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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
That night he went to terrace awaiting Sadaf, she came right on time with a shirt on and no bra. Off went the shirt and he also took his shorts off. She saw his dangling tool in his underwear and looked at him.

He said kal kaha thaa na ki kal hum dono choosenge (yesterday I said that tomorrow we both will suck)

She smiled.

He just pulled down his underwear and his tool dangled before her in a semi erect state. It was looking dangerous and monstrous. Definitely much bigger than Dahiya. She was still in a state of trance. He just moved a bit forward and made the tip touch her lips and let it stay there. He did not push her head or make her move to suck it. After a few seconds of dangling, she parted her lips and kissed the knob of the tool. She gently took the knob between the quivering lips and moved her tongue over it, he felt the divine touch. Gradually she moved forward to cover more of his tool and brought his hand around it to hold it. The rock hard tool was in its full glory. Slowly he started developing a rhythm by moving his dick in and out. The tool was not fully in and was hitting her throat. She was feeling gagged. After some strokes she felt comfortable and was doing it like a pro. Dahiya had begged her so many times for this but could never succeed. With the other hand she was holding his balls and playing with them, in the meanwhile, his hand was behind her head, synchronizing her head movement with his gyrations.

After about 10 minutes, he felt the familiar sensation his balls and he was about to cum. His location, the danger of anyone moving in and his dreamgirls cock suck made him cum much before than he would have usually done. Stream after stream he shot his warm semen in her mouth and she like an expert drank most of it with some strains oozing from her beautiful mouth. He took his finger, gathered the oozing cum on it and brought in front of her mouth. She licked that too. He pulled out his limp cock glistening in combination of his semen and her saliva. He felt like a winner.

Now it was his turn to suck her. He bent down and went to the coveted boobies. The big boobs were his for the taking. He sucked them like a kid. He played with them, kneaded them, mauled them like an expert. Drew circles around nippies and aerolas, made her quiver, shiver, moan with lust and passion. He could have fucked her there and then and she was all his for the taking but he waited for another day. He moved in behind position his legs on either side of her and her ass touching his crotch. The expert hands played with the boobies and the lips focused on the nape of the neck making her go mad. Slowly but surely he moved his hand over her stomach and towards her pubic area. The hand went inside her loose pyjamas and panty. The digits started the usual play with the pussy. He was pleased to find her pussy shaven. The fingers drew circles around the pussy, driving her crazy. He pinched her pussy lips, nibbled them with his fingers, tickled them. The luscious lass was in throes of passion and moaning in a low volume, the location was prohibiting high decibel moaning, otherwise she wanted to let go passionate screams. The three pronged attack on nape of the neck, boobs and pussy was making her go wild, this was the winning strategy with all women, she was shaking her legs and she felt the never before sensations.

Suddenly the legs closed in tight and she cummed. His fingers got wet, she closed her eyes, shook her head from side to side and bit her lip. Terrace action was fun. The sheer audacity of the act got her biggest orgasm till date which had shaken her big time.

After a couple of minutes of silence, she came out of her trance. Got up, wore her clothes, kissed Vicky and proceeded to move down. He held her hand and asked her to wait. She gave a questioning look. He said wait and let things be normal and then go

She got the message, she rubbed her face to look normal, straightened her hair, wiped some dust off her luscious ass got her breathing pattern back to normal and then asked him ab jaaon (now can I go)

He said haan par ek minute (yes wait a minute). Saying this he got down, kissed her pussy over the pyjamas, gave her a deep French kiss and then let her go.

They could not meet for the remaining week. From next Monday onwards, summer vacations started for Tina. For Sadaf, it was special classes for entire 12th standard owing to the dreaded boards.

Tina had planned to go to her relatives staying in Hills of Shimla. Very welcome cooler climes from Delhi. This actually meant that when Sadaf would return from School after her classes, it would be Vicky and her alone for about 4-5 hours. Very exciting prospects.

It was a much awaited Monday, he had gone and screwed Mrs Kapoor to glory and was expecting one more in form of Sadaf once she was back from school from her extra classes. As Tina had gone on vacations, it would be him and her for a few hours daily. He wanted to teach her a lot more than she learnt at extra classes. The recent happenings at terrace had convinced him of her willingness to cross the love bridge with him. Safe in this knowledge he awaited her with great expectations.

Around the expected time, the bell rung, he was wearing only loose baggy shorts and a vest. He looked down from the window, it was the dusky beauty looking so sultry in her school uniform waiting for him to come down. He threw away the vest and went down only in his shorts. He opened the door. She looked at him and smiled and said.

Aise (like this)

Aur kaun hai (who else is there) he said.

The realization that Tina was not there hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew what was coming and not so secretly had indicated her willingness to be part of one.

She smiled and moved in closing the door behind him. As she had her back towards him, he cupped her mammaries from behind. Suddenly she pushed aside his hands saying yahan nahin (not here)

As they climbed the stairs, he pressed her ass cheeks, got replied with giggles. They reached the common area in front of both entry doors. He looked at her. She was wearing a cream coloured shirt with the school emblem on the pocket, coming bang on her left boob. A dark olive green skirt ending good 4-5 inches above her knee. Black shoes with white socks not more than ankle in height. A hair band to tie her hair leaving quite a few strands of hair loose coming over her face. Knowing that there was no end to todays love making, he moved ahead.

