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absolutely wanton story, vinman ... repped u ...keep going

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He reached home well in time for his parents to arrive. As he pressed the bell from downstairs, Tina came down to open the door of the staircase. He was following her while climbing up and the eyes were fixed on her gorgeous ass but decided to wait for the opportune time.

He went to the terrace for the post dinner session thinking can he get his hands on the two most coveted sets of boobs on the same day. He was half way there.

Sadaf came and he looked at her. She was wearing her school skirt, reaching upto 3 inches above the knee and a t-shirt which was straining to the hilt as it was Tinas. The next two days were offs (sat-sun) for Sadaf and Tina, hence Sadaf came in her skirt.

The usual talk started with the topic again going back to Dahiya. This time round he did not stop her. But he asked woh kya chahata thaa (what did he want her to do to him). She was taken aback by this but by now they had reached a certain level of comfort so she said thoda bahut tak theek thaa but woh sab kuchh karna chahata thaa deciphered by him as (heavy petting or boob press was ok but he wanted to have sex)

He said I dont blame him you are really very hot and smiled. She looked at him and then joined in the smile and said there are better ways of complimenting. He replied sometimes direct approach is better

Today they were talking longer than usual with topics such as who all in school tried their luck with her and how teachers look at her. She was also having fun at his expense asking about all his girlfriends etc.

As the time came to go back and usual good night kiss, he moved a bit forward closer to the door and a tall wall and stood there. She came close to him with a quizzical look on her face. He said nobody can see us here even from other terraces

She stood with her back to the wall. He proceed to kiss her. She thought it would be usual small peck on the lips, but this time rather than just a peck on lips, he brought his tongue out and licked her lips. This startled her and she looked in his eyes. The look was intense and there was not much look of disapproval from her either. She did not protest. He proceeded to take her face in his hands and pressed his lips to hers more forcefully than the usual. With the force she got plastered on the wall and was moving her hands a bit. He continued the pressure and made her open her mouth and the tongues did the tango. As a practiced expert he moved from one lip to other tracing each with his lips and tongue. This was much different and far better than what Dahiya used to do to her. After sustained kiss of about a minute or so she relaxed and brought her hands around his head and the fingers played with his head. They broke the kiss after a few more seconds.

As they saw each other, one smiled and the other looked down. Then the one smiling told the one looking down that it was her turn to give the goodnight kiss. The one looking down looked up and smiled and kissed him. Her hands moved behind his head and both were intertwined in a lip lock. His hands moved on her smooth hair and continued the journey south to the ass globes. As he touched her ass, she stopped kissing for a second but then continued. He made her turn around with her ass in contact with his crotch feeling the size and hardness whereas his hand move to her gorgeous boobs. The pattern was same as earlier in the day.

Good captains do not make unnecessary changes to successful strategies.

She was into the moment and as his hand touched her boob, she melted into him and pressed his crotch harder with her ass. He was gently massaging them and drawing circles around the sensitive nippies and aerolas. She was especially sensitive there and found it too much to handle. She was used to Dahiya hard mauling but this was more pleasurable. He kissed on her neck while continuing the torment he inflicted on her by way of drawing geometrical shapes with his fingers around her sensitive nippies. He cupped her boobs but they were firm in the grip of some lucky bra. They were definitely more than a handful. He thought time of seeing them in naked glory was not far away.

He wanted to do further, she wanted him to do further but someone up there called time up and came in the voice of Mrs Khan asking Sadaf to come back as it was late. Both came back from pleasure zone and looked each other albeit a bit sheepishly to start and then smilingly. He swore to himself that he would screw Mrs Khan at first good opportunity for screwing his fun.

With this she moved down first and looked back at him while on her way down with him making expressions of lust. This made her to smile and lick her lips with her tongue in reciprocation.

The day was special. He loved it. He was there fully. Both sets of gigantic bosom massaged on the same day. He slept with a smile on his face thinking about the abundant possibilities.

Next day was a Saturday, off day for his parents, he had to go out with them. They got a good news that one of his cousins was blessed with a baby girl. His cousin was his Tayajis eldest son (where his sister was staying). Remainder of the day went of talking to relatives etc and suggesting hell lot of names.

Came the night and came the time at the terrace. Today he had reached there quite a bit early in anticipation. He was waiting for her. She on the other hand knew what was to happen and hence delayed her movement so as to torment him a bit. The light of stairs leading to terrace was off, so that if someone wants to come, they will switch on the light first. Sadaf did not do it and came up the stairs and hid behind the door to have a look at him, he was impatient and moving around. After some time, she came out of her hiding and presented herself before him. He had a look at her. Today the top was a bit loose, he could not make out if there was a bra underneath, a basic night suit pyjama was the other garment he could see. The hair were not tied and the silky strands came up to her mid-back. Today the talk was unusually small, perhaps both were not interested.

