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In October he came back to Delhi with schools opening after Dusshera holidays. The chill in the wind was about to set in. Those were the days when winter used to start setting in October. The extra unwanted holidays meant that there was extra pressure on classes 10th to 12th. The Schools went ahead and increased the number of classes from 8 to 10 per day, with two classes extra. This meant that there was now less time with Sadaf and Tina. Since Tina was there, nothing much could be done in her presence, however, their rendezvous on terrace continued. It was constrained to kissing, boob sucking, oral sex.

There were very few occasions to make love to Sheetal and Mrs Kapoor.

It was sometime after Guru Nanak Birthday that year, in November that Sadaf and Vicky were involved in their lust. She was sucking his big tool and he continued to fondle her boobs. Though they were secluded from any other terrace view, anyone coming in dark from the staircase could see them. They were confident in the belief that anyone coming upstairs would switch on the staircase light. From corner of his eye he saw a shadow movement. He could not make out who it was. But he was scared. He wanted to know who else knew about their indiscretions. Sadaf was still licking it like a lollipop. He patted on her head and asked her to get up. She was startled as she was on verge of cumming. She got up and looked at him.

He motioned her to be silent and took her away to main terrace and said I think I saw someone

Matlab (meaning)

someone has seen us doing this


cant say

now what

wait & watch kuch aur nahin kar sakte (cant do anything else)

He continued if it is a boy blackmailing you, tell me, I will take care

Agar ladki hui toh (if it is a girl) she asked

I will take care par doosri waali (the other care)

They both laughed.

He came down and looked at his parents, there was no change in their emotions or look or way they spoke with him. One security check cleared.

Same was with Sadaf, no change with her parents. Another security check cleared.

They looked around in the neighbourhood with suspicious eyes but nothing to alarm them.

A couple of days later he was talking to sadaf in the staircase in presence of Tina that he noticed Tina chuckling and giving him a meaningful smile. He always wanted to screw her ass but this was different, also the knowledge from Sadaf about her adventures meant that he was also not averse to have something with her.

Tina went to her home saying aap dono ko akela chhod deti hoon (I will leave you two alone)

Sadaf laughed non-chalantly but bells were ringing for him.

As she went away, he told Sadaf about Tina being the shadow. Sadaf was not ready to accept it at first but then they were able to zero-in on her specially with regard to her alone remark. He asked Sadaf to prod her and check what she knows. Since Sadaf and Tina had a separate room for themselves hence it was easy for siblings to share their secrets.

The same night as the two beauties lay on the bed side-by-side, Sadaf came straight to the topic and did not beat around the bush.

Tina tune kya dekha thaa us din (Tina what did you see the other day)

The direct approach startled her and she mumbled something incorrigible.

Sadaf again said Kya dekha thaa (what did you see)

Now Tina had got back her composure and said Tujhe aur Vicky ko, chhat par karte hue (you and Vicky doing on terrace)

Sadaf thought Vicky had guessed it right.

Now Tina started the assault

Kab se (since when)

Summer holidays came the reply.

Oh kya kya kiya (what all have you done)

Sadaf kept silent

I wont tell anyone, promise bata na (pls tell)

Sab kuchh (everything) came sadafs reply.

Sab kuchh!!! (Everything!!!) said an excited Tina

Haan sab kuchh (yes everything) and sadaf gave a content smile.

Kaisa thaa (how was he)

Too good he is a great lover

Aur bata (tell more)

he admires your great ass said sadaf in a matter of fact tone.

Now it was Tinas turn to blush. She regained her composure and said but you enjoyed his bada sa tool andhere mein bhi bada lag raha thaa (but you enjoyed his big dick even in dark it looked big)

Sadaf replied it is very big

Sadaf continued to tease her soch itna bada in your sexy ass (imagine such a big one in your sexy ass)

Both laughed and engaged in a small pillow fight.

Both slept with a smile on their face. Sadaf safe in knowledge of her indiscretion remaining safe and also a possibility of Tina joining in the Fun.

Tina Fun yes and possibility of exploring new horizons with Vicky.

It so happened that the next day, Friday, Sadaf had gone to her friends birthday and Vicky did not know about it. This meant he had gone for his terrace walk cum pleasure excursion. Tina knew that Sadaf did not tell him and hence she moved to the terrace at the anointed time. He heard the foot steps at the set time and thought it would be Sadaf. Since Tina did not switch on the stairs light, hence he did not know who was coming. He hid himself behind a short wall at the end of stairs and as she climbed the last step he hugged her from behind. The short was off for good measure, meaning the tool went to the luscious ass of the fair beauty. This startled her. She knew he was quick but this was a bit too much although she was prepared for a bit less.

She said aah and before she could say that the hands were on her boobs, as he grabbed it he knew they were a shade smaller, though handful, but he continued the onslaught nonetheless. She said Its me a bit louder this time but did not try to push his hands away, after a couple more gropes he let her go.

She looked at her questioningly and smiling.

He said I thought it was Sadaf

You do this to her daily she mocked anger

You have seen this I am sure

Now it was her turn to turn pale.

He knew her game was up. He said, I had guessed it was you who had seen us that day. After that he kept quiet.

She was looking down not knowing what to say. Since it was November, there was a slight chilly nip in the air.

He put one hand under her chin and lifted it up. Both looked at each other, he smiled, she relaxed and came close to her. He just hugged her and said no problems boss

He knew his dream ass could be his if he could just press the right buttons.

And knew that did he?

Kab se dekh rahi hai hamein

Do baar dekha thaa you like Sadaf a lot

Both of you are made to love

She looked at him and smiled.

Seeing it as a positive sign, he kissed her. Bang on lips. She was startled. This was too quick for even her. After a meek protest she gave in and participated actively in the kiss. His hands directly went to the coveted ass globes and played with it. The tricks he had perfected with Sheetal, Mrs Kapoor, Sadaf, Ritu were in full action. Tina was not able to control herself now. This was much beyond her expectations and she was loving it.