Her breathing grew heavier with the knowledge of impending attack. The heavy bosom was heaving up and down causing protruded movement of her beautiful globes. Button by button the shirt came off. It was carefully kept in a corner. She was wearing a white lace bra. She was expecting him to attack boobs or start kissing but he surprised her. The hands moved to her school belt. He opened the buckle. Another swift movement of his hands got to unbutton the three buttons holding her skirt and coupled with gravity the skirt touched the floor. She was wearing a matching panty. He bent down, one by one indicated her to step out of the skirt. Sadaf was now in her lacy bra, matching panty, socks and shoes. She thought it would be shoes now but she was wrong again. He got up and unfastened the bra clip. She expected the attack but nothing came. It was case of crying wolf. She was enjoying this game of patience. Needless to mention last thing to go was her panty. He pulled it down by putting one finger on either side and helping her to get out of it. All the four pieces of garments were piled on the floor. She wanted to take off her shoes but he refused. The sight of Sadaf having nothing on but her socks and shoes was an additional turn on for him, if any more was required than seeing the luscious, ample breasted, dusky sultry lass wearing nothing to cover her assets.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
The dusky lass was in contrast with the white paint on the walls. He bent down started kissing the coveted pussy. The hands started its magic on her inner thighs. The licking, nibbling, soft biting on the pussy lips had started the momentum for her and straightaway she was feeling the growing passion. Gradually the hands moved from the thighs and went to the twin globes resting proudly on her heaving bossom. He started kneading the boobies and twitched the nippies between thumb and index finger. The similar treatment to both mammary jugs was making her go weak. After sometime he got up and started kissing the underside of the boobs. The underside, nippies and aerolas were very sensitive and he had attacked the very sensitive zone for her. She was waiting for him to kiss her so that he could hold his head and kiss him back passionately. Her hands wanted to grip him, but very skillfully he avoided the embrace. He wanted to make her wait and torment her. The licking of boobs and upper bossom made her crave for more and she stood awaiting more attack. Meanwhile one of her hands moved towards her pussy and she started playing with it. Since he still had his shorts on, she could not play with his rock hard tool. She had felt it over his shorts and as expected it was full mast. He continued loving her boobs, the coveted globes were his for the taking. He continued the mauling, sucking, kneading and his hands slowly but surely moved to her ass globes. What a fine piece of creation by God.

She was getting hungrier by the second. She wanted to passionately kiss him and suck his cock and he was making her go hungrier. After about 10-12 minutes of torture, he relented and went to kiss her ever kissable lips. She kissed him with some vengeance and he was not complaining. The passion was ignited and both were measuring each others body with lips, hands, saliva, you name it, they did it.

They broke for breath and smiled and waited for the next step. He went inside his house and brought and old unused mattress and spread it on the common area floor. He then took off his shorts. He was laying on the mattress with his back down. She jumped on his tool like a hungry lioness and started sucking it. It was a natural 69 position with her ass towards his face. Not the one to lose this opportunity, he started licking her pussy, the sucking of his cock and pussy licking and finger playing with her asshole had the stimulating effect on her, if ever one was needed and she started gyrating her ass. He had to lift his head to keep pace with pussy licking. After about 10-12 minutes of mutual licking, both were on verge of cumming. The pace of cock sucking and pussy licking & fingering increased to ferocious levels. For him it was a culmination of sustained effort starting with Dahiya episode. He felt the familiar sensation in his balls. She felt the familiar one (used to masturbation only) in her. She was the first to cum. She slammed her crotch on his face and shivered. The nectar of love was released. He lapped it all he could. After a few seconds, his cock erupted as a volcano, she took in all semen she could. Streams of warm semen went to her mouth and she took it all in. As the volcano subsided she licked the tool clean. She was cleanliness conscious.

She turned and lay on top of him with her boobs crashing over his chest.

He asked Mazaa aaya (enjoyed?)


aur maza lena hai (want to enjoy more?)


Jab tak Tina nahin aati roz?(till the time Tina comes back daily?)


After this Hmmmm she giggled after understanding the implications of what she agreed to.

He asked her to get up. She got up and was positioned on his crotch with knees bent on his either side. She was in a cowgirl position. The boobs looked gigantic and she was leaning forward and those melons swung before him like ripe fruits. He tried to get up to suck them but she moved back to tease him. Another round of same routine. By now he had folded his knees which meant she could not go much further back. He lay their smiling joining in the victorious feeling she had and with a deadly speed got up. The raised and folded legs from knees meant she could not go back much which resulted him kissing his desired fruits. He went on his back again and guided his hands to the coveted mammaries. He started playing with her boobies. The fingers played with the nipple toughening them like an eraser. Gradually the hands covered one boob each. With his tool back to its full glory, he signaled her to get on top of him. She didnt object and very carefully placed the tool on the pussy entry and tried to force it in. The tool and pussy were well lubricated and coupled with gravity effect and her weight it went it about 3-4 inches in first shot and by the second one the whole was in the hole. It was then that it hit her deep inside that she realized the position. Although she was a well built curvaceous girl but the virgin hole was ravaged by the gigantic tool. She screamed in pain and wanted to get up and away. He suddenly held her hands and forced her to bear the initial pain barrier. Slowly, slowly she again started her up & down movement.

