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As the Hindi exam answer sheet was handed over to the examiner, Vicky felt a weight off his shoulders and came out of the exam hall and sat in the lawn of the school compound. At the stroke of the final bell, children came out and all of them were just jumping with joy and hugging each other.

The exams got over, children got into the mode of enjoying, playing etc. The exam results would come out only by first week of June and the schools would only open mid-July, so for the children it was a long-long-long holiday. In those good old days, few schools conducted advanced classes for 11th standard, hence there were no speed-breakers ahead.

The cricket matches resumed and so did his rivalry with ‘Dahiya.’ On one occasion he had managed get a ball hit him at his soft spot. Nothing could have been done as there was no malice – atleast no one could claim. The walk on terrace with Sadaf had become more regular. One day he talked to Sadaf on reasons for not attending his birthday party. Sadaf told him that it was nothing much.

He said “must have been otherwise you would have joined – share with me if you can.”

She started crying and after a while when she calmed down, Sadaf swore him to secrecy and told him how Dahiya was pressurizing her to make love to him and how he had misbehaved with her father when he found Sadaf with him and had scolded Dahiya. She was actually fed up of this Dahiya mess. With Sadaf in 12th std, she felt that this Dahiya business has created a lot of problem for her in family. Vicky told her to relax and placed his arm across her shoulder to comfort her. She did not react and place her head on his shoulders. She felt secure in his strong arms.

A few days from the talk on Dahiya, Sadaf and her father were going somewhere. They crossed paths with Dahiya and his friends. There were a few heated exchanges between her father and Dahiya with him threatening Mr Khan with dire consequences. Vicky was close to that spot and on hearing the commotion turned towards them. Dahiya recognized him and told him to stay out of it. Vicky told him that he should leave Sadaf and get lost. On hearing this Dahiya said “Tu jaanta hai na main kaun hoon (you know who I am)”

Vicky replied “Saale ek hi baap ka hai toh akele aa phir dekh tera kya haal karta hoon (come for a fight alone if you are not a bastard)”

This was perhaps too much for Dahiya’s pride and he ordered his friends to stay away from this. He tried to raise the stakes and said “What if I beat you” Vicky replied “Sadaf is all yours and his father would not fight with you”

Vicky said “but if you loose, you would dare not enter this colony or disturb Sadaf, her family in any manner possible.” Dahiya agreed. This was exactly what he wanted. Sadaf looked at him with a quizzical look of who the hell was Vicky to decide on her fate. The calm look on Vicky’s face made Sadaf believe in him and she held her father’s hand.

Now the two youngster’s started the fight. Both were muscular, strong and bull-headed and in heat. Both knew, Sadaf was for taking for the winner. It was like two lions fighting over mating rights with a lioness. The stakes were really hot & high – I mean it.

Thanks to his observation, he knew that Dahiya was low on stamina, this he had noticed in the matches where Dahiya used to lose breath pretty soon. Dahiya tried to kick and punch his way out of the fight but Vicky braved everything. And on one occasion he landed a good punch on his face. Dahiya could see the stars in broad daylight. Vicky packed a very heavy punch. He realized that Dahiya could hit but could not take it. With this knowledge he changed the game plan, he allowed Dahiya to come close to hit him, but when he would hit Vicky, he would return the compliment in full either with hands or legs. A couple of good hits had ensured that Dahiya was panting for breath. Seizing the opportunity, Vicky hurled a series of punches on him and added a couple of kicks for good measure. This had him seriously disoriented. The turn of events was unexpected for Dahiya and in a flash he was on ground with his face buried in the soil. Vicky pinned him down with one knee on his back and twisted his arm. With the other hand, he pushed his face further down and shouted angrily “Dubaara aayega kabhi yahan (will u come again here?)”

Dahiya shook his head. Such was his anger that Dahiya’s friends dare not come close to him. He shouted at him again and said “Zor se bol (speak loudly)”

Dahiya said “Nahin Aaoonga (will not come)”

With this, he let him go. Even in such a furious situation, he did not let go of his cool. He did beat him but did not humiliate him beyond a point. Such was his supremacy in the duel that he could have kicked him anywhere, anytime or spit on him or pressed his face with his foot. But he did not do any of this. The moment he heard Dahiya saying that he will vanish, he let him go. He sat there and looked at Mr Khan. Mr Khan had a very thankful look on his face and he came close to Vicky to have a good look at him. There were a couple of marks of blows on his face. Much less than the marks he had left on Dahiya’s body and definitely much less deeper the mark he had left in Sadaf’s heart.

Mr Khan said “Beta kya zaroorat thee (What was the need for this)”

“Zaroorat thee uncle – yeh kutte laat jaldi samajhte hain (There was the need – these mongrels understand language of kicks faster)” replied Vicky.

Sadaf came close to him and placed her hand on his shoulder and said “Thanks” he replied “you are welcome” and smiled. The smile was reciprocated and he knew that he had touched the right string of her heart.

With this, Mr Khan pulled him and with an arm around his shoulders proceeded to their residence. At home, Mr Khan thanked Vicky’s father and his family. His father was concerned about the reputation of boys from Munirka. Though he supported Vicky’s act fully but he had a genuine concern. On further questioning, Vicky told him more about Dahiya and then he could zero in on the boy. He was son of one “Masterji” in Munirka village. He knew him well and Masterji also respected Vicky’s father a lot. In one more way, his father’s goodwill and reputation had helped him. Now his father was a bit easy that knowing Masterji, he knew he could control things before they got out of hand. Fortunately, there was never a need to pull that lever.

Dahiya was out of her life for good measure. Both avoided playing against each other. Soon he learnt that Dahiya had found a new doll, who was ready to dance to his tunes. This assured him that Dahiya chapter was closed for good.

There was a new found admiration for Vicky in Khans. Mrs Khan, Tina and Sadaf joined Mr Khan in thanking them. They invited them to a sumptuous dinner. Khans felt secure in the knowledge of having such a good family as neighbours. They were worried about their daughter’s safety, but a good neighbour is worth its weight in gold. And they definitely were. Vicky had suddenly become the cynosure of Khan ladies. Vicky had an eye on all three but he wanted to see what happens next. He did not want to lose them with one wrong step. All the three had unique charm but for him the most coveted one was Mrs Khan but he knew it was most dangerous as well. Of the two daughters he found Sadaf more attractive. Her silky smooth dusky look and voluptuous body and shiny hair was a turn on for him. With Dahiya episode ending in his favour he was looking forward to the rewards.

