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He rushed to pick up the phone. His parents had reached his Tayajis place near Chandigarh.

As typical Indian parents, they asked khana khaa liya (did you have food) he said will do so and the phone ended after a couple of minutes. Meanwhile Mrs Khan had also got up and picked up her clothes and moved towards her house like a well used slut. The slutty look on the face, her breast having been mauled and rubbed with god damn everything and her walking across naked was one of the most erotic sights he had seen.

He then said Khane ke liye bahar chalte hain (lets go out for food)

She said yes and asked for 10 minutes to get ready.

He also pulled out a track pyjama and a t-shirt, before that he washed his face, cleaned the love mess they had created and made things look presentable.

After about 5-7 minutes walked in Mrs Khan in a Lucknow Chicken cotton salwar kameez. It was a thin cloth, primarily made for summers. Underneath the creamy suit he could see the lacy bra which did little to hide the treasures. It was a see through sleeveless, a bit tighter than the usual ones with a few buttons in the front. She was wearing a thin duppatta. Not wearing dupatta was not a done thing in those days.

She went out first, walking ahead. He waited for 3-4 minutes and went out taking his bike, picked her on way and they went to the Vasant Vihar shopping complex near Priya Cinema. They had their dinner at one of the restaurants. Those days there were few of them. He saw the movie title on the hall it was an English movie which was known for some spicy part. He nudged her to go and she was all the more willing. The asked for a corner seat and it was in the last row, far left corner as you entered the hall. There was another love bird couple about 15 seats to their right and one in the row front of them about 9-10 seats on the right in front of them. So it was specially secluded. These shows were known for nocturnal activities. He was envy of a few other boys of having landed such a hot mature lady. They were unknown there and hence no problems.

The movie started and so did the couples. There were few boys who were there on the own and who would turn back to see the hot action behind them when it was not happening on the screen. Since nobody knew anyone nobody gave a damn. He placed his right arm across her shoulder and started pressing the boob with left as well. Unknown to the world they kissed each other giving very tough competitions to others as well.

She held his crotch from over the pyjama and started rubbing it. It was getting so hot that quite a few couples had stopped their act and focused on them. As they realized whats going on they got up and left the theatre.

They reached home in a similar fashion of her returning first and him coming good 10 mins later. That night as they were in each others arms in their birthday suits she started.

Vicky you are the best I ever had

Thanks waise kitne had shaadi ke baad (how many had after marriage)

A few and she winked.

Anyone I know

Shayad Nahin (maybe not)

Mr Khan ko pata hai (does mr khan know)

No way

Sadaf & Tina

I think yes

Both looked up at ceiling and smiled.

He then said he would like to have her and her daughters together to which she first got angered and then by & by thought of it as not a bad option.

For full 4 days they enjoyed the fuck fest. They did it in the shower, kitchen, balcony, his bed, her bed, terrace, staircase.

Came Friday and came the darlings Sadaf and Tina. Sadaf and Tina had their own fun during vacations and had come home to their favourite one. Unknown to their mother he planned it with Sadaf and Tina and uknown to them he planned to do it with their mother.

During the day everyone kept on giving meaningful glances. On Friday night they got a call from Mr Khan that he was boarding the train next morning and would return on Sunday afternoon. He got a call that his parents were coming back on Sunday. So they had only one day with them.

He hatched a plan with Sadaf & Tina that they would ask their mother for permission to go out for a couple of hours. He would show them down and leave the staircase door opened. They can just come back and slip in and meanwhile he would fuck their mother. It all worked well.

They came in, removed their clothes to surprise the mother and saw their mother on all fours with Vicky holding her mane of hair and ass fucking her. For a minute everyone froze. They wanted it but when it really happened they didnt know how to react. As in Kapoors he took the lead, got up from the bed, brought them in and asked Sadaf & Tina to kiss each other and their mother. If lesbianism was bad the same with mother was even worse but they enjoyed the worse form of entertainment.

After a fuck fest of over 3 hours. He lay in the middle of the master bedroom with Sadaf and her mother on his either side and Tina on top of him lay in their birthday suits.

They all spoke in unison ab aayega mazaa

And it was fun for two months. He always had a Mrs or Ms K (Khan or Kapoor) at his disposal. The only issue was he felt he will not be able to clear Engineering papers if it continued like this. He wanted to fuck them always but as per his choice and not their choice of timing.

Thankfully, in one way, Mr Khan got promoted and got a bigger house about 3 kms away from there and they moved there. This meant they were close enough to fuck as per his choice of time and far away to not to fuck him as per their choice. His fuck fest with Kapoors, Khans,Aashi continued unabated.

His studies went off well. For some time Khans house was vacant and then came a Sikh Family to stay. Meanwhile months had changed and he was more focused on his studies. Diwali came and then was the time of Guru Nanak Birthday. This brought in some fresh news for him.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
Friends thanks for your comments - a few more wont hurt.