This time the pain was less and the pleasure was much more. With a minute or two of such pleasurable slow movements she upped the tempo and was now more vigorous in her movement. The gigantic boobs were flaying in all directions. He held them in their place with this hands. She was the bitch in the heat. Her hands had gone behind her head holding her mane and her eyes were semi closed with a lusty satisfied look on her face. She was very much in heat. The slutty look on her face, boobs thrusted forward with the back arching back and her ride as a cowgirl was a great turn on for him. The girl who was so reserved when they first met was now his for the taking. And taking her was he. He was enjoying her vigour and with no fan and it being summer months both were drenched in their sweats. The sweat of love. The bodies shone as if covered with a thin coat of vanish. He also had started gyrating his ass matching her up & down movements. After about 12-15 minutes of this sweat covered exercise, she suddenly tightened her grip of legs on his either side and the pussy grip tightened around his tool. He felt the now familiar liquid as she was in throes of passion experienced her second orgasm of the day. If first one was mind boggling the second one was near earth shattering for her and it was sheer ecstasy for her. She bent down in front with Vicky sucking her melons. Vickys tool was drenched in her and she was in a state of tiredness. Seizing the opportunity he got up and got behind her. It was much similar like that with Mrs Kapoor. She was on her fours and he was behind her. The asshole entrance was his for the taking. He did not trust the lubricated tool and went in to take the Vaseline lotion jar. He motioned Sadaf to stay in same position. He came back patted on her head as if she was his pet and went back to her ass hole. He brought out some lotion and rubbed it on his tool already glistening in her love juices. Another round of lotion went around the ass hole entrance with one finger inserted with the lotion in ass hole. This made her squeal. If she had squealed because of one finger, the tool would tear her apart. With one more round of lotion application on his dick head he placed it near her asshole entrance and started the drilling in.

Now it hit her. She understood what was coming.

She said Vicky nahin (Vicky no)

Kyon (Why?)

Dard hoga (it will hurt)

He replied shuru mein hoga baad mein maza aayega (initially yes later you will enjoy)

Bahut bada hai (It is too big)

Tabhi tumhe pasand hai (thats why you like it) he said

Haan par dard bahut hoga (Yes but it will hurt)

Abhi thodi der pahele, tumhe shuru mein dard hua thaa na, baad mein maza aaya thaa (a while back you felt pain initially but then enjoyed it)


Waisa hee hoga (it will be like that only) he said reassuringly.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
With round of reasoning over, he restarted with the drilling. The big tool moved in to go in. Gradual sustained pressure made it go in one inch and she felt that her eyes would come out of her sockets. She shrieked in pain shouting no, no. He asked her to be quiet saying someone would come. She became less noisier but was still shrieking in pain. The eyes were closed and drops of tears flowed. He did not pull out but applied a sustained second round of pressure. This made it go in another one inch. By now the hands had started playing with the melons hanging. He did not proceed further for a couple of minutes. He allowed her to absorb the pain. She did so. The anal walls stretched to accommodate the huge guest. All the while a rich dose of lotion was being applied on the tool.

Very gently he asked her ready for one more shot

Hmmm came the reply.

Another shot of gradual pressure make it go in by one more inch. Every inch of tool in was making it very painful for her but once the anal walls stretched to accommodate it, she would feel the pleasure of being filled in. Thus after 7-8 such movements almost 80-90% of his dick was in.

He waited for her to adjust and adjust did she. The virgin holes were ravished today by the monster. Slowly but surely he moved the dick out and in. By & by she had adjusted to its size and dimensions and the anal walls now loved the intruder. The momentum picked up and the tool now started hurting her inner walls. She was being hit where no one had ever done. It was hitting her deep inside and she was loving it. Her new slutty side was on full display. She started moaning loudly and screamed more, more in delight. It was sheer display of wanton lust from her. The melons shook violently with being intermittently being held by his hands. He held mane of her hair so as to be in a position of riding a horse. She liked the way she was being used by him. The momentum further picked up with him hitting her deep inside ever so powerfully. She was feeling the granite hard piston hits but could not do anything. The hole was hurting now. He felt the twinge and like a water hose he erupted streams of thick cum in her. It was too much for her. The much battered whole was now filled with a pleasurable warm semen. Tired as he was he withdrew the now limp cock and now both lay side by side on the mattress. The summer heat did not matter to them for first few minutes. Then he got up to change the direction of the pedestal fan in his house towards them.

Both lay there in each others embrace savouring the moment.

She said Dard ho raha hai (it is paining)

Par maza aaya (but did you enjoy)

Haan (yes)

Dheere dheere tumhe dard kam aur maza zyaada aayega (gradually it will start paining less and you will enjoy more.)

They hugged each other and went in for another round of kissing, sucking, licking etc.

He started Yaar teri cousins bhi itnee hot hain (Are your cousins hot like you)

Matlab (meaning?)

yaar you and Tina are so hot are your female cousins as sexy as you are?

She giggled and said yes

Toh unke saath threesome kab (so when do we do a threesome with them)

Badmaash (you rascal) she said and laughed.

Actually you and Tina would be my first choice (he said smiling)

Pitoge (You will get beaten)

He started laughing with her.

Both talked for some more time. She told him of how Dahiya wanted to do it with her and had shown him his cock also but the way he did was disgusting and she did not like it. Also she told how during their 10th board farewell party, a couple of students had groped her boobies and ass cheeks. She confided that she liked such indiscretions and that some of her male cousins were not averse to having a feel occasionally. Since in Muslims you could marry within your relatives, therefore, she and Tina were the prized ones in their relatives for marriage. Both were urbane, sophisticated and very hot

She told him how she once sucked cock of her elder cousin and how he had licked her pussy but they could not go further. It was like layers of onion peels coming off.

Anything about Tina he enquired

She said She has also been groped a few times and I know that she has had over 3 boyfriends this year

Both of you have taken features from your mother. Your boobs and Tinas ass he said.

You noted?

Only a blind would not. Must say your mom is a dream

Oye she said

yaar I am stating the fact

Ek baat poochoon bura toh nahin maanogi (If I ask something, will you get angry?)

Nahin (No)

Didnt anyone try to flirt with your mom he asked.

She was silent (just like Sheetal when enquired about Mrs Kapoor). But this time she was silent for a longer duration. He got worried that he blown his chance. But as he was about to say sorry, she mumbled something.

Haan (yes) a few times

That was music to his ears. The hot woman loved to be flirted with.