Sadaf had progressed to 12th standard and was to face the 2nd round of dreaded board exams. Vicky used to be at home all day, so his friends. As summers start setting in Delhi in April, hence they used to get together to play early morning and in evening. During the afternoon he would be home watching t.v or sleeping. Tina and Sadaf would come together from school. The staircase had a common door at the entrance at ground level for the two flats. So if the door is bolted from inside and the two doors of terraces are also bolted from inside, then the two quarters are pretty much safe from any theft, burglary, salesman visit etc. So when they would press the bell installed at the entrance, Vicky would come down to open the door and welcome them. The two pretty lasses would brighten up his otherwise boring afternoon. Mrs Khan was also a working woman so it would be Vicky and the two beauties for the better part of the afternoon together. The terrace walks at night were still on.

This incidence happened 3-4 days after Dahiya episode and it was second week of April. Sadaf and he were talking and walking on the terrace, no hand holding nothing but walking together. There was nothing special but general small talk.

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Then as it was bound to happen, she turned to him and hugged him. He also embraced her encircling the voluptuous beauty in his arms. Her milk jugs crashed against his chest and her head rested on his shoulder. His arms across her back were holding her, tight enough to be near her and lose enough to not look possessive. He felt the silkiness of her hair with one hand. After being in such embrace, she moved back and said thanks once again. Vicky replied “Your wish is my command, my lady” and bowed as a knight would, this made her laugh. She was wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of pyjamas. The twin peaks were looking more protruding owing to the slightly tight t-shirt. The t-shirt may have been a couple years old, atleast.

After that, they both sat on the entrance of terrace and she started talking about how Dahiya used to ill-treat her and after his altercation with her father, how she was afraid of him. She asked him why did he bet her in the duel. Vicky explained of how he had noticed Dahiya was low on Stamina and also he had a fair idea of his strength and only after calculation he had deduced that he could beat him 9 times out of 10. He said that by raising the stakes he had made him commit and he knew that this was their chance. He said he would have never offered her as a prize as he never saw girls as property. He would not have done even if she was his wife, let alone a neighbour. Vicky said that he was actually looking to pick a fight with Dahiya and his plan was to be seen with her after he beats him so that he gets the message and gets lost. It was sheer chance that he saw them the other day and took the plunge. Sadaf was convinced of what he said. He himself was not.

Both sat there talking. At one point of time Vicky was looking straight up into the sky and admiring the stars where as Sadaf had a look full of admiration for him and was looking at him. He saw her through the peripheral vision. The moment he turned his head towards her she started look up ahead and avoided eye contact, it was as if she was caught red handed at some shop.

He said “Chalen? (shall we move)”

She nodded in the affirmative but kept on looking straight. He gathered some courage and gave a small peck on her cheek and said “Good Night.” She did not expect this and was startled and was silent for 4-5 seconds and then looked at him and said good night.

A small milestone had been reached.

It was Sheetal’s birthday in 2nd half of April. Kapoors had organized a birthday get together in the evening. Vicky’s parents were also invited but they had to excuse themselves as they had to go to another relative’s. He was allowed to go to Sheetal’s birthday instead of relatives, thereby marking their presence at both the places. Vicky actually relished such an opportunity.

The birthday was on a Friday. The party was thrown on the same day. Kapoors had a big house with a big terrace. The party was on the terrace itself. It was a good gathering, mildly cool evening breeze had made the evening that much more pleasant. He did not buy any gift for her but bought a bouquet of flowers. At the anointed time he reached. There were only a few people there at that time. Most of them known to him. Mr Kapoor welcomed him in. He was smartly dressed. Next to meet him was Niti. She had grown up to be quite a beauty and true to her form was quite popular with boys at her college. She was about to finish her final year in college. Not only boys but a couple of young professors as well. A grown up girl, so sexy and so well endowed in all departments, was not fond of maintaining herself. A slight focus on herself could have made her look divine. The boobs had got bigger and the ass a bit fuller and wider, may be due to some heavy duty pounding. She was wearing a top and long skirt and was looking good enough to eat. After his tryst with Sanju, Vicky was more attracted to grown-up girls. A new hairdo of curls was adding to the personality apart from the big bead necklace. The overall look mildly resembled that of a rebel but must say the rebel was very hot looking. Vicky had thought of how she would look nude, he had seen her partial nude but that was some time back.

The next female of Kapoor family he laid his eyes on was the Birthday Girl herself. Dressed in a beautiful black coloured one piece dress, she was looking so precious. The skirt was coming upto a couple of inches above her knee and the halter top concealed more than it revealed but kept everyone interested. He knew what she would want to have done to her but the gathering prevented it. The dress was just lose enough to not look vulgar and tight enough to accentuate the curves. The backless black dress was in perfect contrast to her ivory smooth complexion. He went upto her and presented a bouquet and hugged her. Due to the gathering around, this was the maximum he could do. Knowing that they were classmates, nobody minded the hug. (Those days hugs between people from opposite sexes were not very common). Then there were her other relatives & neighbours, beautiful people all around. Also present were some of his and her close friends from school and he could recognize a few who stayed close-by and were known to both them and Kapoors. And present there was Mr Gupta (remember from the two lane incident), his wife and young son.

After exchanging pleasantries with all concerned, Sheetal, Vicky and group of friends were standing in a corner talking about their holidays. Most of them were planning to go on a vacation out of town. Even his Sheetal was thinking on the same lines. Just then his eyes fell on a divine beauty. The lady was dressed to kill. If this was not heavenly then he was lost for words. The group of friends continued to talk but he could not take his eyes off her. He would nod his head in agreement etc just to show that he is with them but all the time the eyes had been zeroed in on the beauty. She was worth zeroing in and was Sheetal’s mother.

She was dressed in a black and red transparent chiffon saree with a matching red coloured blouse. The blouse, needless to say was sleeveless and was a halter with a string around her neck holding it and at the bottom the extra deep back blouse was held by a knot of two thin strips of cloth. Much like the designer blouses we see on tv. These days such blouses are common for parties but in those days it was nothing short of scandal. The creamy white smooth shining skin was looking radiant. Vicky guessed that she was not wearing a full petticoat but a short skirt or the saree was held at her waist with some string. As Mrs Kapoor crossed a light source placed on ground, shadow of two shapely legs was good enough indicator for him to decipher the same. The tightly wrapped saree was encasing the full beautiful round ass for everyone. The silky hair till mid back were open and a few strands flying across the face with the evening breeze were providing a pleasant sight. She was not thin but thanks to gym sessions in hotels had lost weight in bad areas and retained the sensuous voluptuousness in the good areas of body. Hence, she had the perfect figure. A fine specimen of healthy, hot, sexy female. The poor blouse was trying to do its best to encase the twin beauties. The deep cleavage was for all to see who cared through the semi-transparent saree and the halter blouse meant that the saree could not be pinned to the shoulder which meant that the saree was in a perpetual state of freefall owing to the silky smooth shoulder of the divine beauty. She was having a hard time in holding her saree and the men / boys at the gathering were hard in their trousers.