Not went in details of screwing Kapoor Lady fuck fest and Khan ladies fuck fest since they were detailed individually earlier and leaving a bit for your imagination.
Thought it would hold the flow of the story. (cannot say that since I update so less often)

The next part will be a built up of a scenario.

Enjoy and thanks for your patience. I take time but the story is original.


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thanks very much for the wonderful narration. it was really refreshing and worth waiting for. repped u

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awesome update man... worth the wait.
but pls dont make us wait like this ... it hurts

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
The Sikh gentleman who came to stay next doors was on a deputation from Punjab State Government to Central Government and was transferred to Delhi only for the last year of his deputation. Hence he did not bring his wife and kids along. He had a son and a daughter, with daughter being the elder sibling. He learnt that he stayed in Chandigarh with his wife being a College lecturer and her daughter studying in the first year of the same college and his son was in 9th standard.

The Festival of lights, Diwali, is followed by Guru Nanak Birthday. 15 days separate the two festivals. The preceding week of Guru Nanak Birthday is time for Prabhat Pheris. Those in North India would know of Prabhat Pheris.

One of Vickys friend was a Sikh and we will use his nickname Bhatti (based on his surname). They used to stay in same area and Vicky was an active participant in the Langars that were held in Gurudwara. It was very common for him and his other friends to participate in Gurudwara langars serving their. Bhatti would also chip in at the time of Langars held in temple at the time of Ram Navmi. That year Guru Nanak Birthday was in last week of November. Hence there was chill in the early mornings. Prabhat Pheris used to start early mornings, as the name suggests, and would be back say by 7am. It would comprise of men, women singing kirtans and going around in colonies. Early morning gathering for friends was the best excuse and also not to mention some of the beautiful girls / young aunties who would join.

On the second day of Prabhat Pheri, a Friday, he and his few other classmates reached Bhattis house at the anointed time. Amongst the gathering he noticed a strikingly beautiful lady standing next to Bhatti. Vicky just got glued to her face. It was angelic. She was about 5.2 tall. Medium built. Quite big sized boobs for her frame and a well rounded ass to boot. The perfect fucking material. She had cat eyes with an oval face with great features including a well chiseled nose and full lips made to suck the cock. She had nice silky hair running upto mid-back. She was wearing a red coloured salwar qameez and was wearing a half sleeved sweater to ward off the chill. The sweater was the one with buttons in front and 3 top buttons were opened revealing a very beautiful cleavage in her qameez.

To make you help understand her face, she was like Archana Joglekar, TV serial artist of 90s. She was also part of the famous Pan Pasand advertisement of Shaadi aur tumse kabhi nahin catchline.

Before he could do something, Bhattis father called him and asked him to pick a Dholak and help him with some other things. Cursing everyone for spoiling his view he picked up things as asked by Bhattis father. One thought and it gave him a good chance and he went close to his friend Bhatti for handing him the Chimta so that he could be close to the dream lady. As he was going close to them, he was called by Bhattis mother to play Dholak and be in the leading group. He was cursing everyone possible on the earth and believed everyone was conspirinig against him.

Since nothing else could be done, he tied a handkerchief on his head and started playing Dholak as the group started the Prabhat Pheri singing Kirtans. Being a Punjabi and regular visitor to Gurudwaras, he knew quite a few of them well enough to sing in the chorus. Rest of his friends were playing the Chimta or just clapping and being close to the younger ladies or girls in general. A look at the back or side would be met by a chuckle by his friends. Anyways once he started enjoying the Kirtan he forgot everything and played Dholak to best of his ability. He was very good at playing at beat musical instruments such as Drums, bongo etc.

As the group came back from the round of Pheri they ended the journey at the initiation point at Bhattis residence. All oldies came to praise him for playing Dholak and being cooperative while his other friends were laughing at him from some distance. They were closer to younger females and here he was being surrounded by golden oldies. They proclaimed him to be the official Dholakwallah for the remaining days of Prabhat Pheris. His group of friends were at their wits end laughing hysterically at his predicament and here the boy could not do anything apart from nodding yes.

Just as things could not have got worse for him, as he saw, he felt a pat on his shoulder. It was Bhatti and the angel with him.

Haan bhai Dholchi he said laughing aloud.

Kya yaar (what is this) Vicky replied.

Aur baja (play more)

Yaar you know I have this weakness of playing beat instruments

Bhatti then paused and introduced the gorgeous lady as his Mami (mami is wife of ones maternal uncle mama brother of mother). He knew of one of Bhattis Mama staying in West Delhi but never knew his Mami would be so hot. They had two daughters. One in class IXth and the other one in class V. Bhattis Mama got married early and the gorgeous one was only 18 when she married him with a difference of over 7yeards between them. When the first kid was born, she was only 19. That meant she was now in ripe age of 34-35.