He just held her hand and pulled close towards him. She said yahaan nahin wahaan pe(not here there) indicating the place they first did yesterday. It was all music to his ears. Within a heartbeat the new found lovers reached the spot. She looked at him mischievously and winked. The wink did the trick. He moved forward and embraced her. The embrace was tight and in a manner of showing his possessiveness. The big juggies crushed on his chest. His hands roamed on her back, tracing from collar bone to hip bone and on the way enjoying the silky hair. She also measured his back with her hands. After this embrace of over 2-3 minutes. He proceeded to kiss the voluptuous dusky beauty. The small pecks gave way to full saliva tasting. The tongues intertwined to map each other fully. The taste buds were tasting only one taste then of pure lust. His hands behind her back focused on the ass globes. They were different than the perfect shapes of Mrs Kapoor but he was not complaining in any way. Her hands were behind his head playing with his hair, a sureshot sign of her being in the mood to go along. One hand from the back moved to the front to the coveted globes of her bosom. Very lightly he touched it and pressed it. The index finger left off from the day before making circles around the nippies. She was wearing a bra but he could still feel the stiff nipple underneath it. He weighed the boob with his hand and as expected it was big. The hand then moved to the other boob ensuring that they do not feel neglected. The combined pressure of tongue, hands on boobs and ass meant Sadaf was in the mood. It was so much more sophisticated than Dahiyas way, who went on mauling the boobs to eternity and kiss for him was only planting his lips on hers forcefully without the actual art of enjoying and passion. With Vicky it was different, he was arousing her by the second, like an experienced chess player, planning the moves. The hand on the ass globe moved to the front and he tried to rub her pubic area to further stimulate her, if the stimulation right now was not enough. As he touched the sensitive zone, she brought her hand over it to stop him. He knew, if not today then very soon he will have her so he decided not to push it further and do anything against her wishes. So he continued with boob press, kiss and ass press. He continued to kiss her all over her face, neck and parts exposed in the loose t-shirt. The parts just below her beck and upper chest were all there for him to taste. This went on for quite some time as the teenagers went on the body exploration trip.

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As they moved apart gasping for breath, they looked at each other. He had a triumphant look and the other was smiling with a content look. He took her soft hand in his and guided to his tool. She looked at him in surprise but didnt stop him at first. As he made her make first contact with his rock hard prick, she pulled back the hand and was a bit defensive. Vicky didnt want to lose her, hence the look in his eyes was that of nothing against your wishes to which her eyes had responded ok. He thought when the boob queen is in front of him, he should focus on her prized possession and if she is aroused regularly enough, everything else would fall in place sooner than later. With this thought he again moved to her prized assets. This time he was behind her with him kissing her nape and hands mauling the boobs and it between drawing circles around her navel, albeit it was covered with her t-shirt. But it was good enough to arouse her. The big boobied lass was in mood now, the ass movement over his crotch making great contact with his rock hard tool, meant that she was enjoying it. He thought that his modus operandi may have been same as Dahiya for guiding her to his tool, perhaps because of which she withdrew. With that thought he was quite sure that the ass movement indicates her willingness but he has to be much more sophisticated in his approach. Her arms by now had moved behind his head, making her boobs to protrude out making them all the more prominent, if they were not prominent already. He continued the onslaught on her boobs by making circles and tweaking her nippies. Sometimes he will turn her face towards him and kiss her full on. After this he brought his face and shoved it right in her boobies. She wanted him and he wanted her but still she was not going all out. As she pressed his face more in her heavy bosom, he brought his around her ass and pressed on the globes and brought her closer to him. She was enjoying the caresses and as he moved to suck her boobs, over t-shirt and bra though, she said, Geela ho jayegi, pata chal jayega (t-shirt will get wet, it will be known). This was beethovens symphony to him since it had a implied meaning of her not being averse to his sucking her boobs. To which he had replied kal button waali shirt pahen lena, and no bra, problem solved (wear a buttoned shirt tomorrow). She didnt reply but neither did she said no. They continued the programme for a few more minutes before being called from downstairs. The call broke the magical spell.

Sunday they could not meet. Monday morning, in expectation of meeting Mrs Kapoor, he could not wait for his parents to go to office. Right at the stroke of 10am the phone rang. He was sure that it was Mrs Kapoor. He picked up and the conversation flowed.

Mrs Kapoor Vicky ?

He Yes Aunty

She Tumne kaise pahechaana main hoon (how did you know it was me)

He Guess and expectation

She Meri shift change ho gayi hai (my shift has changed) Tum aa rahe ho? Ek book deni hai (u r coming? Need to give you a book)

He knew there was no book to be given, it was just safety valve in case anyone picks up from the parallel line.

What time? he asked

11 pat came the reply.

I want to see you today in same dress as for Sheetals bday party he said authoritatively.

I will see she said

No I will see you in that dress only he said, in his affirmative tone. She was his to be taken, he knew, the game had changed.