Mr Gupta was the obvious lecher present. Mrs Gupta was a good lady, caring, average looking but nothing compared to Mrs Kapoor. Everyone knew that Mr Gupta was with her because of the money power of his in-laws and that she was a government official and Mr Gupta was an average paid private sector employee. He was just eyeing Mrs Kapoor and given an opportunity would have mounted her. Perhaps everyone would have.

As the gathering increased, it got distributed in small groups of 4-5 each. The family was attending to its guest. A couple of times Mrs Kapoor had asked the children group on what they would like to have. Vicky would have loved to say “You” but held it back.

The cake was cut – First pieces of the cake were given to her by family and then it was Vicky’s turn for giving the cake. He gave a big piece of cake and as they used to do in school smeared her face with the cake cream. She was caught off-guard and everyone laughed. Their other classmates also joined in the fun and smeared her face. Fortunately, the dress did not get spoiled. She moved to her house down to wash off the cream. Vicky followed her. When she about to wash off the cream with water, he stopped her and licked off the cream from her face. It was a very erotic sight. Lick by lick all cream was off her face. He licked her lips, cheeks, eyebrows, chin, nose, forehead. This was enough to get her on a high and stimulate her to higher level of eroticisms. As she was starting moaning, one call from upstairs brought her to senses and she washed off her face. She turned to him and asked for her birthday gift. He held her in embrace and cupped her beautiful ass cheeks and said, pleasure in this hole would be your gift. She chuckled and said I will wait for it and grabbed his crotch for a quick press.

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Both returned together and the games started. It was music, food, games keeping everyone occupied, however, Vicky’s eyes was looking for something between Gupta and Mrs Kapoor. After about 10 minutes or so, when dinner was served, Mrs Kapoor silently moved towards the staircase leading to their home down. This was not unnatural, a very normal thing to do in the situation, but she stood in the door way and looked in the oblivion for a few seconds and then moved down. After say, 2-3 minutes Gupta also excused himself and went towards the staircase and after a quick look around for not being noticed proceed downstairs. He thought his movement had escaped everyone, but actually Vicky had seen the trace and pattern of both the movements downstairs. Now the third one to move down was Vicky himself. He excused himself of using the washroom and casually moved downstairs. Since he knew Kapoor’s house very well so he could use all the angles to good effect. The door was not properly bolted from inside – perhaps not to ignite any suspicion. Adjoining kitchen was a store (a pretty big sized) which was not visible apart from one particular point and the best part was that due to the party some furniture was rearranged so as to hide the vantage point of vision to the store. Hence, Vicky positioned himself in such a way that he could see the store. The door was open and he could see in. He could see two shadows and then the shadows moved towards the part which was in his clear sight. As expected it was Gupta and Mrs Kapoor.

She was standing with his back towards him and he had his hands on her bare shoulders. The pallu of the saree was in her hands (remember it was not pinned). He could hear them talking in the hush tones.

Gupta : “Just once Shalu” (Mrs Kapoor’s first name was Shalini)

She replied in negative “Koi aa jaayega” (someone would come)

Gupta : “Nobody is here – kaun aayega – sab uppar hain” (who will come – all others are upstairs) Cannot control – you are looking too hot.

She kept silent.

He started kissing the nape of her neck and shoulders with his right hand finding the route to her gorgeous right breast. She did not move. He pressed it very roughly which jolted her. She tried to wriggle away but to no awail.

Gupta : Ek bar dori khol do taaki main choos loon, aaj control nahin ho raha, ek baar to choos lene do – hamesha uppar se hee daba paya hoon (He wanted her to loosen the string holding the blouse behind her back so that he could suck them and that it would be first time as she did not proceeded further than fondling)

Perhaps the situation and the naughtiness of the whole act had made her more daring. She turned towards her, the pallu of the saree was still in her hand. Gupta made a move towards the beautiful deep cleavage and licked the entire length of cleavage with his tongue. Vicky did not expect such a sensuous move from Gupta. Just then Gupta started mauling her melons. She moved back and brought her other hand in front of her ample bossom to stop him and said “aise mat karo, blouse kharab ho gayega toh koi samajh lega. Ok main sirf ek minute ke liye string kholungi, moonh par kiss mat karma, makeup kharab ho jaayega aur bakiyon ko shaq ho jaayega” (don’t do this, if the blouse gets crumpled, someone would guess. Don’t kiss my face as make up will be smeared and someone will start snooping. I am opening the strings only for one minute)

This was music to both sets of ears (Gupta’s and Vicky’s). And then it happened. She had a quick look around and untied the string behind her back and let the blouse fall down. The base of the blouse was still intact hence the scene was that the two pieces of trying to cover two beautiful mountains had fallen down and were hanging below the base of the boobs. Gupta just sucked the boobs like there was no tomorrow and Vicky was left gaping at the beauty and audacity of the lady. They were much more than handful. Gupta’s hands were not able to cover them, infact one-third of them were visible. The creamy white soft skinned boobs had a very slight sag which added to the beauty but by and large they were very upright. The aerolas were of light golden brown in colour and nippies also came in same shade. With the erotic situation, the nippies had become tight and stiff and he thought a bit longer as well. He was sucking them like a child while she had her eyes closed and was enjoying the man. Gupta had in the meanwhile encircled her with her arms with his hands moving on to the other beautiful globes, the ass globes and pressed them over her saree.

He gave them one small bite which brought her back to senses and she disengaged leaving Gupta gaping for breath and boobs. Vicky had his dick rock hard during the process and he admired the divine beauty. This lady, he thought, was made to be fucked only. He pushed Gupta a bit away and asked him to go back unless someone would come and when he begged for more, she promised her more sometime later. With that promise Gupta turned back and left for terrace. The hottie moved to her bedroom, looked herself in the mirror, tided up her looks and went up. Vicky got up from his hideout, went to toilet, relieved himself and went upstairs pleased with two facts. One that Gupta had not madeout with her and secondly that she is there for the taking, if he pressed the right buttons.