Namaste (greetings) Vicky said.

Namaste she replied.

Aap bahut achha bajate ho (you play well)


Tumhara naam (your name)


Yeh toh ghar ka naam hua, asli naam kya hai (this is your pet name, what is your actual name)

Bhatti chipped in Maami ida nau Vicky hai asee sab inoo Vicky kahende ne asli nau taan e sirf form bharne vaaste laanda hai (Maami we all call him Vicky. He uses his real name to fill in the forms only)

All laughed,

Kaunsi class mein ho (you are studying in which class)

Ji 12th mein (12th)

Commerce ya science she asked.

Science he replied.


After this small talk, all his friends decided to go back to get ready for the school. His group of friends was together since Nursery and stayed in the same vicinity and hence knew each other inside out. They rushed back to their homes.

Next day was a Saturday and they reached Bhattis place. The gorgeous Maami was not to be found. He felt disappointed and went through the motions. Same thing on Sunday. So God was not kind to him.

Winters descended full throttle in December. His new neighbour was a very nice guy who had to travel regularly to Chandigarh to meet his family. Vickys Father used to joke with Mr Singh that he may have had to pay some dues of past life to Roadways Buses between Delhi & Chandigarh due to which he had to travel so often.

Came the winter vacation time of Christmas / New Year.

He came back home from his tuitions and saw one good looking lady at his home talking to his mother. His mother introduced her as Mrs Singh and that she and her kids have come from Chandigarh to stay with Mr Singh during the winter holidays. One scan and he found the lady to be quite attractive but not in the league of Mrs Kapoor or Mrs Khan or Bhattis Maami.

He exchanged the usual greetings and in presence of her mother and it being the first meeting did not result in anything exciting. He went to his room and changed. As he came out, he saw a young attractive girl standing next to Mrs Singh. She was her daughter, studying in first year of college where Mrs Singh was a lecturer. Her mother introduced her. She was Amanpreet Kaur, pet name being Aman.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
She was about 5.5 tall, very fair, ok ass, good sized boobs hiding beneath the sweater, very beautiful chiseled features and a beautiful mole just near the lips, much like Cindy Crawford. In short could be tried for some fun but time was short. Also, he was not desperate since he had his own stable of Khan and Kapoor ladies with Aashi (Sadafs cousin) available for fun as per convenience. As they were indulging in usual small talk, her younger brother came in and shook hands with Vicky.

Keerat was his name and was in Class IX. The kid was a cricket fanatic and when he saw Vickys cricket kit bag in the balcony he virtually begged him to show the equipment. Vicky smiled and opened the kit bag showing him two Slazenger bats (V 100). In those days the bats were upward of Rs 2000/- each. The kid picked up a bat, wore gloves a size or two too big for him and started practicing shadow batting.

Mrs Singh said Yeh toh paagal hai Cricket ke peechhe (he is mad about cricket)

Vickys mother said Vicky bhi aisa hee hai (Vicky is also like that)

Keerat said Bhaiya mere saath kheloge (Brother will you play with me)

Vicky said Kal hamaar match hai tu dekhne aaja saamne waale ground mein hee hai (tomorrow we have a match u come it is in the nearby ground)

The kid agreed and asked his sister to come along. After a bit of pause she agreed bringing smiles to the elder ladies and Vicky but for different reasons.

Aman also found him to be quite handsome and much more sophisticated than the crop she had at her college. He was the big city guy.

Vicky and his group of classmates were playing against a famous Club team of South Delhi. The Club Team was well renowned in cricketing circles of the informal games that you have in grounds and maidans. They had done their homework and knew of the respect Vickys team commanded. They were playing 30overs a side game. Not days of T20 but this was the usual norm with the Tennis ball matches being of 10-15overs a side variety. Vickys Team consisted primarily of the class group as they felt that their bonding was strong enough to carry them along. 8 out of 11 players were from his class only and the remaining ones were with whom they had played in their neighbourhood since childhood. It was a very good team.

Match started with Vickys team to bat. It all started well but then the opponents came back into game with a strong bowling performance. Vicky went into bat and he and Varun batted long enough to make a sizeable and respectable score. The club team was by far the most organized team they had faced and was comprised of University level guys playing for Delhi University or College teams.

By the middle of their batting innings, Keerat and Aman had come to see the match and Keerat was cheering for Vickys team. During the break, Vicky introduced them to his group as their neighbours with one of the group chap commenting u r damn luck to have such hot neighbours always. This was said in low tone but his close group of friends understood and had a good laugh.

They had something to eat and drank some water. Not much was required for the winter day. The Club Team started off well. Vicky had always believed that they were a better defending unit and the same was proven right. Good, sharp bowling with intelligent bowling changes meant that they ended up winning against a much superior rated side. He shook hands with opponent team with them having healthy respect for each other. Though the game had a few heated moments one including heavy bodyline bowling by Vicky to unsettle the opposing batting pair resulting in wickets for them and a very good foothold in the game, still they parted on a good note.