She then told how she had once seen her uncle praising her on being so hot and she was giggling like a teenager and that sadaf had seen her uncle massaging her boobies in a corner. There were several other instances where her older cousins had embraced her in name of harmless fun on occasion of Holi but it groping was anything but harmless. She also said that her father was now paying less attention to her than required. Also what was music to his ears was that his stock had grown after Dahiya episode.

After the first barrier was broken, Sadaf and Vicky fucked like rabbits. She would come from school tuitions and then it was a fuck fest. They fucked in her parents bedroom, their bathroom, balcony, kitchen, dining table. Same in his house as well. Every position, every posture was tried and tested again and again. She was built to fuck. Full stop.

Now we will move the story further. Sadaf had gone to her relatives place. She was to be there with Tina and come back after a fortnight. Since the relatives had only young girls and her uncle was out of country for sometime hence his darling was safe. (so as to speak).

The board results were out. He had topped his school. Took Science stream in Class XI. Was the cynosure of all eyes in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile his acts with Mrs Kapoor and Sheetal continued, as and when opportunities arose.

The schools started in July, the students were redistributed depending upon the marks. It was Science and Commerce stream. It was very painful at first to not to see your classmates with whom you have grown. Though they were in the other room but it was not the same. New session commenced. Physics, Chemistry, Maths concepts were going over the head. Everything was a bouncer. Teachers used to come, teach, go away. While the teacher was there they felt that they understood everything but back to square one once teacher went. All those who had Science in XIth would understand the predicament.

Come August 15, 1990 and then Prime Minister, V P Singh, announced from the Red Fort implementation of Mandal Commission recommendations. There were massive violent protests by college students in Delhi. Schools were closed for indefinite period from around 20 August. The schools and colleges opened only after Dussehra in October that year. Those were very turbulent times, specially in North India.

Vicky was an active participant in these protests. He would go out with the college students for protests. A couple of times he had near brushes with the law without being identified. His parents had sensed trouble if he continued this. As a god given chance for them, they got a call from his Tayaji (where Vickys sister was staying) who was blessed with a granddaughter a couple of months earlier, requesting if Vicky could go and stay with second cousin of his daughter in law in Panipat. The Cousin was recently blessed with a baby boy around the same time she was blessed with a daughter. Her parents had died and her parents-in-law were too old and frail to take care and stayed in Punjab. Her husband was going overseas for a couple of months. Her name was Ritu. He had some vague recollection of meeting her at her Tayajis place once. His parents had been to their house a couple of times.

Since it was request from his Tayaji, his father could not say no. So Vicky was packed and dispatched to Panipat. Panipat is about 90km from Delhi. For good measure he was given his books to study. His parents thought this way he would be away from trouble. God is great. He understood the maxim when he reached there.

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Very very hot story dude.

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a gem of a story..superb narration..way bettr than sleazy wham bam thankyou mam stories..please continue..repped u!

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
It was a big house, constructed on a 250sq yd plot. Too big for such a small family. They had a maid servant who would come twice a day. It had three spacious bedrooms on the ground floor and two on the first floor with a huge terrace. It was a very peaceful place.

Ritu was a lady in her mid-twenties. Fair like north Indians are, a bit plump, not fat but not the hourglass figure either, may have to do with the pregnancy. A very sweet round face, big expressive eyes, nice kissable lips. Thanks to the delivery the boobs had become big. They were not in class of Mrs Kapoor or Mrs Khan but still a very good and eye catching size. In short she was much like the Damini character of Saas bhi kabhi bahu thee serial played by Riva Bubber. The first time Vicky saw Damini in the serial, he remembered Ritu with whom he had eventful 6 weeks. You may like to check Riva Bubber image on net to get an idea.

She had learnt about Vicky from her cousin (Vickys bhabhi). There was no relation between Vicky & Ritu, so he was finding in difficult how to address her. She sensed his predicament and told him that he can address her as either Ritu or Bhabhi.

jee (yes) came the reply.

In presence of the maid he would address her as Bhabhi (sister in law) but alone it was Ritu ji. The Ji denoted mark of respect for elders. She was jovial in nature and easy going. Very soon they got into some rhythm of living together. He would help her around the house and will study whenever possible. There was a ground nearby, so when the maid would come in the evening, he would go to the ground and play cricket with local boys. He was a very good player and hence became part of the group very soon. There were times with Ritu would watch him play from the Terrace. He would then strive to perform his best. His parents would call daily in the first week to check his progress. Good report from Ritu ensured that they now called only once in two days.

After about 10 days of his arrival, it once it so happened that the maid servant had fallen ill and was suffering from Malaria. This meant she was out for about 10-15 days. She had sent in her son Ramu as a replacement. Ramu was a kid of around 12years. He was a timid boy. Not very tall or strong but a simple houseworker. He used to go to the local government school, was in Class 6, but due to illness of his mother, had to take care of these duties. He would also come once in the morning and once in the evening and would take care of cleaning the house, wash utensils. He could not cook food and Ritu was not sure if she should burden him with washing clothes. She backed herself to wash clothes alongwith Vickys help.

Her baby boys name was Abhay. Apart from helping them in the house the maid also used to help her with putting on the bra again after she fed Abhay. Abhay used to have a habbit of spilling some milk, so to be on the safe side, she would take off her bra while feeding her then put it back on.

For the first two days, she could manage it on her own but the next day she was finding it difficult to hook her bra. The others were in the washing machine to be washed the next day. The ones in almirah were of the same design hence making them difficult to hook. She thought for a while and then said Vicky

Vicky was watching something on the TV in drawing room. He proceeded to the bedroom where Ritu was. He opened the door and froze. Ritu was wearing a loose pyjama and holding her bra on her breast with one hand. The hooks were untied.