He wore knee length baggy half pants and a t-shirt without bothering about undergarments. 1040 he left his home for the dream destination. At 1055 her reached close to her house and right on dot he pressed the bell. The door opened and he liked what he saw. The wet dream had come to life. Mrs Kapoor was wearing what she was wearing on Sheetals bday party. The same deadly red-black combination and looking drop dead gorgeous.

The door closed, he moved in. Looked at her, gave an appreciative looked and whistled. Even the mother of two grown up girls and drop dead beauty liked to be appreciated by a teenager. He asked her to swirl around, she did. He said Petticoat toh nahin pahena? (you did not wear petticoat?)


Even on that day you didnt

Thats why. Didnt wear

He took her in his arms and encircled in an embrace. The hands felt the soft unblemished skin on her back with hands roaming the full length, breadth of her back. Then he pressed her ass globes. He turned her around with her full lose hair on one side of shoulder exposing her bare back, he licked the ivory skin. Every square inch was licked. She shuddered. The boy knew how to press the buttons. He continued the lick, she arched her back, in appreciation, he didnt stop and continued. After spreading a thin coat of his saliva on her glistening back, he moved up and brought his teeth close to the string knot behind her neck. The hands meanwhile were drawing circles around her nippies and gently massaging them. Without using his hands, he untied the knot with his teeth only and let the blouse fall. She was impressed by his expertise and imagination. He moved in front of her and did not proceed to the naked boobs, instead he went ahead and kissed her. The lip lock proceed to a tongue lock and tongues got intertwined feeling each others lips and tongues, alternating between upper and lower lip. After 5-7 minutes of lip-tongue lock, he broke away from the lip lock but did not disengage from her skin. The lips were still stuck to her body and the wet lips traced the way downwards from her chin. The neck, upper bosom all were licked and kissed with the lips resting at the start of cleavage. The blouse was still tied to the body with a thin strip of cloth joined to the base running around her back. The strings loosening had meant that the boobs were now uncovered with the front of the top was down exposing the luscious boobs, He started the licking of cleavage, millimeter by millimeter he went south. This was making her mad, he was so good at it. Expert she thought. As he completely measured the over three inch long cleavage, with his tongue, he moved to the underside of the boobies with the tongue still continuing the magic on the melons. She was waiting for him to maul the melons but he was making her wait and the pleasurable pain was excruciating for her. He planted innumerable number of kisses and licks on the underside of her tits, making her go further weak in knees. Then he started the journey north still licking her, the tongue moved from between the boobs to her upper bosom. Once again he made her long for his touch, which he was holding back. He knew, if he could make her happy today, the luscious beauty, the voluptuous lass, the dream woman, the walking wet dream will be his for taking as long as he wanted. He was not leaving any stone unturned to achieve his objective.

Then he proceeded to play with the boobs but not before untying the strip of cloth holding balance of the blouse. The sight was magnificent, the luscious housewife was standing top nude with her black saree tied around her waist and some part on ground. The nippie region was golden brown in colour. One common thing ran in the Kapoor family women, the nippies and aerolas were not dark in colour. He took the nipple between his thumb and index finger and tweaked it a bit, the sensitive nipple became more stiff. He did this to both the boobs. The stiff nippies became looked like small erasers. Then he started sucking the boobs with tongue paying attention area around nippies. The boob massage started and gradually the pressure increased. The sucking brought in new sensations to her. People had sucked her boobs, nobody could resist the temptation, those were meant for mauling and sucking only, but this one was special. This one was passionate, loving, caring. She pressed his head further into her bosom. She liked it and her pressing his head was the testimony. The melons he liked were his now. God was kind to him. The breathing had increased, the bosom was heaving up and down with more prominence. The sucking had made her reach her first orgasm. She was sensitive there but nobody had made her cum only with sucking, boob pressing. He was the first one to explore this possibility and succeed. She moaned and with one big moan, she pressed his head into her and the legs shook alongwith the whole body. The face was a portrait of lust, wanton lust. The eyes were half closed. The thin sheen of sweat had applied a coat of shine on her body. She came in like a waterfall, so much so that some of the love juices leaked out of the coveted pot and formed a stream on her inner thigh.

He disengaged and looked at the beauty. The disheveled beauty was a piece of marvel to adore. To reduce her pain, he pulled the saree and made her turn. Turn by turn the saree came off revealing panty less lady with only a string on her waist to hold the string. The string she removed. God, this was special. Seeing a full bodied experienced beauty is much different from seeing a young teenage nubile beauty. She was more voluptuous. Meat in right places, that much more alluring and inviting with a safe knowledge that his secret was safe with her. She struck a pose with one leg in front of other, like models do, and the arms crossed much above her head. This made her look more voluptuous, if earlier was not good enough. He motioned her to swerve. She did. The luscious ass globes were very inviting. He knew their turn will come very soon. The ass looked so much fuller, so much rounder made for love making only. The ass was fuller, rounder looked from any angle, from back or from side. It was made to fuck.