Keerat was jumping with joy and was overwhelmed by seeing such a high quality match. He congratulated each of the team players with boys of the group taking a liking for the youngster and wanted more liking for his elder sister. All of them left for their houses with Vickys being closest, he walked across the ground, cross a couple of blocks and reached home. He was carrying his kit bag with the brother sister duo flanking him on either side.

She started the talk Ab kya karoge (what next)

Ghar jaake khana khaaoonga aur kuchh nahin (will have lunch and nothing else)

Tuitions nahin hain (no tuitions)

No winter vacations mein nahin (not in winter vacations)

In the evening, Mrs Singh came to their house flanked by her children. Keerat again started off about the game. Mrs Singh told Vickys mother of how Keerat had become a fan of Vicky.

Vickys mother smiled.

Keerat said Picture dekhne chalen (lets go for a movie) Suna hai Delhi ke halls kaafi achhe hote hain (have heard that the Cinema halls in Delhi are very good)

Before anyone could say he begged with his sister Didi chalte hain mazaa aayega (sister lets go it will be fun)

All were enjoying the antics of the youngster.

Finally she relented and said yes. Since there was no mention of him going, he said Aunty aap Priya hall jaana, paas mein hai aur achha bhi hai (Aunty you go to Priya hall, its near and quite good as well)

Mrs Singh replied Arrey maine nahin jaana tum teeno chale jaao. Tum saath mein hogey toh fikr nahin hogi (I dont want to go you 3 go if you are there, I will not be worried). His trick had worked.

Vickys mother suggested Tickets advance mein karwaalo nahin toh baad mein dikkat hogi (get advance booking of tickets done else it will be problem). That was music to his ears.

He suggested Chalo abhi chalte hain

Keerat was more than game for it much to his annoyance he wanted Aman to come. But had a very convincing idea.

Keerat bike par 2 baith sakte hain aur wahan gents line bahut lambi hoti hai. Chhoti Ladies line ka faayda hota hai (only 2 can go on a bike. Its a long queue for gents but short for ladies)

Keerat jumped in Theek hai phir didi ko le jaao (ok then take didi)

That was music to his ears and sounded ok to hers as well.

He took out his bike and Aman sat pillon with both legs on one side the ladies way of sitting. He was driving slow and reached the Vasant Vihar hall. It was about 15-20mins walk from his house but that way he would have to bear with that Keerat as well.

The Terminator 2 had just released and there was great rush for the Arnold movie. It was wise on his part to bring her along. She could get the advance booking for the next evening pretty easily via short ladies line. She went in and came out victorious.

It was still early evening and he showed her around the shopping area. She drank in every bit of activity and was impressed by the young crowd there. They went to the Nirulas and got something to eat and indulged in some small talk.

To an outsider they made a very good couple. A tall beautiful girl with a tall handsome boy. She was wearing jeans and slightly tight sweater and he was wearing a jeans and a sweat-shirt. They indulged in some small talk. He had a good sense of humour and knew how to make a girl laugh. Gradually she was opening up to him and enjoying his company.

After some time she said tum bike itnee slow chalaate ho (you drive bike so slowly)

jaise tum baithee theen tez chalaa kar brake karne koi maza nahin thaa (the way you were sitting, there was no fun in riding fast and then braking)

She understood it and smiled.

Ab main tez chalaaon ya dheere depends on you (whether I drive fast or slow depends on you)

She smiled again and said dekhenge (will see)

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
What Vicky did not know was that Aman was very active girl in college and was a desired date for many boys. Though she did not experiment with Sex till then but had allowed quite a few to indulge in heavy petting and boob pressing with her.

She brought her foot close to her and he pressed it slightly and kept it there for some time. It was getting dark and he suggested that they should take a stroll in the park behind the complex. She agreed. In the park, he took initiative and held her hand. Once she took it back but he was persistent. They walked around and gradually he tried to place his hand around her shoulder which she refused twice and gave in finally.

As he was taking her to the dark section of the park, she asked him to go back home. Since he could not do anything he decided ok and went to the parking lot and took his bike. As he kick started the bike, Aman sat in mens style of having leg on either side with her breast facing his back.

He said ab dekho speed (now you see speed)

He took the bike on the road from Vasant Vihar to Vasant Kunj, right opposite to the route he should have taken. Those days the Nelson Mandela Marg (route from Vasant Vihar to Vasant Kunj going past Hotel and JNU) was not much visited place and hence best suited for lovers. He inceased the speed on the barren stretch and then brake causing her boobs to hit his back regularly. First she laughed and mocking anger said kya kar rahe ho (what are you doing)

He replied driving fast

He did so twice or thrice more. She then said mat karo hurt hota hai (dont do it hurts)

He said Then sit tight

She finding no alternative and enjoying every bit of it sat close to him pressing her mammaries into his back. The road was not well made as it is today causing up & down movement on his back causing his dick to get upright.