He knew that the moves would have to be played quickly if he wanted the divine sex object. As the evening progressed and people started dwindling there was one occasion when he and Mrs Kapoor were standing in corner and he was helping her. Between the small talk that they were engaged in, he slipped in “Aunty aapko apne blouse aur make up ki bahut chinta raheti hai” (Aunty you are worried about your blouse and make up). This caused the bells to ring in her mind very loudly and a smile on his face. He said good night and moved to his friends group and after exchanging a few jokes started to leave and once turned back to see his diving beauty who in turn was locked onto him. Both pair of eyes met, one set startled and the other one triumphant. He judged that he had pressed the right buttons and a few more of those and he would have her sooner than later. But he would have to move quickly on this.

The next day, Saturday, Sheetal called him up and asked for the present. How shameless she had become - he thought and told her that she can come and collect it on Monday. She replied “won’t you deliver it.” He said “I had come for mine – you will have to come for yours.” Both laughed at it. Him being on vacation with nobody for a few hours in both the flats (his and Khans) meant there was a lot of privacy for them.

The next evening, he went to the market and happened to meet Sheetal there all alone. Both exchanged greetings and after doing the purchase, he took her to the nearby park and both of them sat there. He turned the topic to the party and she said how many gifts she had got etc., he replied “wait for mine – it will be best,” her response was “pata hai – bada hoga” (I know, it would be big) she referred to her dick. Making of a hot slut.

Deliberately he moved the course of discussions to her mother.

Vicky : “Teri mom mein bahut change aaya hai” (Your mom has changed a lot)

Sheetal : “I know”

Vicky : “Hotel ki naukri?” (hotel job?)

Sheetal : “Yes. Business Development mein attractive hona padhta hai” (you have to be attractive in business development)

Vicky : “Any other change?”
Sheetal : “She attends a lot of parties. Male friends zyada ho gaye hain (she has a lot more male friends now) Salary bhi bahut badh gayi hai (salary has increased a lot)

Vicky : “your dad?”

Sheetal : “Jabse dad job se business mein shift hue aur usmein loss hua – tabse he has started ignoring small things. Mummy ki salary se bahut help hoti hai (since dad moved to business from a job and lost money in business – he knows the mom’s salary is of a big help). He ignores these things.

Sheetal : He has seen her a few times in company of senior bosses but has learnt to accept the nature of business development job.

To Vicky it translated into - he turned a blind eye as long as his wife made money even if it meant screwing the whole office. This had put a lot in perspective but Gupta was still a mystery. How could that joker could get his hands on this beauty.

He enquired “Aunty ko hotel mein job kaise milee?” (how did she get the job in hotel?)

“Gupta uncle ki vajah se” (because of Gupta uncle).

Now the whole scene was clear. Gupta wanted his fees in kind, she having tasted success in hotel did not need him much but could not ignore him completely.

He gave her a quick kiss on lips when he thought nobody was seeing and came back home.

Post dinner he went to the terrace for the walk. Sadaf was also present. The usual talk started and she asked her about the birthday party etc. After talking for walking for about half an hour, they decided to move back to their homes. He took a step forward but she did not move. He looked at her, she said “you are forgetting something,” he did not understand, she pointed at her cheek, he smiled and gave a good night peck on her cheek and she also returned the same. Both smiled and now moved together. One more milestone reached.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
It was Monday morning, his parents had gone to their offices, Khans had gone to theirs. Tina and Sadaf had left for their schools earlier so it had left Vicky all alone. He was impatiently waiting for Sheetal. He had to give the gift. At the stroke of 11am, the doorbell rang. He went downstairs and opened the staircase door. It was Sheetal, as expected. Conservatively dressed in a top and a full length skirt. They climbed the stairs and entered his flat. He closed the door behind him and stood there admiring her beautiful ass globes. She turned and said “kya dekh rahe ho” (what are you looking at), he replied “place of gift delivery.”

Sheetal had been to his house a few times, she knew the placement of the furniture etc and went straight to the fridge for water. He did not move, was intrigued by her movements. She was drinking water and letting a bit fall on her top. The top was more like a cotton t-shirt straining itself to the full to conceal the evergrowing boobs. He saw that the cotton t-shirt had revealed lack of any bra. The top was stuck onto the boobies and the wet nippies stuck out proudly. He said “neeche bhi khaali hai na” (you are not wearing any panty). She said “kaise delivery man ho, location bhi nahin jaante” (what sort of delivery man you are – don’t even know the location). He smiled and swore to himself that the girl is in for a big time fuck.

He went behind her held her with his arms crossing just under her boobs and brought his face down to kiss the nape and earlobes. This got her going, if there was ever a need to do this for getting her going. She closed her eyes and let her head rest on his chest whilst his hands started the massage of the boobs. The movement of his crotch behind her got the ass globes into an harmonic motion. Vicky kept on kissing her, moved to her cheeks and with one hand turned her face towards him and pressed his lips on hers. The hand went back to their favoured place of boobs. The tongues found each other within no time and saliva tasting started. Very reluctantly one of the hands found its way down on top of her crotch area and pressed her pussy from top of her skirt. Gentle massage of boobs, pubic region and heavy duty smooching was getting too much for her also and she was getting weak in the knees. It was not the first time that he did this to her, but it always made her weak. She had small time flings with other boys as well (nobody went beyond kissing and boob pressing) but the effect he had on her was extraordinary.

He lifted her to the bedroom and placed her on the double bed. It was a sight with her legs towards him and hair covering parts of her face and the top crumbling up to expose the sexy navel. He just caught the bottom of the skirt and started pulling in down. The elastic band skirt started its journey south. The band of the skirt came down to reveal her naked pubic area (as he had guessed) and slowly it covered the journey from thighs to knees to shin and then feet and off it went. It was a very erotic sight with Sheetal with only her top covering her modesty. You can say, for solidarity, Vicky also removed his shorts and underwear. Even he was only in a t-shirt. He pulled her by her legs towards her and her mouth came close to his ever hard tool. As the reflex, perhaps, the mouth engulfed the top of the big cock and the tongue started the magic. The dick got harder and the top of the dick got bigger. But the mouth was still at work. He kept his hand behind her back and was also gyrating to a rhythm. As she was busy sucking, he pulled off her top and his also. Now both the kids were in birthday suites. She had also mastered the art of sucking, would have been a professional – he thought. After 10 minutes of sucking, she looked up, as if begging for her gift. He was nowhere near cumming, she used to continue for longer periods but this time round it was the anticipation which was ruling her mind.