Meanwhile the whore inside her traced her hand to the big tool and measured it and gasped. He understood her condition and withdrew from the kiss. Tina moved her much salivated lips forward to indicate her lack of willingness to part. But little did she know that more was to come. He took her to the preferred place on the terrace and started kissing her again. This time with ever more passion. She was also responding to the challenge and mauling his tool at every opportunity. The tool massage made the python get up in anger and formed a huge tent in his pyjamas. Though she had seen the tool shadow earlier but this one looked even bigger and menacing. She went down and kissed it over the pyjama and was looking it like a child would look at a favourite toy in the shop.

And as the luck would have it she was called from her home by her mother. They both had to disengage but not before she kissed the tool again.

Safe in the knowledge of having Tinas ass anytime he moved down.

Tina was waiting for Sadaf impatiently. She wanted to tell her. She got a call from Sadaf that she would stay overnight at her friends place. Dejected she fell on the bed with her finger to play with her pussy.

Sadaf returned the next morning, Saturday. As luck would have it both sets of Parents, Khans and his had gone out and were not expected till late evening. This was god sent chance for the teenage lust to be fulfilled.

Shortly after they left, with Khans leaving first with Vickys parents leaving after 10-15 min, Vicky knocked at the door. The teenagers knew that there was nothing to be afraid of, thanks to the door at the stair entrance and terrace doors being locked. He decided to go in for a direct approach. Sadaf opened the door with Tina in kitchen. He embraced her and started pressing her boobs over her t-shirt. She indicated him of Tinas presence to which he smiled and started the groping again. She again tried to push him away. This time he took off his track pants and t-shirt and was in his undergarments. Next to go was his vest and then came off the underwear. He was in his Birthday Suit with a perplexed Sadaf looking at him and Tina still showing her gorgeous ass to him from kitchen. He proceeded to the kitchen and held Tina from back, surprised she turn around to get the shock of her life.

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awesome story

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Stood behind her Vicky with only thin air to cover his body and a raging python in its full glory. She just got glued to the Python not letting it out of her sight even for a slip second. Sadaf was equally out of wits till now. But then she understood that something may have happened in her absence leading to this. For a moment she felt angry but the anger subsided at the opportunities presenting itself.

He just took Tinas hand and made her to hold his tool. She was spell bound by the heavy duty piston and held it in her soft hands. In the meanwhile, Sadaf also came down to her undergarments and stood behind Tina. Now the luscious ass baby was between the boob queen and tool king.

The elder sibling took off the younger ones top and also pulled down the shorts. Tina was still in a stage of trance and did not know what was going on. Sadaf wanted to do away with her undergarments but Vicky signaled her not to do so. Vicky started kissing Tina and all the while, Tina kept on holding the tool like a child clinging on to a toy. Sadaf joined in the fun and kissed Tina from behind on her nape of neck. Her massive boobies crushing on Tinas back were doing great things to her. Sadaf now proceeded to remove hers and Tinas bra. Off went hers and so did Tinas. One quick second, off went her panty. She now moved to pull down her sisters panty. The movement of panty brought her out of trance and she held the band stopping Sadaf. She looked at Vicky, then Sadaf and then at herself and almost shrieked at their states. The other two were in birthday suit and she was one garment away from joining their fashion statement. She just did not understand how it happened. Before she could say anything, Vicky said hamari jaise ho jaa (be like us) itne kapde kyon pahene hain (why are you wearing so many clothes)

She started with a giggle and went on to laugh hysterically, the other two joined in and the three teenagers laughed with a vengeance. To the neighbours it may have felt as three kids sharing some joke but for them it was not a joke. It was a barrier to be crossed.

Vicky started kissing her and Sadaf. His mind was going berserk in choosing between the milk depots or gorgeous ass. Sadaf also was kissing Tina and it was a first bi for both of them. What better place to start lesbianism than with your own gorgeous sibling. In the melee, sometimes his back felt sadafs boobs and sometimes his crotch felt Tinas ass. But the best part was for every second of the kitchen love, his tool was in grip of a damsel.

Now he asked Tina and Sadaf to move to the bedroom. Since Tinas and Sadafs bedroom had two single beds, they moved to their parents master bedroom. He asked Sadaf to get an old bedsheet since the new one would get dirty. She obeyed. The experienced Sadaf got the material for lubrication since she knew today was Tinas asss turn.

As starters, both Sadaf and Vicky sandwiched Tina and pampered her with kisses and saliva exchanges. Both he and sadaf and taken turns to inject their digits in her pussy to get her lubricated in the natural way. Tina was fingered earlier but the scale and expertise and sheer naughtiness of the whole act was too much for her. Vicky then pulled Sadaf on the bed who lay on her back and pointed his tool at the entrance of her pussy with her legs on either side of him.

Sadaf had motioned Tina to come towards her head and her pussy was directly above Sadafs face. The love triangle was now complete. Vicky was joined with Sadaf due to his dick and her pussy. Sadafs face was in direct contact with Tinas pussy and Tina & Vicky were exchanging saliva with deep kisses. Gradually the momentum built up, the strokes of tool were going deep in and hitting Sadaf in the inner most parts. Though it had happened so many times earlier but today was different. Today was different as her mouth was also simultaneously giving pleasure to another pussy. The tongue licks on her freshly shaved pussy was sending Tina in throes of passion with both sets of her lips being kissed/licked at the same time. The aim of the whole exercise was to make Tina lose her inhibitions and kids to involve in unlimited sex at every given opportunity.

Lick by lick Tina was nearing her orgasm and so was Sadaf stroke by stroke, Vicky still was somewhat away from it. After a few more licks, Tina came and came by the litres, she squatted on Sadafs who lapped it all up. As Tina finished it was time for Sadaf to come by the gallons, this time Tina put her face close to her pussy to lick it, however, Vicky had not stopped the strokes. So sadafs pussy was on a double onslaught of lick and stroke and was on fire. The sheer audacity of the act was making her crazy.