She was also enjoying it but did not want to give away. As they neared their house, she asked him to stop and sat in the original ladies style. He saw and was sure of having some fun later.

Vickys sister had called and said that she will come home 3 days later. For Vicky it meant, anything with Aman has to happen within those 3 days.

Next evening, the siblings and Vicky went to Hall to see the movie. He took his car as it was quite cold. They got a corner seat combination. It was on far right in the last row. He made Aman to sit in the corner, next he placed himself and then it was the kiddo. As the movie started the room got darkened. As the kiddo brother got engrossed in movie, his hand went to her hand on the common armrest.

She did not mind it and kept it there.

Now he held her soft hand in her hand and pulled it upward.

She did not mind it and cooperated.

He brought her hand closer to his face and planted a soft kiss. She tried to remove her hand but he held firm. She could not create a scene in the hall and gave up after a short resistance. After she gave up, he again brought the hand closer to his face and planted a much wetter kiss on back of her hand. She did not resist. The kid brother was still much in the movie. Another wetter kiss and he could see a smile being formed at corner of her lips.

Next step he took the hands back of the arm rest and lifted them again in such a way that it was in front of her breast. Very gradually he placed back of his hand bang on her left breast. This fast movement startled her and she tried to resist more vigorously without creating a scene. Still he was far stronger than her and she gave up after a stiff fight. He then placed back of his hand on her right boob and kept it there rubbing the nipple with his knuckles. His mastery with women was helping him to rub her just the right way. Once during the first half of the movie, Keerat turned to him to talk, he just moved a bit forward to talk to him to hide his arm. She also cooperated in hiding it.

It was interval time and as the lights got switched on, everyone rushed for refreshments. He gave a 100rs note (valuable in those times) and asked Keerat to get what he feels like. The youngster ran away with happiness.

She looked at him and said Kya kar rahe they (what were you doing)

yeh bhi samjhaana padega (I will have to explain even this?)

Koi dekh leta toh (if someone had seen) she regretted as she said this. This was direct admission of her enjoying the act.

Kuchh nahin hoga (nothing will happen)

Keerat came back with the refreshments and handed him the balance money.

They had pop-corns etc. Her arm was already on the arm-rest waiting for his arm. He did not hold her hand, instead crossed his arms in front of his chest and as she look at him quizzically, he leaned towards her and his left hand found her left breast and pressed it. She just jumped.

She was wearing a light sweater and jeans. Keerat was engrossed in the movie. The light sweater and a shawl above it provided the best possible cover for them. She placed her shawl in a way to cover right half of his upper body. Within the covering of the shawl, the hand was doing magic to her. She leaned further into him and he obliged by increasing his coverage area to her other boob as well. Her sweater was the one with front on buttons and she had opened them all to let him enjoy the boobs over the full sleeves top she was wearing. The remaining part of the movie went on while massaging her melons and as Arnold went into the molten metal in the last scene, Vicky and Aman disengaged and looked presentable. The young Keerat got mesimerised by Arnold and his sister with Vickys boldness. They had told their parents that they would eat outside. Vicky took them to another restaurant and they had dinner.

The next day came and there was nothing apart from usual. In the evening as they happened to cross paths, he told her to come to terrace for a walk at 9.30pm.

At about 9.20pm he went for his terrace walk. By 9.40pm he had become restless. At 9.45pm her door opened and she came up. As she came up, he switched off the light of the staircase and led her to the dark corner. She looked at him and he kissed her full lips. She tried to move back but was cornered and also that he was too strong for her. The girl was also in mood to have a quick fling during holidays and Vicky was a willing partner. She liked his dominating style.

Vicky pushed his tongue to meet hers. Though the engagement of tongues was resisted by her for some time. More of a token than real resistance.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
After a few seconds he was roaming his hands on her back right up to her ass and she was running her hands in his hair. They were engaged in very passionate kissing. She was a very good kisser and so was he. They were exploring each other lips, saliva, tongue, inner part of lip with great expertise. He was wearing a track suit which meant that the track pants which are generally loose formed a very big tent in front. He then proceeded to hold her boobies in his hands and started rubbing them. He turned her around so that his crotch was on her ass and ass movement was causing great pleasure to his cock. He had by now made her to get rid of her sweater and top and she was prepared for the fun as she did not wear any bra. In the peak Delhi winter we had a girl standing topless waiting for him to suck them and he did not disappoint her. He went to down suck her boobs and nippies which had become quite firm owing to the winter chill. The expert in him took over and gave maximum pleasure she could imagine. The ones she had in Chandigarh were no match to Vicky. The tweaking of nipple at the right time or the bite on the boob or general licking of the boob made her go weak in knees making her take support of the wall. He took her hand and made her to engulf his tool. The tool was huge. By far the biggest she had felt in hand. He pulled down his track pants and underwear and before her was the magnificent tool well appreciated by the divine beauties such as Mrs Khan, Mrs Kapoor and their daughters apart from others.