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Then she motioned him to remove his clothes. He was only too willing. Off went the t-shirt and he opened the button of half-pant and stood close to her. With a wicked smile on her face, she unzipped it, with a great deal of anticipation and expectation. She had felt her dick on her ass during last encounter, she could make out it was big and strong, how much she wanted to see. Down came the half pant and he stepped out of it. She liked what she saw. She adored what she saw. She was fascinated by what she saw. It was long, big, thick and raring to go. She had seen a few now but this was stupendous. The boy of 16 and half had such a big dick, the possibilities of it reaching some great size when he becomes a full grown adult were enormous. Vicky was 5.11 then reaching a max height of 6.2. Both he and his dick rose the same, with his adult dick reaching a max length of 11 when erect. It was truly big.

The 8.0 boner was in its full glory. Raring to rip apart her love nest. She was in a trance. He went close to her, held her hand and led towards their bedroom. The same one where he had taken Sheetals cherry. Like mother like daughter. He sat on the bed, held her hair and pushed her down to her knees on the ground with the snake right in front of her mouth. She held the base of his cock and guided it in her mouth. Now it was his turn to squirm with pleasure. She knew how to use her mouth. The tongue played with the dick and using a deadly combination of inner cheeks, tongue and lips she cast a magic spell. The tool was huge but the experienced practitioner was able to take in a majority of it. As he pushed a bit forward, it appeared that she would choke but no, the seasoned campaigner took it all. Such was her mastery, or was it the illicitness of the situation he was in, that after good 15 minutes of sucking he felt the now well known urge to splurge his semen in her mouth. He came in by the buckets, filling her beautiful mouth, throat but a stream of semen crept out from corner of her mouth as well. He took his cock out. She looked at the cock immersed in his semen, brought the magical tongue out licked it clean. She did not want to lose even a drop of teenage semen.

Both had one round each of casting magical spells on each other.

As she looked at him triumphantly, he got up and embraced her. Both the naked bodies got intertwined, with mouths exploring each other hungrily. Meanwhile hands touching every inch of each others body within reach. After 5-7 minutes of fast moving exploration, they moved towards the bed. They lay on the bed, on facing each other. He slid forward and started the kissing and boob press. Both knew that this time it is going to lead to intercourse. The lovemaking was slow but intense. He kissed her deep, she held his rock hard tool, he pressed and played with the melons, the hand pressed the ass globes. Slowly he moved her, spooning her. Both were still lying on their sides, her head turned towards him and he continued the saliva interchange, the cock was in direct touch with her full rounded ass. The slow wriggle of ass got the anaconda full mast. The boob massaged gave way to navel play which moved further down to the coveted nest. A couple of digits did magic to her. Like a guru, he inserted and disengaged the digits, giving equal weightage to the inside and outside regions of the pussy. The touch on the shaven area was very pleasurable. To increase the fun or pleasurable torment, he continued the massage and smooching. Slowly, slowly she turned towards him and he found himself on top of her. No reason to complain. He disengaged from the pussy, leaving her high & dry, but feeling expectant, he started smooching her with a vengeance. He wanted her to feel his passion and wanted. He kissed her all over her face, face, upper bosom, nippies, aerorlas, navel, stomach, thighs, pussy, knees, shins, calfs, toes. This was unexpected for her, but she didnt mind. It was pleasurable.

He then started kissing the clean pussy and used his tongue to clean the place with tongue trying to force entry inside and giving unimaginable sensations to her. After lubricating it enough with his tongue, he positioned his tool at the entrance and waited for her to look at him. Both pair of expectant eyes met each others gaze and then both smiled. The elder lady was much more lubricated and easy to penetrate, inch by inch the monster went in. She felt so filled. She thought that the kid can grow up to have some serious tool and it would be wise to have him on regular basis for a long term satisfaction. Some Long Term planning you may say. As his monstrous dick went in, he let it rest there for a couple of minutes. Her legs were on his either side. The melons were in his reach and the hands were playing with them. She felt so filled. The inner walls adjusted to adjust for this most welcome intruder. Gradually he took the tool out and then rammed in. It was like a train, starting slowly but surely and gradually picking up the speed. He did the same, within 10-15 strokes he had picked up some serious speed and was ramming her with some vengeance. She was his prized trophy and he wanted her to feel his passion for her. His tool was hitting the inner most spots and continued hits on her G-spot and the whole idea of being fucked by her daughters classmate made her cum much sooner than her own expectations. Suddenly she clinched the bedsheet with both her hands and the grip of her legs tightened around him. She shivered indicating that she had come by gallons. Same way of cumming he thought like daughter like mother.