He also got on the bed with her and spread her legs. The inviting pussy was there for him. As per his practice of some time, he went down licking it with his tongue doing the wonders to her. The hands found their natural resting pillows (her boobs) and kept on mauling them for good effect. The touches of the tongue to the pussy and the anticipation of the impending ass fuck was making her crazy, suddenly she tightened her leg grip around his head. This was an indication to him that she was about to cum. And came she did. This time the fountain of juices was let lose on him and he was all to eager to lap up the nectar. He then inserted his finger in her pussy and rotated them a bit. She was in throes of passion. He took the fingers drenched in her love juices out and saw them glistening. He again inserted them and further rotated them and took them out and this time headed straight for her ass hole. This was new to her and that made it clear that the time had come. One finger in startled her and she was now thinking of his big dick inside. She was both thrilled and worried of the prospect.

He turned her around and with one swift motion lifted her in such a manner that she was on her knees sitting upright. He positioned himself behind her such that he was also on his knees with his upright cock touching her hips. One hand went to the boobs and the other one to the pussy mound and he kept massaging the both interspersed with kisses on her face, nape, lips etc. When he was sure that she was sufficiently aroused, he motioned her to go down on all fours. This was the time they both were waiting for. It was like an athlete on his marks waiting for the bullet for the 100mtr dash. With his cock as hard as a iron rod, he proceeded towards the unchartered territory. He looked at the beautiful creamy white ass globes of Sheetal with a very small asshole and also could see the pussy lips. As he moved forward, the long rod touched the pussy lips. This made Sheetal turn her head back to him and say “yahan nahin – yahan” (not here but there) pointing to her asshole. He had a look at her hole, it was too small for the raging manhood, she would die he thought. At first he took one finger and inserted in, Sheetal felt it but did not show any pain. Next he inserted the other finger with great difficulty which made her writher in pain and said “nahin (no)” and when he took the fingers out, she again said “nahin,” first no was for pain and second one for pleasure sought. But he had a genuine problem at hand. They had about 1.5hours with them till Sadaf and Tina returned. Friction and oiling concept of physics came in handy for him. He fingered her pussy for ever flowing juices. Then he inserted two fingers in her hole. This time it was less painful for her. Now he started a simple motion of the fingers very slowly. She felt her asshole walls stretched but she enjoyed the pain. As she got used to the stretching he inserted the third finger which made her feel that the hole would tear apart. He did not move the fingers but let them be there. With the other hand the boob massage continued. The boob massage coupled with ass fingering was having the desired effect on her. She felt a feeling of exploding orgasms in her. After the fingers were for about two minutes he moved them gently. By now the inner walls had created space for them. She felt the pain but it was not the excruciating pain as earlier. Slowly he removed his fingers and picked up a Vaseline jar and put a few drops of the lotion on his dick and also a few drops in her hole and proceeded. The big knob of the dick was much bigger than the fingers, so he put extra lotion. As the knob reached the doorway to heaven he pushed it in very slowly, thanks to fingering earlier, the hole was primed for heavy duty penetration. As the knob went in, he stopped. Sheetal felt as if the eyes would come out of her sockets. She started breathing heavily, as he asked “rokun kya” (should I abort) she waived her hands indicating no. Come what may she wanted her pleasure – what a slut he thought.

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It took her hole about 4-5 minutes to adjust the knob. He put more lotion on his dick and the other hand found the pussy juices and he massaged his dick with it. When he felt that the dick is sufficiently lubricated, he pushed it in very slowly. Centimeter by centimeter about half of his dick was in her. Which meant about 3.5-4 inches of it was still outside. For his age he had a big dick (about 8 inches long and pretty thick as well). Sheetal was feeling the dick inside and she felt it big. It was hurting but she was enduring the pain. Gradually he took it out by a couple of inches and pushed it in. It felt good. So slow motions started the pleasure for her and as the dick kept on going in she kept feeling the painful pleasure. It now reached a stage where his balls were hitting her. Gradual motions had picked up speed and had developed a rhythm.

It was a sight to behold. A nubile young beauty on her fours with ass cheeks pointing towards her lover, her hair swaying to the motion of humping and the eyes closed trying to savour the pleasure. The big boobies moving in all directions as if they had a mind of their own and ass moving up and down in order to maintain the rhythm. The dog like fucking was too good for both of them. She felt the juices flowing again in her and he at one time made it a bit rough by pulling her hair and increasing the momentum. She had come in her pussy but there was no stopping him. With one hand she ensured that the juices did not wet the bedsheet and massaged it on her thighs. He saw her and his hand reached her pussy mounds and he again inserted his fingers and took them out wet and spread the juice on her ass hole. The pitch had picked up, both were gyrating vigorously and then he exploded. He came in her and felt that he never came that much. Rope after rope the cum was shot in the tiny extended hole. She felt filled but what it did was his dick was rinsed in his own cum and small droplets formed a stream down her thigh. She could feel it and she placed her hand on her thigh and picked it up and sucked it in. What a slut he thought.

With so much lubrication, he started again. This time pain was less both for him and her and more pleasurable. She was more active participant this time as the focus was more on enjoyment rather than the pain she was facing. The swish-swish sound of the extra cum in her asshole meant that it was fully greased and well oiled. The effort required to let the monster dick go in was less than the first time. The asshole walls had well accommodated the tool. Vicky held her hair and pulled the head up. Slowly the momentum increased. The movement boobs swinging away to glory increased. Vicky mauled them with one hand with the other still holding her mane just in manner of controlling a horse’s movement. The passion was getting to him and her. Both had turned very aggressive in their love making. He was humping the piston with great gusto and she was also in the mood. The sound of moans had increased. The in out movements of the rock hard dick was giving her immense pleasure alongwith pain. The nubile bodies were enjoying their journey into hereto unchartered waters.

Vicky let go of her mane and moved the hand towards her pussy. A couple of digits had found their way inside the folds of pussy lips. The fingers were doing wonders for her. The circular motion of digits ensured that the sensitive skin was giving her extreme pleasures. The torment was unbearable for Sheetal. The mauling of her sensitive boobies which Vicky had mastered over last few years coupled with penetration in both the holes was becoming unbearable for her though the enjoyment and pleasure she was deriving out of it was unimaginable. Her face was a portrait for wanton lust. The eyes were closed, the lips were slightly open forming an “O” and the whole body was glistened with the sweat generated by some heavy duty movement. She was matching Vicky in his stroke making by moving her gorgeous full round ass up and down. She was a very willing and passionate partner in this teen love making.

