. Her well shaven pussy came to view. He wanted to ravage it her and now but thought of being patient.

She was waiting with a baited breath. He was licking her all over and his hands were doing magic to the boobs, tweaking nippies as per convenience and also continued mauling them. By now his right hand had reached between her legs and started drawing circles with his digits. This was giving her ever more pleasure. The index finger had started imploring the pussy and within a few seconds the finger had penetrated the wet pussy lips. The finger got wet by the love juices and a few movements of the index digit got her to cum like niagra falls. The love juices were oozing out of the pussy forming a trail over her thigh to the floor. He stopped licking her bosom and went down on her beautiful pussy. He first played with it by drawing circles around it and licking the soft skin next to the pussy lips. This was making her go mad. She put both her hands on his head and forced him on her cunt.

He licked her forcefully once and then continued the cat and mouse game around it. The forceful expert lick, the sheer audacity and naughtiness of the act was letting loose the wild side of her.

Kar na (Do it) she pleaded

Kya karoon (what should I do)

Drama mat kar (dont act)

Aap batao naa (you tell) he decided to prolong her pleasureable misery.

Ussey Chaat (lick that)

ussey kisse (who that) saying that he licked the sensitive skin around her cunt and also her inner thighs. He was enjoying her torture.

Meri ko chaat (lick my pussy) she almost shouted.

Aise bol naa ki teri choot chaatni hai (tell then that it your pussy that should be licked). He emphasized Teri which in Hindi is used for friends or younger ones and is considered a bit derogatory than aap which is used for giving respect. English language does not give the luxury of such nuances.

She was at point of not being concerned with the nuances of the language.

Haan meri choot chaatni hai (yes you need to lick my cunt)

And then the expert licker in him started the fun. He first licked it from top to bottom and then reversed the cycle. After quite a few such licks which were running parallel to the ample attention by his hands to her ample heaving bossom he stopped. Very skillfully he parted the two pussy lips and bit them gently. This caused her to explode in sheer lascivious pleasure. Then the strong toungue licked the exposed pussy part. The love bite at the prohibited place and the lick to the inner walls of the pussy lips lost it or won it for her. She was on the verge of her orgasm. Her head was swinging in passion, her eyes were half closed as if dazed and she was saying yes, yes.

She felt the pleasure of a thousand needles pricking her most pleasurable spots to give her the wild sensation. Suddenly her thighs tightened her grip on his neck/head region and she pushed her head more towards her pussy, if there was scope and up/down movement of her hip gave away her condition. The experienced, matured hottie had cummed in twice and the kid was yet to, though he was very close to it.

She took time to take some breath. The kid had made her breathless.

Tu toh kaafi expert hai ( you are an expert) said she

haan sadaf aur tina bhi yahi kaheti hain (tina and sadaf say the same)

It then hit her hard she is playing with the kid who has been making love to his daughters.

Sadaf aur Tina ke saath bhi? (you did with both)

haan haan dono garam maal hain (sure - both are damn hot)

Aur kis kis ke saath kiya hai (who else you have done with)

Its secret he said

Mujhe bata naa mujh se kaisa secret (tell me what is secret from me)

Theek hai phir jinke saath sex karta hoon unko bhi aap teeno ke naam bata doon (ok I will tell names of you 3 with whom I have sex)

She was left speechless and she thought it better to let the sleeping dogs lie.

The dogs may be sleeping but the python was full active and raging.

It was then that she had seen the gigantic tool in its full glory and was mesimerised by it as so many else had been and so many would be. She wrapped her soft hands around it and brought her face to it.

Choos le (suck it)

She complied.

The soft lips covered the knob of the piston and the tongue played with it. She had done it before with others and knew how to do it. The only issue was of the sheer magnitude of the tool. She was finding it difficult to gulp the whole of it. It was hitting her deep in her throat with about half still out. She was not able to get any rhythm. Vicky meanwhile had other ideas.

He then made her lay on the back and placed himself on her stomach with legs on either side and engulfed his dick by her huge mammaries. He was to tit-fuck. This was one thing nobody had done with her. He pushed the boobies more towards the cock, she helped and held her ample bossom in place and he started the up & down motion. It was beyond words. Soon they developed a rhythm. The simple harmonic motion (he loved physics) had got them into a groove. The tool would go up to hitting her chin and then back. The lusty evening made him cum pretty early. The streams of rich white cum was spread on her boobs, neck, upper bossom. For a good measure he massaged it and enjoyed coating Mrs Khan with his seed.

Before she could finish enjoying the seed massage on her boobs, he made her swing around to her fours with her well rounded and much desired ass looking up pointing to him. He wanted to do this from the time he had laid his eyes on Mrs Khan and here it was. The python needed no second invitation thana tantalizing close sexy ass to come back to life. And raging it was.

He placed the pole on the asshole and pushed the pole in the hole. Inch by inch it started going in with Mrs Khan flinching in pain and feeling that her eyes would pop out of her sockets. He had brought the Vaseline close and applied generous doses on the pole and the hole to shove it in. Inch by inch the whole tenner went it and she shrieked. This was the biggest she had seen and taken in and biggest by a country mile that she took in her ass. Huge was the only word that came to her.

He had built up a rhythm of ass fucking her. Her boobs were bouncing everywhere and he was holding her. He then adjusted his tool, pulled her back to hold her boobs and continued fucking her. The boob massage and the ass hole fucking was just simply great. Though the pose was a bit difficult to balance for long but it was nevertheless very pleasurable. He allowed her to go back to all fours and he held her mane. His favourite routine of fucking ass.
The volcano erupted. Streams of semen went in and he collapsed on top of her. The clock reached 8.30pm. Both were looking at each other of a mission having been accompalished but just as they were to proceed, the phone rang.

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