His dick felt the love juices, the pussy felt so much more easy to penetrate. He started again. What stamina she thought. She had cum so easily and the boy is still going strong. As he increased the tempo again, not tough considering the willing beauty in front of you, he started hitting her harder and harder. The cervix was bearing the brunt of his heavy strokes. He continued mauling her boobs. He pressed her boobs, mauled them, pinched and pulled her nippies but she liked the pain she was getting. The ivory beauty had her eyes closed and it was sheer ecstasy if nothing else. The boy was making her crazy and continued head movement from side to side confirmed this. The lusty lady was on the verge of next orgasm, she came in again by the gallons in the much repeated pattern on clinching the sheet, loud moan and tightening of her legs apart from the shiver. As the orgasm subsided she felt the relief but the hitting still continued. He felt the now well known tingling in his balls and knew it was time to ejaculate. He brought his dick out and spread his thick rich semen all over her bosom pillows. He then used his hands to spread it all over her boobs, flat stomach. He also spread the love juices sticking to his tool on her inner thighs and ass globes. She was glistening. The coat of love juices of both the sexes was making her glow. The sheen on her was much like Sanju rather than Sheetal. Matured female gloss he thought.
Both looked at each other and he lay on the bed by her side. Both looked at the ceiling fan movement. Both lay exhausted. Both bodies tired but a lot more to do. After few minutes of being there naked side by side. Mrs Kapoor got on top of him, squatting on his crotch with legs on his either side. The shiny glistening body shone up in the light coming from a tiny gap in the drawn curtains. The perspiration was also adding to the glow of the two lovers.

She now positioned his dick at entrance of her pussy and started the rhythmic movement. Seeing his face, she told him that she is on pill. That was music to his ears. Now she started the up & down Simple Harmonic Motion. The boobs swung in every direction with her hair also swinging as per movement. He lifted his hands to reach her boobs and maul them. This time she was in control and she pushed his hands down and pinned them. Though he could have easily got away with it but he allow the lady to lead the love making. She brought her self close to his body, rub boobies on his chest and then lift herself up. At times he would try to kiss the boobies close to him. She would tease him and lift herself up and at time arch backwards thrusting the melons forward. He could not reach them but this aspect of love making was new for him but he liked it. The hard tool was hitting her much deeper, thanks to the gravity effect. The cervix felt the hardness and steeliness of the tool. The dick hit everywhere inside her. She felt it to be more thick. It was filling her duly and completely. Gradually as she neared her orgasm the movement became more rapid, the soft moans changed to grunts and screams the hands came off pinning him. The pendulous melons swayed in all directions without a care, Vicky took them in his safe custody and mauled them further. Then he went to her ass globes and held Mrs Kapoor. He was feeling her weight and effect of her movement on his crotch but he was not complaining. Suddenly the increased momentum had reached its pinnacle. She came in litres. She clung on to the nearby wall and shivered massively. The eyes closed and she was sweating profusely. He had not cum as yet. As she collapsed on him with the gigantic mammaries hitting his chest first, he swung her and positioned himself behind her gorgeous ass. The well rounded adult fleshy ass was in front of him. The creamy white globes hidden the smallish ass hole. It was much small compared to her well used pussy, but not virgin. Mr Kapoor and her other lovers would have to be impotent to not to have used her rear entry.

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She never expected him to turn the tables and the enormity of the situation hit her. The enormous rod was going to pass through the smallish hole. The thought of being perforated by a giant was both scary and enticing for her. This time there were no niceties, her act during riding him like a cowgirl had made him think of inflicting pain in her ass. As they say in hindi Gaand maar loonga (Ill fuck your ass). The expression doesnt only denote the sexual connotation but the absolute domination. With the same thought he proceeded to ravage the luscious ass. The dick was at the entrance point and with one huge force he pushed in about a couple of inches in. The dick was pretty well lubricated by her love juices. The force and pain made her eyes pop out of her sockets as she did not comprehend the enormity of the situation she was in. The mere thought of the huge tool was scaring her now. Slowly, slowly the dick moved further in with the inner walls taking in and adjusting and making way for the monster. This was huge - she thought. It was like someone had choked her. She was on her fours, the same way he held her daughter, he held her hair and started pushing in further. She started moaning loudly to the point of screams. Even he was in the mood to sound the dominant one.

Mazaa aa raha hai Bol (r u enjoying this speak) he said

mmmmm was the reply

Zor se bo (say it loudly)

Haan (yes)

Kya Haan zor se bol mazaa aa raha hai ya nahin (what yes say it loudly whether you are enjoying it or not)

Haan mazaa aa raha hai (yes I am enjoying it)

Kya acchha lag raha hai (what are you liking)

Hearing no answer he repeated it loudly

Penis came the soft reply

Zor se bol (speak loudly) {he was addressing her as if she was younger than her or her keep the manners of addressing someone elder were lost in lust}

Your Penis she said loudly

Hindi mein bol (say in hindi)

Tera Bada Lund (Your huge dick)

This pleased him, the juices, lubrication, force ensured that he had built up great momentum and hitting her very in. She was enjoying. After a brief period of sheer pain it was now pleasure and pain for her. A massive pain, I may add.