Now it was time for him to cum. He spurted everything on Tina, with her creamy skin getting a liquid polish coat over her. Sadaf helped in spreading the polish over her. In the November Delhi likeable chill, the teenagers were in heat. He then took to rubbing the polish with Tinas ass globes coming in for some special attention. The rounded ass globes pointing towards him presented a very erotic sight. He still did not proceed with fucking her ass. Instead he made Sadaf go on all fours with him fucking her ass and Tina upright on her knees making her pussy at the same level as Sadaf.

The ass fucking that she was subjected to recently had made her asshole more accommodative for his big tool. The semen, love juices acted as natural lubricants. Inch by inch it went in and both he and Sadaf picked up the rhythm in unison. He continued mauling Sadafs boobs. The hands held her mane as if riding a horse. The strokes were very heavy and violent with Sadaf making horny sounds with every stroke. Tina was zapped by the unabated display of the wanton lust by her sister and her neighbour. Even Tina was in the mood and was mauling Sadafs melons. Sadaf was pleasantly perplexed with the twin attack on her twin peaks of glory. Though Sadaf was licking her pussy, Tina moved down to kiss her elder sibling. The creamy white and the dusky beauties intertwined the tongues to complete the kiss. Vickys penis was buried deep in Sadafs ass and even he stopped to savour the wanton lust on display. Tina and Sadaf kept on kissing each other and had become oblivious to his presence. Sadaf was however feeling his strong presence deep in her ass. After 2-3 minutes of such lusty kissing, the siblings disengaged with the normal duty of Tinas pussy licking resumed with some gusto. Tina moved forward to kiss Vicky. He could feel the mix of Tina pussy juice (licked by Sadaf), Sadafs saliva (sucked by Tina) and Tinas taste (sucked by him). Such was the passion of the encounter that the kids were in a state of trance. He came and came in by the streams in Sadafs ass. With Sadaf resorting to uninhibited screaming before he came owing to the massive pressure exerted by strokes. More than threatening her, it persuaded her to give her virginity to Vicky. The limp cock covered in mix of his rich semen and Sadafs love juices was on display. Tina just moved down on him and licked every centimeter of it clean.

Now it was turn of the fair and lovely beauty to be in the middle with the experienced lovers on either side of her. Vicky was behind her and Sadaf was in front of her. The heavy kissing among the siblings meant that a new lesbian relationship had started and both enjoyed being bi-sexual. He was not complaining. He had the privileged seat to one of the most erotic sight on display. Sadaf was kissing her and Vicky, his tool was poking Tinas ass globes with one hand playing with her pussy and the other one finding difficult to concentrate on one set of boobs and oscillating between the four globes available to it.

After 8-10 minutes of such foreplay it was time to take Tinas virginity. It was her choice of which hole to lose first. She lay on her back with Sadaf reaching for the position close to her face. It was Tinas turn to lick her sisters pussy and her love juices. All this was a first time experience for her and it was least to say was spinning her head.

Vicky placed the cock at entrance of the pussy. All the kids were waiting with a baited breath for the next step. Sadaf wanted to have a close look at her younger siblings deflowering, Tina wanted to feel the big one inside her and Vicky wanted to reach the step two, i.e Tina with the final being her mother.

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He spread her legs on either side of his, thereby stretching the pussy walls and hole. But this time he went down on her to kiss the milky thighs and crotch area. The expert that he had become, he focused on her inner thigh, making circles with his fingers in her sensitive region and also his finger did magic to her pussy. The two digits inside her were making her go mad and Sadafs attack on her top half was not helping her predicament. Sadaf had by now bent down to suck her sister boobs with her own sweet melons hung tantalizingly close to Tinas face. Both did the same to each other by sucking each others boobs. If this was not heaven then there was no such thing as heaven, he thought. The sight of two luscious babes sucking each others boobs was something to be recorded and kept for future. Alas those were not the digital technology days. The attack on both ends made her cum and release the love juices by the litres. On seeing Vickys wet fingers, Sadaf moved to a 69 position with her sister and lapped up all the love juices she could. In last 5-10minutes Sadaf had taken a lead in the wanton sexual display. She was also on fire and even the inexperienced invasion from Tinas digits in her well used pussy got her to cum in an instant. The sisters drank each others nectar from the purest source. He lifted Sadafs face and kissed her bang on her lips and tasted Tinas love juices mixed with her saliva. This was maddening. The salty taste of the love juices in Sadafs saliva acted as some performance enhancing drug for him. He started as a man possessed.

The huge tool took its position at the entrance and inch by inch it started movement into the deep tunnel. This was unimaginable for Tina. Her trance was broken and she started feeling the pain. Sensing her condition, Sadaf passed some lubricant to Vicky and also started kissing Tina to take her mind from the pain in her coveted pussy. Stroke by stroke it all went in. Vicky let it rest in the favourite resting place for about a minute or so, allowing inner walls of Tinas pussy to adjust to the gigantic intruder. She was enjoying the feeling of being so completely filled. A smile escaped her lips. Seeing the smile both Sadaf and Vicky felt the relief.

And then the piston started its in & out movement bringing pleasure with each stroke to the nubile beauty. The tool hit her where nobody had touched her, even she didnt know if there was any such place in her body. The tool hits did magic to her. Sounds of aah ooh yes oh my god filled the room. With each sound, the pace increased, gradually to a very high tempo. This was getting too much for her. Suddenly she felt like a thousand needles pricking her very inside skin, she felt a rush that was very rarely done earlier, the eyes got closed and she thought her head would explode owing to the passion. Her hands held Sadafs arms very tightly and her head swayed from side to side. Then she started cumming in and the pleasant pain decreased. Vicky did not hold back and continued hitting her deep, this was a curious mix of her relieving pain and he increasing it for her. She had never come so much. Even her masturbation sessions did not make her cum so much.

Vicky had not cummed as yet and was continuing the pleasant onslaught hitting her hard. Her boobs were moving in all directions. They may not be as big as Sadafs but were still a handful. He mauled them with his hands and also paid attention to Sadafs boobs as she had also developed a rhythm to match Tinas licking pattern.