He pushed her head down to the point of her head being level with his tool. As if by reflex, her hand went to hold his tool and voluntarily she formed an O and licked the head of this tool. It was as if she was in trance. He made her loose control over her senses and she was his doll. She licked his tool and did a good job of it. She then licked his balls as well.

She was not able to form a rhythm but sucked his tool for good 4-5 minutes. The combination of licks and sucking was doing great things to him as well. He then motioned her to get rid of her pyjamas as well. She was more than willing and was at point of no return. Vicky looked at the shaved pussy and licked it. This was first time someone was playing with her naked pussy and she did not know what an expert opener she had got.

Lick by lick he cleaned her pussy making her go weak and lean on the wall behind. Involuntary moans of aahhh broke the silence of the night. After good 3-4minutes of licking and blewing her mental fuse, Vicky got his fingers to do the magic to her as he continued licking the inner halves of her thighs. Two big fingers broke into the virgin vagina and the circular motion made her lose her balance of thought and she continued with her moans each sounding a bit louder than the previous one.

And then it happened for her. She was in ecstacy. Felt the sensation of a thousand needles pinching deep inside her super sensitive zone. Her eyes were half closed and she had surrendered herself to the body pleasures. She felt the build up of the orgasm and release of the love juices bringing extreme pleasure to her. She got out of the orgasmic pleasure out of the world after a few minutes. This was first time she got it in a non masturbating session and she loved it as it was the most powerful.

Aman was oblivious of her state. Her pyjama and panties were down to her ankles. The top and sweater were off. Even in the Decemeber Delhi Chill she was sweating, beads of sweat were formed on her forehead. She was a prime example of how basic instincts can effect your sense of balance and judgement. It was a classic example of body taking over mind and body was mightily pleased with the treatment given to it by Vicky.

He again put his cock to her mouth and this time she started to do a better job. As she was finding some rhythm, a call from below (her home) made both of them come to senses and she had to leave him high & dry. She said aloud coming but did not leave before 4-5minutes of kissing, licking, boob pressing and ass pressing rounds.

He was cursing her parents but had no other option and had to use his hand to get out the built-up load in his cock.

The next day was not a very eventful day as Mr Singh had taken his family to some sight seeing. Vicky and Aman could only manage 2-3 minutes of smooching and boob pressing.

The following day, his sister came on vacations from her medical college in Chandigarh and everything then revolved around her. Vicky was also very happy to have her with them. She was there for a short period. The period may be short in number of days but big enough to not to let him have more fun with Aman. Mrs Singh and Aman met with his sister and had an immediate liking for her. His sister was very easy going and very friendly.

On 5 January, Mrs Singh and her kids left for Chandigarh but not before giving an invite to Vicky & family to visit them during the next visit to Chandigarh and also a stern reminder to his sister to visit them often in Chandigarh from her medical college. The evening before parting day, they could manage a 10 minute heavy petting round.

His sister left for Chandigarh the next day.

A few days later it was his birthday. It was January of 1992. He got call from his favourite Tayaji, sister and other relatives and friends. A small gathering at home. A special call from Aman, apart from the usual one from her mother and brother, promising him special present when he is next in Chandigarh.

Mrs Kapoor and her daughters treated him to a fuck fest treat in an expensive room of a Five Star Hotel. The Hotel where Mrs Kapoor worked. They made love for almost 4-5 hours having repeated rounds of warm water showers and love making on king sized bed and even on the carpet.

Not to be left behind the Khan ladies also treated him to a foursome fuck fest at their home.

Sadaf, Tina took him to a farm house where they had a fivesome with him. The other two were Aashi and her very very very hot cousin.

He continued with studies very diligently. Came March, came board exams which went off well. Came April, May came entrance exams. He was quite confident of landing a good institute. He managed a good one.

Six of his classmates including him managed to get admission into Delhi College of Engineering (DCE). Those were the days of DCE being housed at Kashmeri Gate in Delhi, next to ISBT. There were two things for which DCE was very famous. Monkeys and not having hot babes.

The sessions were to start in month of July that year. He decided to go for a vacation. His parents approved of it but he had to first go via Panipat dropping a parcel at Ritus place.

Remember his sojourn in Panipat during days of mandal commission agitation.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
He was to drop the packet and leave for Chandigarh. However, as his parents called Ritu to tell her of his visit, she requested and persuaded them to prolong his stay by one day and specially the night. She had plans. What she hid was her husband was on tour during the said period.