The whole act of his dominance and her submission took him by surprise. He had his way with her. Now he had started feeling the familiar tingle in his balls, as he was about to cum, he increased the tempo further making her squeal with pain & pleasure a bit more. He came with a loud shout and shot stream after stream of his rich thick semen into her tiny ass hole.

Both screamed while cumming.

The kid had made the experienced beauty orgasm multiple times in the two hour period meant his stocks had risen. He had cummed fewer number of times, a great testimony to his stamina and prowess.

They both lay there on the bed like lovers, naked in full glory. He wanted to talk to her further but the clock struck one bringing both to senses. She got up, in an effort to get ready for office and he had to rush home.

Kal bhi? (tomorrow?) he asked

Bilkul (definitely) same time same place she giggled like a teenager.

He got up, wore his clothes, she didnt. Moved towards door, she followed, still wearing birthday suit. Before he moved out he sucked her boobs for one more time, smooched her hard and played with her clit. She smiled and loved the affection he showered.

He stepped out a completely different man today. He dominated her dream woman and she was now his.

He came back just in time to receive the two beauties. Sadaf looked at him seductively and licked her lips suggestively and winked to good effect. Knowing fully well that in presence of Tina, Vicky cannot do anything. As Tina moved ahead he just grabbed Sadafs ass globes and pinched it. This startled her, but she was enjoying these teasing games.

The remainder of the day he was lost in his morning memory. He slept, went out to play, had his dinner with his parents and went to the terrace.

Right at the stroke of 10pm, Sadaf came up, he came a bit late. He saw her, she was wearing the buttoned shirt but the bra was still in place holding the mammaries. He asked her bra kyun pahena hai? (why r u wearing the bra)

Shaq ho jaata (not wearing would have aroused suspicion)

He understood.

He need not invitation and neither did she. Today he went straight for the buttons of the shirt and carefully opened them. The shirt was then neatly placed on a couple of folded folding beds next to the door. He wanted to go wild with the boobies, but held himself back, albeit for no reason at all. He waited, she removed the bra and kept it on the shirt. In the dim moonlight he saw the dusky twin beauties. Though they were not as big as Mrs Kapoor but still they were pretty large and attractive. He did not go directly for them but started kissing her instead. She thought he would go for her prized assets. Gradually, moved down from kissing her to her neck and then traced the saliva line to her boob. He sucked on the nippie for sometime, alternating between sweet bites, tongue play with nipple and sucking only with lips. This was special and more pleasurable than Brand Dahiya, she was used to. He shifted his attention from one boob to another and sucked them and mauled them. This went on for some time. The continued sucking and mauling of boobs was making her go weak in knees. Needless to mention, the ass globes were also getting their fare share of the press.

After say 20-25 minutes both sat in the door passage. It was step above the terrace. She was sitting a couple of feet away from her. He moved slightly and place his head in her lap with the melons dangling in front of his face. He was looking up and started the usual small talk. Every minute or so, he would raise his head by a couple of inches and suck his favourite melons. She was also enjoying this a lot. This was new this was special. Somehow he felt he was not able to enjoy Sadafs boobs, perhaps the morning fuck had to do something with it.

He started the naughty talk.

Yaar mujhe hee choosna padhta hai (I am the only one to suck)

Main kisse karoon (what do I suck) she said and realized the window she gave him.

He pointed to his tool and said You can suck this

She giggled and swayed her head from side to side in negative. He knew how to change the charge from negative to positive. He held her hand and placed it on his stiff tool. Though she was nodding her head in negative but did not let it go. She was perhaps mesmerized by the sheer size of the tool. He would have cum there and then but held on. He got up, brought the tent in his pyjamas near her face and commanded her to kiss it. As in a trance, she placed her soft lips on it and gave a small kiss.

kal dono chooseinge (tomorrow both will suck)

With this he handed her the shirt and bra. Not before a final five minute sucking and kissing. The hand was still holding the tool. She was captivated by it. He thought Dahiya may have a small one and smiled. The prize of his fight with Dahiya was very much worth it.

He went to toilet and masturbated and came in a few strokes only. The expectation of her soft lips on his tool did the trick.

Next morning he got up, fully aware of his hold on Mrs Kapoor.

Right at 10, the call came. He picked the phone as nobody was at home.

11 sharp came the familiar voice.

Aaj kuchh nahin pahenna (dont wear anything today) went the order.

hmmmm was the response.

Right on dot he went to the destined house. Pressed the doorbell. He could make out some movement on the other side of the eye-piece on the door. After a minute or so the door opened. One look and he knew the reason. On confirmation of his presence at the door, off went the silky gown.

Like a wanton prostitute she stood there in her full naked glory.