After 5-7 minutes, he felt a massive rush in his balls and the urge to empty the load in her. Stream after stream of his semen erupted from his tool. Though he would have liked to fill her with his seed, but had the presence of mind to not to do so. He took out his massive tool to much disappointment of Tina as she was cumming the second time in close succession and the feeling was nothing short of ecstasy for her. As he spread his rich semen on her he saw a trail of liquid coming down from her pussy lips on to her thigh. She came in by the tankers he thought. Tina looked at him dreamily and sadaf looked admirably, within no time he had made love to two gorgeous babes and was ready for more. Vicky though felt a bit tired but Tinas ass globes were too good to resist. Tina was in daze and didnt realize the implications on being turned around to rest on her all fours. Sadaf knew what was coming and strangely felt happy at the Turn of event. He went to the kitchen to drink some water, brought back the bottle with him, Tina was still on all fours but Sadaf had brought herself down to kiss her little sister. The two babes were locked in saliva exchange pattern when Vicky joined them. One look at the intertwined beauties made him realize the new avenues that he had opened for them and self. He started drinking water in big gulps. Due to the gulps some water trickled down from his mouth on Tinas ass globes, it was like waterfall hitting a well rounded shining stone below.

As Sadaf was still engrossed in sucking her sister, he picked up a bottle of some lotion and rubbed it over his gigantic piston and positioned it at the entrance of the asshole. Tina was still lost in smooching with her elder sibling and was oblivious to what was about to hit her hard, literally. He put some lotion over her hole as well which gave her tingling sensation. The kissing and boob mauling was making her go weak in the knees and she was about to cum again. Vicky kept looking at the beautiful ass globes and gave them love bites. Simultaneous sucking, love bites on her boobs and ass globes was getting too much for her,

Vicky started applying pressure on his tool to make it enter the tiny hole. One inch of the gigantic tool caused her eyes to pop out of the sockets. Much like what happened with Sadaf a few months earlier. But Sadaf being more voluptuous was able to handle it with relative ease. Tina just stopped in her tracks and stopped kissing Sadaf. She realized what was coming and it terrified her. Sadaf tried to calm her down. Vicky had also stopped and put more lotion on his tool and her hole to ease her pain. Another inch went in. Meanwhile Sadaf was also guiding her on how to relax her anal muscles to accommodate the gigantic proportioned tool. It was easier said than done for Tina, but she was definitely making an effort. Vicky also cooperated with her and slowed down the pace of intrusion into the rounded creamy ass. Instead of an inch of penile installment he climbed down to 1 centimeter per thrust and increased the time gap between two thrusts thereby giving her ample time to adjust to the intruder. Somehow, the focus had shifted to taking care of Tina. He didnt want to tear her apart and hurt her too much.

Tina thanked god for small mercies from a big merciless monster. By & by about 5 inches of the thick meat went in. Sadaf coupled Vickys efforts and her cajoling went a long way in comforting Tina. In order to make Tina forget the intruder she made her suck her boobies. What started as a diversionary tactic for Tina turned out to be a very pleasurable exercise for herself. Tina sucked like an expert. Girl knows girl better hence she knew how to suck when to focus on aerolas, when to attack nipples and when to press boobs in general and with how much pressure. Moans of pleasure from the two lasses filled the room. Seeing her state, Vicky increased the thrust and within no time around 3 more inches of solid piston went in. Tina was on verge of another eye-popping-out-of-socket experience but manage to adjust to the massive intrusion. He breathed for some time giving her time to adjust. By now he understood that she was comfortable with the thick dick in her asshole.

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Gradually he started pulling it out to much dismay of Tina. She thought game was over. How wrong she was.

Another round of lotions and the pounding started, gradually picking up the momentum leading to some seriously paced rhythm. Almost whole of the tool was going in and his balls were hitting her lower ass globes. Tina was now into it completely and was matching Vickys movements with her ass movement to meet the tool. The pounding had increased in ferocity, with each stroke harder than before. She felt that her skin would rupture resulting in a fountain of blood but even she was determined to match his vigour and strength. Vicky reached out for her ponytail to ride the horse, his favourite position while ass fucking. The other hand went to maul her boobs mercilessly. Since Sadaf had positioned herself under Tina so that the young siblings face was around her boobs, therefore, Vickys hand had additional pleasure of meeting flat tummy of Sadaf. He did not lose the opportunity to finger fuck Sadaf for a few strokes. Now he was enjoying Tinas luscious creamy white ass. The rounded ass was a sight to behold and right now he was the master.

Even in the early winters the kids were covered in a thin sheen of sweat which was making the bodies shine even more. A coat of sheen on the dusky voluptuous beauty and also on the creamy white lass. The sight was captivating to say the least.

He again felt the familiar tinge between his legs and streams of his warm semen entered the well punctured asshole. This time he filled her completely with his seed. The smallish hole was not able to accommodate the gallons of semen especially with the tool still well lodged in the hole leading the trickling down of the semen from the edges to the creamy white thighs. As the eruptions ended, he took out his tool and inserted a finger in her hole to rub the natural moisturizer on her ass globes. He had taken a fascination to this ritual of his. To him it meant the full control over the beauty in question.

Sadaf, Tina and Vicky had cummed in unison and lay down on the bed well exhausted with around couple of hours of love making.

Vicky lay in the middle, on his back, with the damsels on either side of him with their head resting on his either shoulder and twined with him like a creeper. He felt like a king in a harem of beauties.

After a short while of silence, he said Maza aa gaya (I enjoyed it)

Tina and Sadaf said in unison mujhe bhi (me too) and giggled.

He said Ab jab bhi mauka mila karega toh karenge (whenever we get chance we will do it)

Both the beauties replied in affirmative.

He chuckled kahin apne pyaar mein mujhe mat bhool jaana (dont forget me in your lesbian love)

The girls laughed and said kabhi kabhi bhool bhi jaaya karenge (at times we will forget)

A few rounds of kissing between him and girls and among girls continued.