As per schedule, he took off for Panipat first. Reached there. Pressed the door bell. His darling Ritu opened the door and closed it behind him. Then she reached out for him to hug him and kiss him for a good 3-4 minutes. There was one more person in the house but not at the scene.

(The unknown one was Ritus distant cousin who also lived in Delhi and was on a visit in Panipat. Garima, 23, was about 5.2 thinnish frame, wheatish complexion, nice oval face and well chiseled nose with big expressive fish eyes, mid-back long silky hair, nice sized boobs, not very big but good for her frame and a cute heart shape ass. Her fulsome lips were the best feature on her face. The fulsome lips were just those made to suck. She looked so feminine and so docile. To give you an idea she was much like Rashmi Desai of TV Serials. You can check Rashmi Desais photo on the net and have an idea.)

Ritu had come back into some shape without loosing the biggish size of the boobs. Her lips were kissable as ever. She had infact filled in more at the right places. Ritu had spoken about Vicky to Garima. Garima was a bit arrogant in nature and considered herself to be superior to many others. Ritu wanted to make love to Vicky there and then many times but Garimas presence was the holding factor. Since he had left for Panipat from his home at around 8am, he got the 9am bus and he reached their home by 11.30am.

Vicky came out of the bathroom and had lunch with them. Since it was afternoon and he had nothing much to do, specially in presence of Garima, he got up to move to go to guest room.

Ritu said Vicky so mat kuch karte hain (dont sleep lets do something)

Kya Karen (what to do) he replied indicating Garimas presence.

Ritu knew Garimas weakness of considering herself a great player of cards and very modern. Both her presumptions were to go down the drain and leave her with memorable experience.

Ritu was quite good at it herself but she didnt know of Vickys ability to shuffle cards.

A round of flash started. Vicky was deliberately allowing Garima to win leading her to believe that of the three he was the hopeless player. She was enjoying winning. Ritu had somehow sensed that Vicky was upto something, what was that she couldnt find it. At first it was only points game.

After an hour or so of Garima had beaten them hands down and in her arrogance said Tumhe to main kabhi bhi harraa doon jab kahoge tab kheloongi jo shart lagani ho laga lena (I can beat you anytime will play whenever you say you can bet whatever you want)

Vicky smiled and did not respond much but said dinner ke baad khelenge.

Garima had went to the terrace to pick some dried clothes when Ritu asked him Raat mein kya karega (what will you do in night)

Isko nangi kar ke lund pe bithaaunga (will get her to sit on my penis nude). yeh aaj ki raat kabhi nahin bhoolegi (she will never forget this night)

Kaise (how)

next round of cards will be strip poker you will have to agree and call her old fashioned and swore to everyone to secrecy, phir dekhte jaao (then see)

Ritu smiled on learning his plan and just held his crotch over the track pant and was pleasantly surprised on the tool size. He returned the compliment by pressing her boobs.

After 2-3 minutes she returned and Ritu & Vicky disengaged.

At around 4.30-5pm they had tea when Vicky and Ritu started saying that Garima had won only due to luck and nothing else.

Garima was ignoring it but after a few rounds got caught in the quagmire and spurted raat ko ek bada round ho jaaye no points solid bets (lets have one big round at night)

Ritu : Theek hai sochtey hain solid bet (fine will think of the solid bet) shart sunkar backout mat maarna auntiyon ki tarah (dont back out after learning terms like old fashioned aunties)

This was too much for Garimas pride and she said nahin karungi aur tum se kya darna (wont backout and whats there to be afraid of you).

Vicky and Ritu looked at each other and smiled.

They had an early dinner at around 7.45pm and by 8.30pm they were in the master bedroom waiting for Garima to join. It was pretty hot in summers and he had changed into a Bermuda shorts, t-shirt and was wearing vest and brief.

Ritu was wearing a light coloured cotton salwar qameez. Bra and panties were the undergarments. The new fashioned Garima was also wearing shorts and t-shirt. Bra and Panty were the undergarments.

Before the game started Ritu asked what to bet.

The over confident Garima said kuch bhi karlo back out nahin karoongi aur jeetoongee bhi main (whatever I wont back out and I will win)

Ritu said kuchh bhi (Anything)

Garima said Anything

Ritu then said we will play something like strip poker

Garima got silent.

Ritu continued Vicky main tujhe kaha thaa ki yeh old fashioned hai, nahin maanegi, tu kahe raha thaa ki aap maan jaaoge toh yeh maan jaayegi (Vicky I told you that she is old fashioned, wont agree, you said that if I agree she will).

She further went on dekh ab main maanee hui hoon, yeh dar rahi hai. Tu kisi ko bataaega toh nahin. Bataane ki kya baat hai yeh toh dar kar hat jaayegi. Chal hum dono khelte hain. Asli bets mein yeh flop hai (see I am ready she is scared. You wont tell anyone. What is to tell, she wil back out anyways. Let us play. She is a flop in real game)

Vicky was smiling at her game.