He went inside waited for her to close the door, the shameless beauty closed the door without any fear of anyone seeing her in such a state and pressed her boobs on his back. Both kissed like teenagers (one was other wasnt). The hands explored every inch of each other. She pulled him to the bed but he didnt flinch. His clothes came off and he pulled her to the bathroom. He wanted to have a bath with her today. What a lover!! She thought.

Both stood under the shower kissing each other with streams of water finding their way to the floor after traveling over the two intertwined naked bodies. Was it the water or was it the sheer audacity or his power over her, he enjoyed it like never before. He continued kissing her with the hands mauling the ass globes. A thin trail of water was streaming down her boob, he brought his tongue close to it to savour the nectar of love. This was magical both thought. He then kissed her flat stomach and moved down to the love nest and kissed it continuously. The combined effect of tongue and water on her pussy made her go wild and she pressed his head on her crotch. For balancing, she took support of the wall as he continued his onslaught on her pubic region. The boy had just started and the older one was getting jittery.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
During the charge on her pubes, the hands had not ignored the ass globes or mammaries, while her one hand pressed on the wall for support and the other played with his head hair.

The shower continued.

He got up and picked up the soap and started rubbing it on her from her feet. From the feet he moved to her beautiful calfs and then knees and then thighs, he did not rub on ass or crotch but moved to her hips, back and stomach. The boobs came in for some special cleansing with rounds and rounds of soap rubs. He then moved to her upper bosom and her slender neck. The creamy white ivory skin was shining beneath a thin sheen of soap.

He gave the soap to her, she started rubbing the soap on his legs, torso, back, stomach, she avoided soaping the erect tool though she gave a quick suck.

The shower was off.

He also took a soap and both started soaping each other. What a erotic cleansing frenzy both were in. He also believed in Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

After soaping each others asses and crotches, both looked at each other with an insatiable sexual hunger. The two pairs of eyes said it all. Mrs Kapoor was standing with her back to the wall and he was right in front of her. He took the soap and gave one more round to pussy and his dick and placed the granite hard tool at the entrance of her pussy. He lifted her one leg and tried to push the dick in. Thanks to the lather lubrication, the dick was easily able to find its way in the much used pussy for Business Development.

Soon he developed a rhythm, Mrs Kapoor also started gyrating to the beat of the tool hitting her innermost walls. She in turn was hitting the bathroom wall. Both the bodies had a sheen of soap on them and a certain amount of wetness owing to the sweat and also to the shower. He held her shoulders and in between continued kissing her, mauling her boobs and salivating her nape of neck. This sheer audacity of thing was making the love making that much more pleasurable. This time both felt the familiar tingling in their reproductive organs and came at the same time. She shivered and tightened the grip around his waist with her lifted leg. He also withdrew his tool and let the semen fall on to her stomach, her thighs. With both legs on ground she felt more comfortable as she still felt the shivers of her orgasm.

Now he made her go on all fours on bathroom floor. The shower was switched on with the stream focused on her lower back / hips region. He lifted the bar of soap and spread on her gorgeous, luscious ass entrance and on his tool. The mauling of boobs and sight of the horny lady got his tool back to attention within no time. The contact of wet bodies also helped the soldier to become stiff and ready for the attack. However, he had a change of heart. With one swift motion, he rotated her so as to make her lay on the floor on her back with her legs on his either side. The shower came directly on her boobs, hitting the melons and then spreading away. He moved ahead to suck the wet mammaries, suck and kiss the kissable lips. The pressure on boobies and lips coupled with water effect and a very recent orgasm was making her go wild. For good measure he had started fingering her pussy. He was determined to loosen her up further before the grand ass fuck.

He continued the circular motion of his two digits in her pussy walls, she was writhing with pleasure and was nearing ecstasy. The continued pressure on the nape of the neck and ear lobes interspersed with that on her inner thighs and boobies was making it too good to be true for her. He continued applying the pleasure pressure on her pressing the right buttons. The kid knew how to go about it. As she was scaling new heights of pleasure, he started sucking her cunt for good measure. The lapping up of the shaved pussy lips was giving her love shivers. After about 10-15minutes of such continued love pressure, she gave in. She tightened the grip of her legs around his waist, her hands moved in order to get some sort of grip on the wet bathroom floor. The eyes were half closed and she was in a state of ecstasy. Her head swayed from side to side and her body shivered. By now Vicky had known the reason of this state. She had cum and he hadnt. The kid had cum once and the experienced lady had cummed twice. The boy did have some staying power.

As she was recuperating from the after effects of a shattering orgasm, he just inserted his fingers in her pussy and brought the digits out, soaked in her love juice. He then lubricated her ass hole entry with those. The digits invasion gave her one more shiver and while she enjoyed invasion of her pussy, her turned her around to make her go on her all fours and placed his dick on her rear entry. The thought of the rear invasion make her shudder with some fear. He picked up the soap, rubbed on the rock hard tool and also on the rear entry and started the invasion.