She felt the now well known feeling of approaching the orgasm. The legs tightened the grip around his hand. Her body started to shake, all too well known to him. The pussy juices flooded and wetted his fingers. She had cum he had not. He continued the motion of piston and boob mauling. The fingers drenched in love juices had not eased the torment. She could not even feel the relief after an orgasm. The passionate sex was making her crazy. She was in such a state of ecstasy which no drug could achieve. After pounding for another 5-7 minutes, he felt the familiar feeling in his balls. He came in by the liters and so did she. It was the second time for her in this spell. She felt his cum in her already much filled hole.

He brought his dick out and spread the oozing cum from her hole on her ass and boobs. He inserted his fingers in her holes to extract all love juices and cum possible. The mixture of juices and cum was then spread on her body. He paid special attention while spreading it over her boobies and ass. To add to the sheen of love juices was the sweat. He thought that the combination was the best possible polish for human body. The lovers then lay on bed in each other’s arms and said “Happy Birthday Sheetal.”

She replied “It was the best birthday present she ever had.”

What a slut – he thought.

She tried to stand up but was feeling very sore in her asshole. It was painful when she tried to walk around. He suggested that she should join him on the bed and move only after some time when the body had adjusted itself. She agreed and joined him. He was spooning her, with his crotch on her ass globes and the hand making circles round her pussy area and the other hand finding its favourite resting place. She was feeling very secure and very peaceful in his arms.

Vicky wanted to know more about her mother.

He said “Tu aur Niti aunty pe gaye ho” (you and Niti – her sister – resemble your mother)

She said “Haan” (Yes)

He said “Wohi bade bade mumme and pyaari see ass” (same style – big boobs and lovely ass)
She said “Oye – u r talking about my mother’

“I cannot help it – she is damn hot. Teri Birthday party par sab unko dekh rahe they – tune notice nahin kiya?” (Everyone was eyeing her at your Birthday party – didn’t you notice that)

Sheetal lowered her voice and said “I did”

She turned her head towards her and he kissed on lips. Soon tongues found their partnership and the saliva exchanging session started. The hand on the boobs started its magic and so did the one making circles near her crotch.

He then disengaged leaving her gasping for breath and love.

He again moved to her mother “I did not like the way Gupta was looking at her”

She said “he is a lecher – he eyes mom and Niti”

“Ek baat toh kaheni padegi – your mom has become too hot - I don’t blame Gupta,” said he.
“Uncle kaise react karte hain (how does uncle react)” he deliberately wanted to revisit this topic.

“He is not so dominant”

“What about Niti”

“Woh azaad panchhi ban gayi hai – mummy kuchh nahin kahetin usse – usko bhi mom ke baare mein pata hai” (she is now a free bird – mom doesn’t say anything to her – she knows about mom)

“Ek baat poochoon, bura toh nahin manogi” (should I ask something, you may feel bad?) he asked

“Haan poocho, nahin maanongi – but continue the good work of hands” (you may ask – wont take it in a wrong way)

The hands started the usual pleasure technique. She felt the pleasure.

“Kabhi aunty ko kisi ke saath dekha hai?” (have you seen her with someone)

She kept quiet. He thought this is it – he has blown it away. Just as he was about to say sorry, she said “Haan” (yes)

She then elaborated that once she had gone to a hotel. It was an unscheduled visit. There she had seen her, surrounded by 3 men, it was supposed to be business development meet. The meeting was successful. Each one shook her hand gave a quick peck on her cheek. Then one of them had proceeded to the reception and had asked for a room. Meanwhile her mother asked them to sign the papers. Once done, she put the papers in her purse. After a shortwhile, the one who had gone to get the room signaled success and the four of them moved towards the lift. The men had taken the liberty to give a quick squeeze on her ass globes and boobies while entering the lift.

After that she had come out of hotel with a sickening feeling in her stomach. She had tried broaching the subject to her father but stopped once he said that his wife’s additional salary and incentives were of great help to the house.

He kept quiet but smiled.

She said “Tum chup ho gaye ho” (you have become silent)

He said “nothing to say”

He looked at the clock and almost shrieked. It was about time for Sadaf and Tina to come back from school and as per habit they may drop in for a quick chit chat. Over last few days (specially after Dahiya fight) three of them used to have lunch together.

He asked her to proceed and lied to her “Mummy may come – she was saying that she may take a half day today”

She understood his anxiety and started wearing clothes, but not before a 2-3 minutes kissing and boob & ass pressing session leaving her gasping for more.

She was moving very gingerly but finally managed to find her stride and said before leaving “Thanks again for the present.”

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It takes time to write a story. Hence the delay

Will take a few days for the next parts

As its applause for the artist that keeps him going - a few good words (if you like the story & my style of writing) would go a long way

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nice effort

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gauravnaughty has many secret admirers

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Sadaf and Tina managed to miss her only by a few minutes. Vicky saw his bedroom. The bedsheet was full of stains of love juices and cum. There was no way in the world that he could have let his mother see the sheet. It would kill him.

He picked up the sheet from the bed and spread the Vaseline wherever he saw the stain. He would then lie that he spread the Vaseline as he lost the grip. He then put it in the washing machine and washed it. The bedsheet was then duly hung on wire on the terrace to find some sun shine. The stained parts were deliberately rubbed again with hands so as to remove them fully.

He then had lunch with Tina and Sadaf. But all the time he was thinking about Mrs Kapoor. He had to go in for the kill. In the evening his parents came, he told them about Vaseline spilling incident. He got the usual round of words. Nothing major but only guidance. His parents were happy that he managed to wash the bed sheet. It was the first time he had done that. His mother was also surprised but not suspicious. Necessity is the mother of invention he thought.

He went out with his friends in the evening and forgot about everything in a fiercely fought football game. He was on the winning side. Everything that day was going as per script.

After his dinner, he went for his usual terrace round. He found Sadaf waiting for him. He realized that the fortunate day had made him forget about the hottie Sadaf. It was Mrs Kapoor for him now but ignoring his gorgeous beauty would be an insult to God. They spoke the usual things. One more round of thanks from her regarding Dahiya issue, prompted him to say “yaar dahiya ka thanks bahut ho gaya (you have thanked me enough regarding Dahiya) – I feel odd – that chapter is closed – forget it”

She smiled and say ok.

But he joined in with a quick repartee “Kya hai sirf shabdon ka hee thanks hai” (is it thanks only with words) and started laughing. She joined in the laughter.