He asked Tina in a very serious tone Was it your first time

Tina was surprised and replied intercourse first time thaa (intercourse first time)

Sadaf interjected and said matlab baaki kya kya kar chuki thee (what was done earlier)

Tina then elaborated on being sucked by one of their cousins, on telling the name Sadaf zeroed in on the one trying to play Holi with their mother on one occasion. Tina then further told them of how her male classmates had pleasured her by sucking her boobs and she had returned the favour by sucking their cocks. The revelations were continuing.

One of their relatives had a big farm house on the outskirts of Delhi and Tina told about the wanton enjoyment indulged in by the cousins. Sadaf had not gone to that party.

Suddenly Sadaf said Mummy bhi toh gayin thee us din (Mom had also gone for the same party)

Tina said She also had some good fun

Vicky was smiling. The possibilities were endless.

After this one, the teenagers indulged in a fuck fest at every given opportunity. Vicky always had company on the terrace. The sisters took turns to please him. He was on cloud nine. As a birthday gift (in January) he got one of their most beautiful cousins (college going) to befriend (polite term for fuck). Vicky, Sadaf and Tina used to fuck like rabbits. Made love at every given opportunity. You name it they did it. The lesbianism had given the girls new avenue and they explored it to great advantage. The cousins who befriended Vicky had befriended the girls in lesbian act earlier.

Not to be left behind, Sheetal and her mother gave themselves as his birthday gift (although separately), with Mrs Kapoor arranging for a grand fuck in a Five Star Hotel room.

The days, weeks, months passed. They entered March. It was the dreaded Boards time for both Sadaf (12th) and Tina (10th). Also it was time for Holi. This time he was looking forward to Holi for he had two pairs of gorgeous asses and boobs waiting for him at two different locations. Also, if Tina and Sadaf went to the Farm to play Holi then the fun could be much greater. His own exams were over before Holi and even for Tina and Sadaf, the scheduling was such that they had a language exam after 3-4 days of Holi which meant they had more than sufficient time to study for the exam. Holi was a bit late that year, as the date depends on Lunar cycle.

Sadaf and Tina told him of the Farm Party on Holi. He was told a couple of days in advance, giving him ample time to prepare accordingly. He was clear in his mind that the morning would be for his friends and Sheetals family and the 2nd half for the farm fun.

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good story....thanks..

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Came the Holi day, it was a Friday. So, right at the stroke of 9am, he played a token holi with his parents (routine colours and touching of feet for blessings) and left to play with his friends. His sister could not join this time owing to her exams. By Noon he moved to Sheetals place. Sheetal was upset that he did not come by then. He reached there and saw the community playing holi with neighbours being together. It was youngsters playing pranks with beautiful girls coming in for special treatment. One look at Sheetal and her anger vanished. She was in her shorts and plain white t-shirt and was the subject of many an attack by the neighbourhood boys. He moved in as her knight in shining armour and as he applied colour on her and drenched her, nobody came close to her. It was like the Leader of the animal kingdom had come.

He enquired about Niti, her father and her mother, very non chalantly. She told him of Niti having gone with her friends to some party, her father had just left for the social Holi gathering and her mother was around only. At a far end of the ground, he saw Mrs Kapoor, clad in white Salwar Qameez (with no Chunni) being chased by young boys (college goers) and a few men. There were a couple more ladies to accompany her in her predicament. There was a round of laughter from all seeing their condition. The ladies had rushed to the staircase to save themselves. The hungry virile men were banging the staircase door for the attack. It is all part of Holi and an accepted practice. In the commotion he indicated Sheetal to move upstairs so they could have a separate session among themselves. She indicated him to first go to their terrace and she will come later so that people do not notice. In the melee he managed to leave unnoticed since the focus was still on the Mrs Kapoor attack. The terraces were connected and hence he moved in from the other staircase. The one housing Mrs Kapoor and other ladies led to same row of terraces. He moved upstairs and left the door open for Sheetal to come up. He went up and went to the adjoining terrace to have fun with the ladies and Mrs Kapoor. Unknown to him, the two ladies had moved to one house (one of the two stayed in house covered by that staircase) and had left Mrs Kapoor to fend for herself.

As she had rushed upstairs to reach her terrace after jumping a few walls, one of the ladies had opened the door for the boys on the condition that they would attack Mrs Kapoor only and not her. She knew Mrs Kapoor was the prize catch and specially she was not guarded by her husband. Over last year she had gained reputation of being the glamourous neighborhood aunty engaged in a glamourous job.

Mrs Kapoor had hardly reached the terrace door of that block, that she heard the commotion coming from the staircase below. Thinking that the other two ladies were attacked and she is safe, she proceeded to climb the common walls of the terraces. These walls were about 5 feet in height with some 2-3 feet high stairs structure at the base which helps climbing them. The men had become silent and she thought they had gone and as she was at the top most stair of the terrace wall, 2-3 pairs of hands pulled her back. She was about to fall but rested on the powerful hands. Mrs Kapoor fell backwards but was held by powerful hands. These powerful hands were rested on her thighs and ass only. The guys were focused.

Vicky had parked himself in such a position that he could see what was going on the terrace and in the ground. One look at Sheetal at the ground below made him know that it will take time as she was surrounded and was part of a stupid game being played. He was more focused on the hot game to be unleashed.

The hands on her ass and thighs moved away, she was also enjoying the support and once the hands moved away, she fell backwards to an arms net made by the guys. Around 7-8 young men had a damsel resting on their arms. All of them were well coloured and ready with ammunition. Slowly she was let on the terrace floor. All the men proceeded to colour her using their hands. In the garb of colouring her, they were all over her. Her face, her boobs, her thighs, her ass, her neck. The kameez was deep enough to show her cleavage and swells of her upper bosom driving men crazy. All of them took turns to apply colour there. It was unabashed display of lust by the men. She was laughing and trying to cover herself using her hands. One of the uncles held her from behind holding her arms in front of her lower stomach and making his crotch to come in direct contact with her ass. This powerful display ensured that she was now under their control. Everyone again attacked her, but this time the attack was directly on her boobs and thighs. The white cotton suit did little to not to show her undergarments. Though nobody put hands inside but there were enough hand marks on her suit to indicate what had happened. Right now she was more worried of the hand marks rather than anything else. Wriggling of ass was doing wonders do the uncles penis, holding her from behind.