He said Sorry

Ruk (wait) jabse maai gayi hai yeh kaam mushkil ho gaya hai (since the maid has gone this has become difficult) help kar do (pls help)

Although he would have loved to do a lot more with her but for the time being it was a good beginning. He hooked the bra. As he was about to turn, she said kisi ko batana mat (dont tell anyone). He nodded.

It became a regular feature from there on. She would ask him to hook the bra everytime she fed Abhay. Vicky thought some of the bras could have been hooked by her but she chose to call him. Pleased with this line of thought, he was chalking his plan out. The extra knowledge of Ritu not being laid for around 5-6 months (two months before delivery onwards) made him sure that the plan can work. For the first day she held her bra cups tightly and tried to cover her bosom with both the arms but from the second day onwards she was much more relaxed. He had also started engaging in mild banter with suggestive undertones with her. Her being of jovial nature added to the fun.

Kitna kam kaam karwa tey ho aap mujhse (how less you make me work) He said while hooking her bra.

Both knew it had to do something with hooking and unhooking of the bra.

She smiled zyaada ka matlab kya (what will be more work).

Shuruaat bhi mujhe karni chahiye (I should start also)

pitoge (I will beat you) she said and started laughing. Both laughed together.

Then he said why you wear these white ones only you are so fair, designer coloured ones would look good

OK fashion advisor sir she smiled.

In the evening, she called him in, she was wearing a loose top.

He said haanji (yes) questioningly.

She took off her top and said inauguration karni hai (do you want to inaugurate).

Neki aur pooch pooch (you shouldnt even ask)

With this he proceeded to unhook her bra. He waited.

Slowly he moved out.

For the late night feed, she called him in for the inauguration. He followed the ritual. As he was about to leave, she indulged him in small talk while feeding the baby. The mirror was such placed that he could only see the side of her boob. She had one arm across to cover. Abhay was sucking to best of his ability. This had made him see side of one boob. Oblivious to him, she had noted the indirect line of vision.

Once he tied up the bra, she said Aaj toh main rani padmini ban gayi (today I was like rani padmini the legendary rajput queen whose one glimpse, through mirror reflection had mesimerised Khilji leading to a war for the queen)

He got the import of the message. He was silent for a minute or so and then said Sorry. More than him, she felt hurt.

The next day, she took him to a nearby market. Those days were not of malls but still it was the biggest market of the colony and stood in front of ladies undergarment shop. She looked at him indicating to come along but he said Main bahar rukta hoon koi dekh lega achha nahin lagta (I will wait outside someone will see doesnt look good). She said hmmmm and asked him to hold Abhay. After about half hour she came back and they proceeded home.

In the evening she asked him to come and he was pleasantly surprised seeing her wear a red coloured lacy bra. He unhooked it and stood there talking to her meanwhile looking at her boobs from the mirror. She was also happy to put on a show for her lifting her arm a couple of times to show the full side view of the boob. He hooked it back. She asked him to wait and brought out the other coloured ones she had bought. One was black, one maroon, a couple of them were printed with hearts on them. One of the tags on the bra made him know her size of a healthy 36d. She saw his glance to the tag.

She asked Fashion Advisor sir, kaise lagenge (how would they look)

Pahene hue dekhenge toh pata chalega (can tell only if I see wearing it) and he laughed.

She turned back to face him and said ab batao (now tell)

He was speechless. The red bra was shining on the creamy white background. The heavy boobs lay in the lacy bra. The lacy netting showing the creamy upper half of the boobs. He wanted to lick them there and then but reigned in his instincts. The tender looking shoulders having the strap linking them to the bossom treasures and the so delicate looking arms looked so inviting. The necklace pendant was just above the cleavage and the delicious looking cleavage went all the way down before covering about good 4 inches and then melted with delicious looking fruits.

Before he could go on & on she interrupted kaisa laga (how did it look)

whites se bahut better (much better than whites)

He moved out. That night, like so many others, he masturbated thinking about her.

The next morning, Ritu was worried. Abhay was not well and hence was not feeding properly. He was throwing up. She and Vicky took him to the nearest child specialist who examined him and found that the kid is ill and has some tummy infection which would take about a week to go away. Throughout the period the kids diet would go down but nothing else could be done. The low diet had severe implications both for the kid and the mammary. He came to know of this problem, pretty soon.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
The same evening, once Ramu went away, she called him in. He saw her with her top on. He said nothing.

She started Vicky ek problem aa gayi hai. Abhay beemaar hai isliye doodh nahin pee pata. Isliye doodh andar rahe jaata hai. Bahut dard hota hai. Ramu ki maa bhi chhutti par hai, samajh nahin aata kya karoon. Ek baar abhay theek ho jayega toh problem solve ho jaayegi (Vicky have one problem, owing to abhays illness he is not able to drink full milk resulting in pain in boobs. As the maid servant is on leave cant take advice. Once Abhay is fit, problem will be solved)

He still kept quiet.

She continued Market gayi thee, chemist shop se check kiya thaa ek pump milta hai par woh out of stock hai aur 1 hafte ke baad aayega. Samajh nahin aa raha isse kaise baahar nikaaloon. (Had been to the market. Checked with chemist shop for a pump. It was out of stock. Will take 1 week. Cannot understand how to pump out the milk)

He said Main kuchh kar sakta hoon (can I do something)

She kept quiet for a few seconds and then said Promise you will not tell anyone I mean anyone
He nodded in affirmative.