Centimeter by centimeter it went in, the pain was much less thanks to the lubrication but she definitely felt thoroughly filled up. The inner walls stuck to the beloved tool. He stood in such a position for a couple of minutes so that she could accommodate the monster, meanwhile he continued the mauling of the hanging melons. Gradually he brought the piston out, almost two-third was out and then pushed in. Likewise he started the motion and gained momentum. The tool was hitting her deep. The ass hole invasion meant that she felt that much more filled and the tool felt that much bigger. The lubrication had lessened the entry pain but the pain deriving out of a big hammer hitting the inner sensitive walls was still there. The melons were coming in for some special continued mauling. He again held her mane and continued giving powerful thrusts. She felt the hits becoming harder and she had also starting moaning / grunting, the lust were making her moan but the big hits were making her grunt. For him the ass fuck was a mode of showing his power or control over her apart from the absolute sexual ecstasy of enjoying the gorgeous ass of such a beautiful lady.

Both came at the same time with his legs also feeling a slight shivering, bathroom flooring had a lot to do with it. She felt tired and lay down on the floor. He went and lay beside her. He had filled her asshole and pussy hole with his rich semen. He had to fill her mouth and then all bases would have been covered. Both lay there on the bathroom floor with the bodies intertwined as creepers.

The knees were grinding against the bathroom floor and felt some bruises but not threatening enough to ooze blood.

After a brief lull spell of 2-3 minutes, he started again kissing her and playing with her boobies. This made her come in the mood, if any invitation was needed, and she started moaning at a low volume. He moved to shut off the shower. She stopped him and said Tank mein bahut paani aata hai (The tank has a lot of water) while saying this she was looking at his crotch.

He said Aapko bhi zyaada hee achcha lagta hai (you also like more only)

Both knew the water was his semen.

With this conversation he moved her on top of him to achieve a 69 position. Both set of mouths went to each others crotch with a vengeance. The lady was in no mood to prove second to the young kid with the big tool. She started sucking the cock. As they say dont stroke it just smoke it. The smoking was having a very good effect on him. He was in the meanwhile not to be left behind. He continued lapping her pussy lips with his tongue. In order to tease him, she lifted her ass and made him to raise his head further. Not to be left behind, he inserted three fingers in the freshly fucked asshole. This startled her and made her laugh. She said you rascal and moved her ass back to the original position. The youngster and the lady continued the licking / sucking of each others crotch. She was smoking it and he was licking and biting it. The 69 was relatively new for him but very enjoyable, smoke by smoke he was getting close to cumming and lick by lick she was about to reach her love climax. The water was still sprinkling for good measure. Both were doing their jobs as experts. The ass was moving up and down to match the licking pattern and the strokes on his tool had become more prolonged. After about 10-15 minutes more fun of licking, the ass movement became a bit furious and she gyrated it with some extra passion. She then pressed her crotch on his face and rubbed it. He felt some wet fluid on his face. She was cumming by the litres and to match her accomplishment even he had cummed. With her drinking his semen he lapped up all the love nectar he could with his tongue. The boy was good she thought. The lady was a divine fuck he believed. His face was smeared with her love juices and he continued the onslaught on the pussy for some more time.

Both then stood under the shower, kissing, licking, pressing each others favourite body parts with the stream of water washing them.

This further session of 5-7 minutes of sin washing under the shower ended. Both took the towels to dry each other. He focused a lot on boobies and ass as expected and she on his crotch. Still naked, they both went to the bedroom and lay on the bed in each others embrace.

After some small talk he started the hot topic.

Kaise shuru hua BD me jaakar (how did it start in BD)

Matlab (Meaning?)

The change in looks and attitude or the attitude was always like this

Oh! BD mein baaki ladies ko dekh kar samajh aa gaya thaa. First time thoda sa reveal karne ke baad jab deal clinching bonus mila, then thought what is wrong (Understood it when saw other ladies in BD. Got the successful deal bonus after I had revealed a little bit. Nothing wrong)

Who all apart from uncle and me

A few. If I can get promoted then nothing wrong she said and smiled


never thoda bahut touch but nothing more

They slept like this in each others arms for some time. Would not proceed in greater details of this part of the story. They fucked over a period of time (few weeks). They fucked in kitchen, balcony, bedroom, drawing room, even staircase. She loved him and taught him many tricks. He loved her fucked her dry. We will revisit this plot at a later stage.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Guys - your response will motivate me - I know the story a bit slow but they say slow & steady wins the race

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Thanks Hardyboys - by the way feeling is mutual for your "Teenage Lust" story - thats too hot

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aryak is an unknown quantity at this point
one of the best story in long time. keep it coming.

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arnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparaziarnab17 is hunted by the papparazi
What a narration ! Superb,zenith of eroticism

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