As it was nearing the time to go back it was time for good night kiss. This time it was she who initiated it. As she came close to kiss him on his cheek, he moved his face so that he got a small peck bang on his lips. This startled her but she did not object and was there to receive the peck on her cheek. Another milestone reached.

After a couple of days, Vicky had gone to Sheetal’s house, more in anticipation of finding her mother than her. God was kind to her. Sheetal was not there but her mother was definitely there in a well fitted body hugging salwar kameez. The suit was tightly stitched to enhance the curves. His x-ray vision eyes could still see the boobs. The image of boobs at Sheetal’s party was still very vivid. The body hugging salwar kameez was of deep cut and showed about 3 inches of beautiful cleavage for all who cared to see. The tight salwar was wrapped on the legs and accentuated the thighs and curves. The ass globes were also prominent in the appearance. All in all – made to fuck.

She welcomed him in but avoid eye contact. She told him that Sheetal had gone somewhere and would be back only after 2hrs. She would have liked to him to go away there and then but he asked permission to use toilet. He went in and came out. As obligation she had to invite him to sit and asked if he wanted something to drink / eat. As he wanted to prolong the conversation, he said “kuch thanda chalega” (something cold).

She brought in a glass of cold soft drink and a few cookies for good measure. She sat down and started the usual nothings.

He was sipping the drink pretty slowly to extend his stay. He looked very confident and calm though inside he was waiting for her to start something.

He said “Aunty aap jab se hotel mein gayin hain aapme bahut change aaya hai – abto aap ke darshan bhi nahin hote” (since you have joined the hotel, you have changed a lot – we hardly get to see you)

“Kya change” (what change)

“Cannot pin point – but there is some change definitely”

To this she started smiling.

After this she got silent. Gave him an intense look and said “usdin makeup ki kya baat thee”(what did you say about make-up)

This was what he was dying to hear. He could not let go of this chance. He kept quiet and very carefully thought of the words to use.

“I also mentioned blouse” he looked at her sternly and said.

She was like a rabbit caught in lights “Oh” she said and looked down.

“I saw you and Gupta uncle” he spilled the beans.

“Kya karma chahate ho” (what you want to do)

“I don’t know – but uncle will not like it”

“Kaun maanega” (who’ll believe)

“Sheetal and Niti for starters and Mrs Gupta”

The moment he mentioned Mrs Gupta, the game changed. Now there was serious threat of a bad name and Gupta being in danger may act funny.

“Chup rahe sakte ho” (Can you remain silent)

“You can buy it”




“Payment has to be in kind – you look very hot since you have joined hotel” even he was surprised at the bargaining he was doing.

“OK – can you come on Friday at 2pm – there would be nobody then – we can think of something” she offered.

He nodded and left. God was very kind on him – he thought and smiled.

At the terrace things were progressing between him and Sadaf, albeit a bit slowly. On Thursday terrace walk, when it came to bidding good-night. He gave a small peck right on her lips. Even the previous two nights he was turning his face right on the button and getting it on lips. She did not say anything and kept quiet for a few seconds and suddenly got on her toes and gave a small peck on his lips and left the terrace quickly smiling. Another milestone reached.

It was Friday morning. He was a bit restless since morning. He was smelling something fishy about the whole thing. He never expected Mrs Kapoor to give in so easily. There was something but what he did not know.

She asked her to come at 2pm but due to curiosity, he left home and went to the park near her house at about 1230pm itself. Though it was blistering hot in late April, he managed to find some shade under a group of Peepal trees. It was very comfortable there and he could keep an eye on her house as well.

At about 1.15pm he turned his head and saw a car being parked about 200yds from Sheetal’s house. Out came Gupta and started his walk towards her house. Although the road was straight, he deliberately took the long route to not to arouse suspicion. Mark of a thief. So this was the game. He understood. She had called Gupta to threaten Vicky into submission. She thought a few slaps / punches would be enough for the kid. Little did she know about his strength both in field and bed.

Exactly at 2pm he rung the door bell and Mrs Kapoor opened the door and invited him in.

She was wearing a light blue coloured semi transparent saree and a deep cut, sleeveless white blouse. The silky hair were tied in a pony tail.

As he went in the drawing room, he saw Gupta and let out a smirk.

“Kuchh loge” (would you take something) she asked

“Aap jaante ho mujhe kya chaahiye (you know what I want)”

Suddenly Gupta erupted and warned him of dire consequences if he did not keep his mouth shut. He was shouting at Vicky. He kept silent for sometime.

“Gupta (uncle had gone missing – no respect) teri biwi ko bataa doon (should I tell your wife)”

Even Gupta was taken aback by his direct approach but managed to threaten him. “Tu mujhe nahin jaanta – haath pair tudwa doonga – tere baap ki bhi haalat kharab karwa doonga” (you don’t know me – I will get your limbs broken – will get your father beaten up)

Gupta did not know what blunder he had committed by bringing his father in equation. In a flash he got up and gave a tight slap and hurled a volley of punches right on his face.

“Harami tu toh kisi aur se pitwaayega – main teri gaand abhi todhta hoon” (you bastard will get me beaten up by someone – I will kick you ass right now) “Maderchod daddy ka naam leta hai” (motherfucker you took my dad’s name) saying this he again slapped him. Such was his force that Gupta fell down and was on all fours to balance himself. True to his word, Vicky gave a ferocious kick on his ass which made him go flat on the floor. Vicky was hissing with anger and had not finished as yet. He stepped on his face with his right foot and shouted “Behenchod – dubaara mere saamne aaya ya meri family ko kucch karne ka socha toh saale teri biwi ke saamne tujhe nanga karke maaroonga. Teri biwi tujhe na support kare toh teri aukat kya hai” (Sisterfucker – If you cross my path again or even think of doing harm to my family, I will make you naked and hit you in front of your wife. Without your wife’s support you are nothing). Saying this he hurled a lot of abuses. He had not disgraced Dahiya then for Sadaf but for Mrs Kapoor he had hit Gupta less but disgraced him more. Both the prizes were worth fighting for.

“Harami Bol” (bastard – say something)

“Mujhe maaf kar do” (I am sorry) said Gupta

“Sun – kapoor family mein se kisi ke pass mat dikhiyo” (listen – don’t come close to anyone from kapoor family)

Such was his ferocity and anger in language that Gupta dare not turn back and left like a dog with tail between its legs.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
He went ahead and closed the door and bolted it from inside. Mrs Kapoor was standing close to a high table and looking into the mirror on the wall. The hands were resting on the table and the head position indicated that she had thrown in the towel. It was like she was some prize he had won or worse his slave.