Just then the Uncle holding her from behind in an effort to look what was going in front tried to bend his neck thereby his lips coming in direct contact with her neck. This was a big signal for her and everyone was noticing the reaction. She moved her shoulder to push him away. She did not want to be classified as the neighborhood slut. This gave others the signal of how much they could get away with. Still not to be left behind, the rejected uncle said Begaair paani ki kaisee holi (What is holi without water). This gave a reason to smile to the youngsters who rushed to get water from the water tanks on terraces. They had about 3 small buckets to fetch water. Mrs Kapoor wanted to run away but could not since colours and water are an integral part of Holi and also she wanted the lusty fun to continue for some more time.

Potraying that she was held against her wishes she would make the right noises and movements but will laugh also since it was part of the festival. One of the boys splashed water on her. The white kurta stuck to her body giving detailed outline of the bra underneath. Since it was not a very thick cloth it just accentuated her curves and two more buckets drenched her completely. The salwar was stuck to her thighs and showing off the panty lines and her creamy thighs as well and accentuated her ass.

This clicked with every one, and every virile male on the terrace poured atleast two buckets on Mrs Kapoor with even uncle holding her from behind doing the honours. She was in such a trance that she was not moving even after being set free. The men seizing this opportunity moved in for the kill, they wanted to see her nude and do things to her. Just as they were about to pounce on her, Vicky made some noise from the adjoining terrace to indicate presence and then stood over the stairs on his side of the wall. This made guys turn to him to apply colour and leave. His presence broke her spell and she looked at him as her saviour. He just held her hand and helped her climb the terrace wall. The guys waited for one parting shot of her sexy ass clad in a wet white salwar. Since the colour was a simple Gulaal much of it got washed away due to the buckets load of water.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
As they crossed two sets of walls to reach Mrs Kapoors terrace at the far corner, he could not help but noticing the tight white wet suit clung to her body and the colours have been washed off to some extent showing her glowing creamy skin. He had seen her so many times in her birthday suit but this was different. The young men having fun with her turned him no end but he still wanted to maintain his rights over her. Though he understood and knew of her indiscretions with others in her hotel and otherwise but allowing access to young men in her neighbourhood thereby killing his chances was too risky. As she stood there, in the safety of her terrace and Vicky, she untied the knot of her hair and changed it to a pony. For a moment Vicky had forgotten all about Sheetal and went on to embrace Mrs Kapoor. He hugged her from front and his hands pressed her ass globes and later the hands found way to her jugs. During the hugging he also kissed her. He had kissed her a number of times earlier but today it was different. The traces of colour applied and the whole act made it more delicious for him. She was also licking his face unabashedly. She enjoyed what had happened earlier but he was her favourite and it was her way of rewarding him of saving her from those guys. He moved to her back and embraced from behind and put some colour on his hands and guided his hands to her boobs. The hands this time were not over the kurta but under it. She was giggling like a kid and he then proceeded to apply colour on her ass cheeks and this time too it was direct contact with the skin.

After a round of laughter, they embraced each other again for another round of kisses. Unknown to them, Sheetal had come up and was viewing this game with her eyes wide open. She was confounded. Howcome her mother and her best friend?

Both the old lady and her young lover looked at the terrace entrance and found Sheetal. Both were zapped. Mrs Kapoor didnt know where to hide herself. Vicky was calculating pros and cons. On the flip side he may lose Sheetal but Tina was more than welcome new addition to his harem. On the good side, it can be partial fulfillment of having Mrs Kapoor, Sheetal and Niti at the same time. Sheetal was on verge of crying. He indicated Mrs Kapoor to remain calm and gradually moved towards Sheetal. He put a hand on her shoulder, she tried to shrug it off but he did not let it go.

He started telling a tale. Though majority of it was true but was twisted to suit the taste buds. The story went off like this. Gupta wanted to have sex with Mrs Kapoor in return of having helped her in getting a job. Unfortunately he had a picture of him sucking her boobs. One day Vicky had gone to Kapoors house and found Gupta threatening her with the picture and the negative. Vicky tried to stop him but he abused him and his family. This angered Vicky and he beat the living daylights out of Gupta. This made Gupta retreat and leave behind picture and negative. Mrs Kapoor did not know of how Vicky would react and can misuse the photo hence she tried to seduce him and succeeded with little effort. Also, Vicky found her extremely sexy and with god given opportunity the kid with raging harmones went ahead to sail with the tide. Mrs Kapoor then chipped in with Sheetals father of not being a great lover owing to his tensions and with Vicky she found a confidante and also a great lover.

The more she listened to them the more convincing it sounded. It was always Vickys logic that if a lie is mixed with liberal doses of truth it becomes more convincing and is more dangerous. His belief stood the test today.

Sheetal was standing in between with her mother and her lover on either side. Vicky told her that her mother knew of their love affair. This startled both Sheetal and her mother. But the mother managed to regain her composure and say that she knew it and has no problems, which indirectly got interpreted as, she should also have no issues.

Sheetal was confused as hell and was looking at both of them. Vicky said main dono mein se kisi ko nahin khona chahata (I dont want to lose either of you two) and came near enough to place his either arm on shoulders of the two beauties. Mrs Kapoor was worried where it would lead but could not betray Vicky at this stage. For a good measure she added the spice of Vicky helping her today when men wanted to take undue advantage in garb of Holi.

Sheetal said Mujhe sochne ka time do (give me time to think)

After a couple of minutes, he went ahead and kissed Sheetal bang on lips and said ab bahut time ho gaya (enough time given). He knew of his dominance over Sheetal and knew it would work. Sheetal always had known of his little affairs (kissing & petting) with other girls in school but had overlooked them in favour of him being her boyfriend.

She said OK

Sigh of great relief escaped Mrs Kapoor and Vicky.