She said Maine doctor se check kiya thaa. I produce a lot of milk. Toh abhay ke baad bhi kaafi bacha rahe jaata hai. Jab tak pump nahin aata ya abhay theek nahin hota kyat um isse suck kar sakte ho (I had checked with the doctor. I produce a lot of milk. So after feeding abhay a lot is left. Till the time I dont get the pump or abhay is fit, can you suck it)

He thought of her producing a lot of milk and chuckled to himself. He then said with a surprised look on his face Main? Koi kya kahega (me? What will someone say)

She said I will not tell you will not tell then how?

He nodded ok and was about to turn with prospect of sucking the coveted boobs and further more. The hearts contentment was not on his face. The look on his face said it was fate accompli for him.

She said Vicky abhi (now)

He said aap pahele abhay ko pila lo main aata hoon (you feed abhay first, I will come)

She started feeding abhay and he rushed to the bathroom and started masturbating. Due to the excitement he came after a few minutes only. This would ensure that the dick would be somewhat sedate during the sucking period. He went back to her.

Ritu indicated him to lay his head on her lap so that he could suck her milk. He did it. She lifted the top and pushed the right boob out. The prominent nipple was in front of him. As a natural he started sucking it. The milk came rushing. Once the milk was out of stock from one milk depot, he did not proceed to the next one but waited. He sucked and played with nipple with his tongue playing with the aerola. She felt his expertise and before she could say anything he moved to the next milk depot and drained it. Since he was too close he could not appreciate the light brown nipple and the aerola. She then pushed her bra down and said that she is going to bathroom. He got up and moved to his room.

He had devised a plan to get her fully. The next morning he was asked of his service again. Vicky asked her to remove her blouse and reasoned with her that since he had seen her in bra, what is the difference. She understood the logic and took her blouse off. She was wearing a black lacy bra. He stood there admiring the beauty and lay down on her lap. As she took her boob out he started sucking but the hand went to the other boob just holding it as a kid would do. The boob was a big one and a soft but firm one. She didnt mind it and allowed it further. As yesterday he continued to suck and lick it post milk drinking. Today it was for a longer period whereas the hand was applying gentle pressure on the other boob nipple. He had learnt with experience that nipple area is a very sensitive part of the boob. He could feel her being tense. Before it could go out of hand, he got up.

He said My fees. I am a human pump

She laughed at his definition of himself and said kya chahiye (what you want)

He just kissed her on both the cheeks.

She said bas (only this) and smiled

He replied Fees badh jaayegi (fees will increase)

Payment will be done said she and chuckled. Both laughed together.

It was afternoon, she was in the kitchen. He went and stood behind her and indulged in small talk. She thought of teasing him. She asked him to pick a jar in the upper shelf but did not move. He was averse to loosing an opportunity to touch her. He moved in and picked up the jar from the shelf. The raging harmones ensured that the tool was full mast. He stood there more than the required time allowing the dick to be in touch with the ass globes. Not to miss the opportunity, she moved backward to support the contact programme. She felt the hardness of the tool and was pleased. The backward movement of the ass to meet the tool was not lost on Vicky and he helped himself to a smile. He was now all the more sure of achieving his objective. He moved back slightly and adjusted his tool in his shorts. Ritu saw him doing that and smiled at his predicament.

For next 2-3 days she would take off her blouse and would be in bra for him to drink milk. That day, he decided to torment her a bit. It was the night feed time and since he had skipped the evening dose which meant that the tankers were filled to the brim. As they completed dinner, she asked him to come to the bedroom. He knew what she was upto and he had something in mind. He said Aata hoon (coming) and went to the toilet. He stayed there for 10-15 minutes, not required though, adding to her desperation. Then he switched on the TV and made her wait for another 15 minutes.

He went and was down in her lap with the twin peaks just inches above his head. As she pulled up one bra cup and brought the boob out, instead of sucking, he just licked the sensitive nipple and adjoining region. Being sensitive their, she was enjoying the sensations but she could not bear the pain in her boobs either.

She said pee na (drink)

He replied bigger payment required

Kya chahiye (what do you want)

Bra utaar do (remove your bra)

She said nahin (no) trying to prove her supremacy.

He started to lift his head.

She said ruko par kyon (wait but why)

Milk depot dekhne hain (need to see the milk depots) and he smiled.

She saw him smiling and also smiled at the term milk depots but did not want to be topless in front of him. She still said nahin

This time he got up and left the room.

She was startled. The pain in her boobs was making her think to go to him but her pride of controlling the things was holding her back. She thought for a while, picked up her baby and tried to feed. Abhay did not drink much milk and it was of no use to her to subside the pain. Still determined to enforce her supremacy she did not go.

Knowing fully well her state and the movement of ass in the day, he was sure of his plan would succeed. The only glitch was what happens if she bought some pump. Two things went in his favour. One, if she wanted to purchase it she would have got it much earlier. Second was that the market was closed the next day for weekly holiday. It had now become a game of who blinks first. He did not want to. If he could get Mrs Kapoor, she should not be much of an issue.

He decided to wait and watch.

It went for over four hours.

Around 1.30 in the night, he heard a knock on his door. Since he was not fast asleep, he got up and opened the door. Ritu stood there in her nightgown. Under the gown was a night suit with a shirt type top and pyjama.

She stood there but did not come in.

He opened the door and went back to his bed. Wait & watch continued.

Ritu was the first one to break the silence of the night. She took a step forward and said Vicky help karo dard ho raha hai (Vicky help its paining)

He said idhar aa jaao (come here)

She removed her night gown and sat on the bed. Slowly she opened her top and she still had bra on.

He was waiting and not moving.

She did not react.

He got up and switched on the lamp near the bed side. He stood there waiting.

Gradually she took her hands behind her back and unclasped the bra. Slowly, slowly she took off the bra. The pendulous melons released from the confines of the bra were in full view. He wanted to do a lot of things to them but he decided to be a bit cautious. All the good work would reduce to a naught with one false move. It was a game of chess and he was loving it.