Hitting Gupta was much easy, the moment he had mentioned his father, things went in auto pilot mode. Now proceeding from here was much difficult. He went and stood close to her left side and said nothing. For a few minutes both didn’t flex a muscle. She waited for him and he for her.

Then to break the ice, he went to refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of water, brought two glasses and poured water. Very silently, he then placed the glass before her and asked her to drink. He waited for a few seconds and then said “It would be impolite to drink before a lady does.”

She turned to look at him and gave a weak smile but picked up the glass. That was one positive development he thought. They stood for few more minutes side by side.

The lady was the one to break the silence.

“Ab kya” (now what)

He didn’t know what to say, he managed to say “you know”

Another round of 5-7 minutes of deafening silence.

Then he managed to say “Aapki marzi ke khilaaf kuchh nahin hoga” (nothing against your wish). While saying this he brought his right arm around her right shoulder. Due to the deep, sleeveless blouse he was able to touch her skin for the first time. Just like silk he thought. She didn’t flex a muscle. He didn’t know how to interpret this.

He again cleared his throat and said “Ab Gupta nahin aayega” (Now Gupta won’t come)

She nodded her head in the affirmative. Good progress. With this he tightened the grip across the shoulder. She didn’t move.

Now he moved in behind her. With both the hands resting on her shoulders. He towered over her by a few inches. She looked in the mirror and did not say anything.

He said “I don’t blame Gupta – you are too hot”

She didn’t reply but looked at the mirror. Both pair of eyes met and he decided to venture further. He reasoned that since Sheetal enjoyed the nape kissing and light boob massage to get into the mood, there was chance that her mother may enjoy the same. With this great Einstein Logic he proceeded. He moved the pony to one side and planted his lips on the soft nape of her neck. She arched her shoulders but did not make much effort to move out. Not the one to waste time, he landed a few more wet ones on the nape and meanwhile the right hand started its journey towards the coveted boob. The pallu of the saree was on the left shoulder which meant the blouse covered right boob had one less layer of covering. The tentative right hand commenced its journey and was a bit jittery when it reached its destination. The lips were still locked to the nape, but not wetting it or kissing it, she was breathing heavily with heavy bosom having a protruded up-down movement, it seemed the time had stopped for both.

The shivering hand softly touched the coveted boob and pressed it silently. The lips had started the kisses and the breathing had become less heavy. It was as if a movie had come to life after a pause. The boob was big (he knew), soft but firm. The nipples had also become firm. He did not move his hand and kept it there. He had guessed it right. She was weak with this combination of nape kissing and boob work. The hand now was now full on her right boob and massaging it gently. He had big hands but still then a decent part was out of its coverage area. A different type of coverage area problem than these days but this coverage area problem everyone would love to have.

After a few seconds she said “Nahin (no)” but made feeble attempts to wriggle free. Due to this her ass-set had come in contact with his crotch and she could feel the size covered by the twin layer of undergarment and trousers. The feeble attempts to wriggle out of his grip resulted in a beautiful rub between her ass globes and his hard tool. She was going week in her knees.

He decided to press in the advantage. Both the hands had covered the twin peaks of glory with his lips wetting either side of neck and paid some attention to ear lobes as well. This was close to heaven if not anything else. The light mauling of boobs made her go further weak in knees and press her ass more into him. He was massaging the boobs with his palms but making circles around the blouse & bra covered nipples. This boy knows a lot she thought. She was his – he thought.

Now with a safe knowledge of having her under control, he turned her towards him and now for the first time since Gupta left they made direct eye to eye contact. She was pressed between him and the table with ass now in direct contact with table. He took her face in his hands and lifted it towards him and both set of quivering lips came in contact. At first she was not opening her mouth but after continued pressure she gave in. The tongues exchanged touches and saliva with Vicky moving very expertly between upper and lower lip and tongue. The hands still were enjoying the much bigger boobies and as the kiss progressed, she relaxed and was fully into the union. The hands were finding it difficult to decide on which set of globes to be given preference. They were oscillating between the well rounded heavy ass and beautiful bosom. In between he was kissing all over her face, her neck, the upper bosom and then back to lips. With the passionate foreplay in full swing and the saree pallu off from her shoulder he looked at 3-4 inches of divine cleavage. Like an expert he first started kissing the bosom region around the cleavage wetting them thoroughly and then the lick started. He placed his tongue at the first button of the hook at launched the journey to the north. Millimeter by millimeter he proceed, filling the cleavage with his rich saliva and savouring in the moment. He was making love to her like a super lover and the age difference was adding spice to the fun. He was doing to her which no other had been able to. Most of them at the hotel were focused only on the intercourse with little concern on the foreplay. Vicky was definitely better than them. The fuse was off in the lady’s mind and she pressed his head into her cleavage and he pressed his hands on her ass globes. Just when it seemed the clothes would be off in no time, the stupid clock pendulum decided to strike 4 times indicating 4pm time. This brought her back to some sense and she asked him to stop.

She said “Ab bas” (now stop) – “baaki baad mein” (rest later) It was music to his ears. She was now for his to take. She told him that its four and after some time she is expecting a few guests and even he should leave lest his parent may find it odd him not being at home. Nobody should have suspicion.

He understood and knew it can be a long drawn affair. Like a child he request her for 5 more minutes, she wanted him to continue for five hours not minutes but time factor resulted in the 2 minute bargain. He went in for the favourite boobs and when he tried to open the hooks, she stopped his hand. He got the message and continued the mauling over the blouse only and the kissing all over her face, neck, exposed parts of bosom and shoulders. She was also enjoying it a lot but asked him to stop after good 3-4minutes.

He asked “promise”

She said “promise”

With this she told him that since she would be on a late afternoon duty for a fortnight from Monday onwards they could meet for a couple of hours or so at her place from 11hrs onwards. He gave a curious look asking about Niti and Sheetal. She told him that they are going out on vacation to their relatives in Darjeeling (West Bengal) for about a month. She swore him to secrecy which he was more than willing and ready. He also wanted to avoid trouble.

With this he came out with a permanent 3 inch smile on his face but not before a quick kiss, boob press and ass grab before the door closed. As the door closed, she thought of what she had promised, but then reasoned, she had pleasured others for her growth and business but now she can pleasure herself with the boy. This will also add to the spice in her life.

What a horny lady – like mother, like daughter – he thought.

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