This time he went and embraced Sheetal from behind kneading her boobs in front of her mother. Mrs Kapoor smiled and thought of her own childhood transgressions. Vicky signaled Mrs Kapoor to come closer and when she did he kissed her with Sheetal trapped between the two. Her face was bang above her mothers boobs and she could not resist the temptation of resting her face on the desirable pillows. She had rested it so many times as a child but this was different. It had great potential of changing the mother daughter relationship forever. Both the females knew of the impending change in relationship.

Oblivious to all the emotions Vicky was smiling triumphantly of him getting both the mother and daughter at the same time in near future. God was so kind.

After a few more minutes there was some noise of group of men including Mr Kapoor coming. Vicky met him and left. Thanks to hot sun the wet suit of Mrs Kapoor had dried to reasonably decent extent and Sheetal was also looking fine.

As he reached home it was about 1.30pm. Sadaf and Tina looked at him and asked him to come with them. As planned earlier, Sadaf and Tina went to his parents to seek their permission to take him to the farmhouse party.

Sadaf knew how to drive and picked their good old Maruti 800. Vicky sat in front with Tina occupying the rear seat. What a sexy driver he had to himself. The proceedings at Kapoors had made him very positive today. On way they picked up the Hot Cousin whom he had befriended on his birthday. Boy was he in an hot company!! Life was so good to him. The car after picking up the Hottie from near the Green Park area moved towards the Sainik Farms via Saket, Ambedkar Bus Stand.

Forgot to mention the attire. Tina was wearing a cotton track pant type and a white t-shirt. Sadafs white cotton shirt was straining at the boobs as it was a size or two small on her. She was wearing a cream coloured caprice type lower. Now comes their cousin, Arshiya, nick named Aashi. Aashi was wearing a short (bold by those days), coming upto 4-5 inches above her knees and a white shirt hiding a top underneath.

The guy at the entrance looked at Sadaf at the drivers seat and they were allowed in. It was a huge farm house to say the least. The car was parked at one side and one of her cousin came and hugged her and applied colour. The same process was followed for Vicky, Tina and Aashi. Vicky had seen him a couple of times earlier, hence he was no stranger to him and was welcomed nicely. Also, Holi is meant to forget animosities, if any, and usher in friendships. As they moved towards a lawn, he saw a biggish group of youngsters (55-60) with beautiful girls/ women outnumbering the guys. He was not complaining. The high class wears quite revealing clothes these days and is common to be seen, but those days it was not the case but the attire was pretty raunchy to say the least. At one corner, booze was flowing freely, you had a Music System playing songs continuously and a few hose pipes were pouring water in a water tank at one end. Normally muslim families are known for not drinking but they were very liberal Muslims as one could see from the gathering.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
During the dance, boys were freely spraying water from hose pipes on beauties thereby drenching them and showing the outlines of undergarments and in some cases nothing underneath for anyone who cared to see. The boys and girls were going towards the booze corner and helping themselves to liberal doses of the same. Sadaf, Tina and Aashi were attacked very brazenly with guys openly pressing the boobs and the girls were also enjoying it. Since some other girls were also applying colours to 3 beauties, so Vicky took the opportunity to rub boobs of other girls in garb of applying colour. It was a free for all. Seeing others applying colour on Vicky, a few hotties applied colour on him and a few gave a squeeze on his prominent crotch followed by a knowing smile and a wink. Not to be left behind, he also pushed those beauties into the water tank and jumped in alongwith the 3 beauties he had come with. With 7-8 hotties in the tank and him being the lone male, he used the situation to full advantage. Then he noticed that Aashis top was off and on display was a smallish looking sleeveless halter top. The top was held by two strings around the shoulders. Though he had fucked her on his birthday but this time it was different. He was enjoying the time in his Harem.

After about 15-20 minutes of water fun all came out from the coloured water filled tank and Vicky had a permanent erection. Clothes of all girls were clinging on to their bodies like second skin and showing off the skin to full public glare. The girls were acting normal. Even Sadaf and Tina were relishing the opportunity. This was their venture to a high class party. Vicky saw a girl being taken inside the house by 2-3 guys. He could not see the girl but somehow she looked much similar to Niti (Sheetals sister).

He excused himself on pretext of peeing and went in to follow the group. Nothing on the ground floor. He used the toilet but after peeing he was searching for the damsel. Just then he heard some laughter from upstairs. He tip-toed to the first floor and moved towards the room. The room door was not properly closed and he could see inside. He was not expecting this.

Right in the middle of the room, a creamy complexioned girl with big boobs and a gorgeous round ass was dancing with a bottle of beer in her hand. The hairs were covering her face but she seemed to be very beautiful. Though she was covered in Holi colours but her creamy complexion was apparent. Three guys were surrounding her with their tools in hands and masturbating. They were saying Aaj tujh par yeh rang malenge (today we will apply this colour colour of semen on you)

A quick glance at all 3 made Vicky proud as his tool was longer and much thicker than everyone. He looked in again and looked at Niti as her hair had moved from her face thereby exposing her face. He was looking for a way to fuck Niti for quite some time and now the chance was presented in a gift wrap to him. The guys were on verge of cumming and they made her go down on all fours with one pushing his cock in her mouth and the other one in her ass. The third one came closer to her and she used her hands to stroke his piston. Within a couple of minutes all of them came and spurted the semen on Niti and spread it over her. The jokers left seconds later after pressing her boobs a few times and leaving her high & dry. Vicky hid himself as they came out and then went in to meet his dearest prefect (remember Niti was a favourite prefect among junior boys as she studied in same school as Vicky did)

Vicky went in and looked at Niti. The two pairs of eyes met and he smiled. Niti was in her birthday suit and she looked at him with some guilt. She was still on all fours with her round ass pointing proudly.

Vicky started saale jokers koi kaam dhang se nahin kar sakte (these jokers cannot do a thing properly) hinting at the sexual conduct.

She nodded.

You must be feeling high and dry

She nodded.