He went and laid down in her lap with his head resting just below the inviting fruits. It took a lot of effort and determination to not to maul those melons. He started sucking the nipple and stream of milk started flowing into his mouth bringing relief and pleasure to both him and her.
To him because the ice was broken and in a few days he would fuck Ritu and to her because of the relieving of pain and also somewhere deep down she was enjoying this game but did not want to acknowledge it.

He held the other boob while sucking one and licked the nippie a bit longer. He wanted to make her comfortable in being topless before him. Once she was comfortable, he had then planned for the final assault. He knew the size of his tool would go a long way in convincing her.

After about 20 minutes of milking the depots went dry. She was in the same position for some more time. After sucking them dry he left them against the very strong urge of mauling them.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Silently she got up picked up her clothes and walked to her room still topless.

The next morning, he got up to a cheerful good morning from Ritu. This time she was fully clad, needed to be, in presence of the servant, Ramu. He freshened up and waited for Abhay to be fed. Today Ramu had come a bit late hence there was a delay in time to leave. To top it all he had brought a book to learn some Maths from Vicky. He might have raging harmones but he was never the one to shy away from teaching an underprivileged. Ramu finished his work and sat down on the floor with his books. Vicky tried to make him sit on a chair but to no avail. So he too decided to sit on the floor. He could see the bedroom and an impatient Ritu waiting for him. He decided to prolong her agony a bit. He continued to teach him. Ramu was a quick learner and after a couple of hours of tuition he got the hang of the chapters. Vicky was really pleased both at his pupils effort and her agony. Ramu was pleased that he was well taught by him and left by saying Thank you Bhaiya.

Vicky wanted to continue the torment a bit and went to his room. He was waiting for the call and within a minute he heard his name. He moved to the bedroom. Sitting there on the bed was Ritu, topless, like a wanton whore waiting to be screwed. She was wearing a white cotton long skirt.

He said aapne bulaya (you called)

Haan (yes)

Kya hua (what happened)

milk depot ki supply khatm karni hai itnee der kyon lagai (need to finish the milk depot supply why did you take so long)

Ramu ko padha raha thaa (I was teaching ramu)

Cha lab jaldi aa jaa (come here fast)

He lay his head in her lap and today before sucking he decided to play with her. The nippies had become a bit stiff in anticipation. He started licking one and the finger & thumb started tormenting the other one. The nippie had become stiffer owing to the special treatment today. She was enjoying the pleasure and wanted him to continue but still on the other hand wanted to continue with the pretence of her being in command.

She said kya kar rahe ho (what r u doing) the weakness in her voice gave away her enjoyment.

He replied aapko pata to hai milk depot ke nozzle check kar raha hoon (you know it am checking the nozzles of the milk depot)

Though this relieved the tension a bit but continued onslaught on the nippies was making her go weak in her resolve. She wanted him to continue but he was playing the game of cat & mouse with her. He removed the fingers from other boob and started sucking milk. Stream of warm milk came straight into his mouth. He drank it all. Meanwhile to torment her again, he started pressing her other boob. This time the massage & pressure were noticeably more than previous gentle boob hold. The play with the sensitive nipple region was making her loose her resolve, whatever it was, and weak in knees. As the milk finished he got up abruptly. This left her aghast.

He could sense her problem. As she was about to wear the clothes he pushed them aside and said Main hee toh hoon (its me only here)

Though she found it logical but decided against it and wore the clothes. Not the one to give up, during the day he stood behind her and cupped her boobies and had started massaging them over her blouse. For start she pushed his hands away shouting kya kar rahe ho (what r u doing). He did not listen to her and again planted them there and massage continued. Before she could say anything, he said what is new in this. She understood that since he rubbed her boobs during milking, hence why was she objecting to it now.

The time tested formula was coming to the fore now. As the hand played with her boobs, the nape of the neck was bombarded with the wet kisses and the rock hard tool went for the ass exploration. She was also in the mood and moved her ass back a bit to meet his tool. This continued for about 2 minutes and he turned her around to kiss her ever kissable lips, she came out of a trance and pushed him back and went to her room.

He did not go to her. That night both did not say anything during dinner.

Post dinner, the medical problem of milk again arose. She called him. He did not go. She called again, he did not go.

She came to his room, topless, asking him to drink milk. He signaled her to sit. He placed his head on her lap but did not start the milking. She was wearing only the pyjama of a light coloured night suit. Today was going to be the day he thought. He held her hand and took her to her bedroom. He wanted to have her there.

As she sat on the bed, he lay his head in her lap and as the other day started playing with her nippies. Today he continued to play during his consumption time. The moment he finished sucking milk, he continued licking the nipples and the adjoining sensitive regions. The combination of tongue and finger in nipple region was causing havoc in her mind. He got up without leaving the licking of the boob and moved to licking her gorgeous valley between two beauty peaks. The saliva had drenched the 3-4 inch cleavage. All the while her eyes were closed. He was gently massaging the boobs but continued licking her upper bossom and neck area. The expert that he had become, he knew that she was his for the taking and the remaining couple of weeks would be very entertaining. Slowly, slowly he kissed her cheek and then brought his lips to hers. The combination of love attack on her body coupled with the fact that she had been without sex for quite some time was too much for her to handle. As he was about to kiss, the hands had touched the pubic region. This startled her and she said nahin

This time he was not going to listen. He pinned her down on the bed and kissed her smack on the lips. After a token resistance, the lips parted and the saliva exchange took place. She was now into it fully. He was rubbing his crotch over hers, though both the crotches were covered, still it was having a great effect.

He was about to pull her pyjama down when she said Main nahin utaaroongi (I wont pull it down)

To which he replied chalo phir main utaar deta hoon (ok then I will pull down)

She tightened her grip on her pyjama as a last wall of resistance and was about to say something but was left silent.

Vicky just pulled his shorts down and threw away the vest and smiled.

He said Kaha thaa main utaar deta hoon (I told you that I will pull it down)

She was not listening to him. The focus was on the tool, the dangling tool. The tool was rock hard and looked like a menacing python. She was mesmerized by it. It was a bit bigger than her hubby who was in no way carried a small dick but this was special. To top it all it looked much bigger on a 16 year old kid. She had seen a couple before her marriage but this one was extraordinary. Whatever little semblance of resistance was put up for show went out of the window. Involuntarily, the tongue wetted her lips and the lips came into shape O ready to take in every millimeter of the monster.

He came close to her and put an arm around her shoulder and lifted her face to his and looked her in eyes. She was stupefied to speak anything and he guided her hand to his dick and let her hold it. She clutched onto it as a child holds his favourite toy. She was in a spell. He started smooching her, this time there was zero resistance and active participation. The lips kissed lips, tongue entangled with tongue, tongue tasted lips and it continued. The hand was still on the rock hard python. The hand started its movement up & down the dick, stroking it with her soft hand. He played with her boobs while kissing her and went down on them kissing and mauling them.

Her eyes were closed and the cumulative effect of not having sex for a few months and his technique and to top it all the most desirable cock she had seen was too heady a cocktail for her. He loosened her grip on his dick and brought it closer to her mouth. She needed no further invite and formed an O to suck the granite hard tool. She started to take it in. Centimeter by centimeter half of it went in. She felt that she would choke due to the enormous guest in mouth. He pulled it out but she wanted it in and again it went in. This time the tongue welcomed it and she started smoking it and both developed a rhythm of movement. The mouth fucking continued for over 15 minutes when he shot the load in her mouth. She drank a large proportion of his semen but quite a bit was oozing out from her mouth forming a trail of rich white thick liquid.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
He went down on her and started playing with her already wet pussy. The fingers found their way and the coupling effect of pleasure with fingers in her pussy and its licking plus the attack on her inner thigh ensured that she came within no time. Long starved for sex was also one major reason.

She came in by gallons and he was there to lap as much as he could.

With her pussy now being very well lubricated, he decided to fuck her now. He positioned his dick on her pussy entrance with her legs lifted up on either side of his shoulders. She was not expecting this from him. Even her husband never ventured much away from the missionary style and here was the kid straightaway ready for the variation. Things were going to be exciting now.

The lubricated pussy meant that the dick went in reasonably ok. Inch by inch it went in. The pussy walls stretching to accommodate the valued visitor. Three fourths of his dick was in and she was gasping. He waited before proceeding, as the walls adjusted she found her breathing rhythm back. As she found it back, he started pulling his cock out to form a rhythmic in and out movement. Stroke by stroke more & more dick went in. It was hitting her where no one else had hit her. It made her feel full to the limit. The more surface area of the dick meant that the sensitive pussy walls were feeling the touch. The increased touch increased the pleasure and passion.

The thrust and power of his strokes were making her go crazy with her shouting, screaming oh my god with every stroke. The high position of her legs meant that the dick hit her deep inside. Her head was swaying from side to side with the eyes closed to enjoy the pleasurable attack. His balls were hitting her with every stroke. As the pace increased so did the amount of dick going in. It was all in making her gasp for breath. As he saw her gasping, he asked her to check if he should take it out to which she shook her head violently to say no. What a slut he thought.

Suddenly the grip of her legs on his shoulders tightened with Ritu clutching the bedsheets and swaying her head indicating the impeding cumming. She had cummed. The boy hadnt. She wanted him to continue the onslaught and he was too willing to oblige. He continued the onslaught. The heavy strokes after her orgasm made her shiver but the pleasure was too good to be missed. Within the strokeplay of over 8-10minutes both the lovers were on verge of cumming and came did they at the same time. He erupted like a volcano splurging streams of his thick semen and she came like a waterfall, moistening his dick with gallons of cum.

They both lay on the bed exhausted, the bodies glistening with the sweat. Both looked at each other smiled and lay contented. He had achieved his target and so had she, unknown to him. Thats why things were relatively so easy.

She said ab kya (now what)

More fun


2 weeks of sex said he and smiled

only two weeks said she and winked

usee mein saal ka quota kar doonga (within 2 weeks I will complete a years quota)

They laughed together and slept together nude.

In the morning he got up to a very nice feeling of cock sucking and found Ritu to suck his cock. The tool was hard as expected. After he came, she got up, all nude, went to the kitchen to make some tea for him. As they drank tea he looked at her, it was a sight of a slut finding new life. He wanted to start again but she warned him not to do anything wrong in front of the servant.

So it was an uneventful fortnight in front of servants but a fortnight of sex, lust, passion, positions, love without the servants.

Fondling her boobs, over her blouse, kissing, in servants presence (when he was not looking) was a common thing. He fucked her in ass, in shower, on kitchen table, on roof, in balcony, made her to suck his dick in a secluded corner of a cinema hall. You name it he did it. Will not go in further details for fear of repetition. Two weeks after first round, he got the call from his parents asking him to come back as the situation had eased and the schools were to open after dussehra that year. Hope people would remember that. He had taken books to study but he had perfected the art of biological reproduction during the period.

With a heavy heart he moved and with an even heavier heart she bade him bye. But not before enjoying the pleasures of her charms the night before. He was sad leaving her but the knowledge of Sadaf, Sheetal and Mrs Kapoor cheered him up.

He was to interact with Ritu at a later stage alongwith a very hot friend of hers.

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