She was in a state of trance. A heady mixture of booze, dance, wet party and having been left high and dry was too much for her. Vicky lowered his lowers and pulled out his tool. It was by far the best piece of male equipment she had seen. Involuntarily her lips opened and her tongue licked her lips in anticipation. Knowing fully well of the effect his tool has on women her proceeded. He brought his tool to her mouth and she held it with one hand and guided it in her open mouth. The lips and tongue started working magic on his tool. His dream of fucking the 3 Kapoor beauties was getting fulfilled today and it was only a matter of time when he would have all 3 together. Stroke by stroke the tool was getting harder and she was choking as she was unnecessarily trying to take in the whole piston. Somehow by taking all in she wanted to prove that she was the one in control but it was far too big for her. He just pulled it out leaving her gasping for more and then proceeded to fuck her ass. The well wetted tool moved in inch by inch. As with other ladies, in this case also, the eyes were ready to pop out of the sockets.
The effect of booze went away with one stroke of a heavy piston. Inch by inch half of it went in creating a lot of pain on the way for Niti. He decided that he would not go in full length as anyone may creep in now and started in&out strokes going up to half penis length. Even his half was at times comparable to full length of many others of his age and elder than him. It was the heat of the festival, Mrs Kappor and Sheetal episode, the water tank and other feelers, he was also on verge of cumming. Little did he know that Niti was also on verge. He held her mane in his favourite position. Niti felt a surge of powerful orgasm. The legs started trembling, the eyes got half closed and she was moving her head side to side and her moans of pleasure became louder.

With a shudder both came at the same time. Vicky emptied his gun into her ass and her love juices made a trail on her thigh to the carpet below. The sweaty body of Vicky fell on top of her. Just he got up and indicated her to wear her clothes. Whatever was left of it, she wore. A white small tank top with white shorts and nothing underneath. Vicky went out of the room first and mixed with the crowd but could not escape the trained eye of Sadaf.

After some time Niti joined the gathering and Vicky and Niti interacted as if they are seeing each other for the first time that day. Not to arouse suspicion he introduced niti to Sadaf, Tina and Aashi. What great beauties were surrounding him. He was blessed he thought.

At one time Sadaf took him to a corner on some pretext and asked her what happened inside. He told her half truth of him seeing a hot girl being fucked by 3 guys and he was enjoying the show. This was lewd enough for her to believe this. He did not believe it himself.

At the other time Vicky and Niti were dancing and she said kisi ko mat batana about us (dont tell anyone about us)

He said no way

She took a sigh of relief.

Next kab (when next) he asked her

She was startled what?

You know

She was silent.

He said dont worry I wont tell anyone but lets make proper love. You would agree that I am better than your 3 jokers

She nodded.

He took it as a very positive signal and then said ek baar karte hain then your choice (lets do it once fully then its your choice)

She thought it was a fair deal. Apart from the deal she wanted the real deal (his cock) and wanted to see how good he really was. They shook hands again and applied some more colour and gave each other a Holi or unholy hug and separated with smiles on their faces for different and yet same reason.

After a few more rounds of playing Holi, dances, some hardcore flirting with so many beauties, they decided to return to home. It was around 5pm and time to go back home. So the sexy driver led everyone to her Maruti and Vicky sat in the rear seat with Aashi and straightaway started kissing her and pressing her boobs. From Sainik Farms to Green Park area it used to take less than 15minutes in the good old days of less traffic.

Sadaf and Tina looked at each other and smiled at the rear seat action. As they stopped at the Green Park red light, Sadaf blew horn thrice to disengage the love birds. The coloured and much felt beauty alighted from the car and three horny teenagers proceeded to home. His parents were not happy at him coming this late and same was the case with Khans. But they relented as it was Holi and did not press the issue further.

Vicky was thinking of getting a chance with Niti now and to complete the trinity of Sheetal, Niti and MILF Mrs Kapoor.

March had passed. Board exams were over for his two hotties. Sadaf and Tina would now be home waiting for their results. For first 10 days it was nothing short of fuck fest. The moment he will come, they will jump on him like starved lioness on food and he would satisfy both of them. Though he was doing great in sex department but he did not want to lose focus on his studies but there was no way out.

Thankfully he got a god sent opportunity in Sadaf and Tina going to some relative for vacation. The relatives stayed in Sikkim. A beautiful place and the two beauties were more than ready to go there. Though the readiness was forced by Vicky in garb of not to arouse suspicion and he had Aashi to have fun as well apart from Kapoor ladies. Also it would give time to work with the Khan beauty queen, Mrs Khan.

By 20th April, he had got into a good rhythm on his studies in 12th standard. His focus was a top class Engineering College. Not only he wanted good marks in 12th board but also wanted to clear entrance exams. Though those days Tuition was not in much fashion but 12th Science and preparation for Engineering entrance was a different kettle of fish altogether. He and his group of friends in his class, some of whom stayed within a radius of 2km started taking a comprehensive tuitions in PCM (Physics Chemistry Maths). The tutors were well known in their fields and the best part was that all were available under one roof. So they had tuitions 3 days a week to start with. This duration was to increase after September / October. So he would come from School at about 2.30pm. Go for tuitions at 4.30pm and return home at around 8.30pm. Then dinner and some homework or walk on terrace and sleep. On the non-tuition days, it would be back at 2.30pm, lunch, homework, some cricket, tuition self study and dinner and walk on the terrace and sleep. He was happy with his schedule.

It was a Saturday in 3rd week of April. He got a call from Niti asking him to come and meet her at her house at about 3pm. He had heard Sheetal mentioning of them going to movie on Saturday. OK the girl wanted to taste my tool, he thought. With very fond memories of sexual encounters in Kapoors home, he moved.

While walking down to her house he thought that next Saturday would be Sheetals birthday and memories of the last one brought a surge of blood into his tool thereby making the python wakeup from slumber.

At 3pm he pressed the doorbell. The door opened and he liked what he saw. Standing before him was the beauty looking much different and desireable than he last saw on Holi and even on Sheetals birthday last year.

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