This was getting too much for Garima to stomach and she said ok. Rules kya hain.

The rules were thus set:

There would be 3 games (round), equal to 1 set, of flash before someone can be asked to loose garments. The one winning atleast 2 games out of 3 will ask the one not winning anything to loose garments. If someone wins all 3 games of a set, he can ask the other two to loose clothes.

Each round will also have fake currency bets. Some neighbour had given an Indian version of children game Monopoly on second birthday of Ritus son Abhay. Remember his feeding started all the fun for Ritu and Vicky.

So along with the games lost in a set, it was also important to manage your fake money to be used for bets. Each one was given Rs 50,000/- fake money to manage with minimum boot kept at Rs 500/-.

Anyone loosing all money will have to beg from either remaining one for money and will be liable to do whatever be told. It was like being a slave for 3 minutes. At one go you could take a maximum of 10000/-. The winner of a set had an option of either taking back one piece or ask other one to loose one.

The match will continue till 0030hrs.

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vinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our communityvinman is a pillar of our community
By the time the actual game started it was 8.45pm. Ritu had given some cough syrup to Abhay to induce early sleep.

Garima felt that the rules were fair and was ready for the challenge.

Before the game could start, Vicky said array kaise pata sabne utne hee kapde pahene hain (how to know if all are wearing same number of clothes)

He showed his vest and t-shirt and shamelessly showed band of his underwear to indicate 4 garments. Ritu also moved her qameez a bit from the shoulder to show the bra strap and also pushed the salwar a bit to show the panty band.

Garima didnt know what to do or say. Ritu sensed her problem and said jaisa maine kiya hai waise dikha de. Ab kya sharam (do as I have done what is to be ashamed now)

She found it logical and followed the same procedure.

Ritu started shuffling the cards and gave 3 each. Boots of 500 came in. Vicky had got some non-descript cards, Ritu had got good cards with King, Jack and Tenner. She was expecting to take the round with help of highest card. Garima had a double 2. She won the round after one round of bets of Rs 1000/-. It was good start for her.

Likewise Garima won or was made to win one more round in the 1st set and Vicky won one, which meant Garima could order Ritu to loose one piece of garment. Garima was still rattled by Ritus taunts which resulted in her asking Ritu to loose one piece. Ritu was more than happy to loose. She decided to take off her salwar since the qameez was almost knee length and would cover majority of her folded legs. 1st Set to Garima.

It was Ritus turn to shuffle cards since she was the looser, for some reason she asked Vicky to do the shuffling for her. Garima didnt have objection to it since she felt Vicky was a bad player of cards hence cannot play around with it.

Vicky prodded her Can I do that on her behalf

She replied Meri taraf se bhi tum hi kar lena, kya farak padega (you deal the deck from my side as well. Will have no effect)

That was music to his ears. The master started.

He had it all planned. He and Ritu would surrender very soon once Garima got good hand which meant she wont have win much fake money and when it will be her turn to loose they will intice her with big bets. So by the time she will loose clothes, she will loose her money as well to be his slave. What a sexy slave he would have tonight.

For a minute when Garima took a toilet break, Vicky told Ritu, patte kharaab hon to jaldi pack karna. If I am packing after first bet, will mean you have bad hand and if I continue for 2 rounds will mean you have better set than Garima. If I continue further, then you give up, it will be between me and her. She got the message.

Garima joined them. Counted her fake currency and waited for the cards.

Vicky gave each of them 3 cards. He gave her good cards and packed after boot. Ritu also sensed an packed. This time Garima won two and Ritu one and Vicky nothing.

Garima asked him to remove one piece. Off went the t-shirt. She smiled at her victory and he smiled at the prospect.

Next set. 1st game he shuffled the deck and gave Garima a trail of 10. That is she had 3 tens. Ritu had non-descript cards and he had for himself kept 3 queens. Bets started. He started with a 1000/- after initial boot and so did Garima and Ritu. He again upped it to 2000/-, Ritu backed out, Garima matched it. He again upped it to 4000/-. Garima thought for a minute, looked at the trail of tens and matched it. He added 6000/-. Garima waited, looked at him.

He said patte bekaar hain toh quit kar lo (if cards are not good, then quit)

Garima added 6000/-. He upped it to 8000/-. Now Garima was in doubt. She said 8000/- and show. The 8000/- and show resulted in him placing the trail of queens on the bed and loss of 21000/- apart from the boot.

The second round went to Ritu who won easily.

The third round Ritu again got stupid cards. Garima got a sequence of 8,9,10 and Vicky had given himself a sequence of Jack, Queen and King. Garimas face got lightened up by seeing the sequence. This time too Ritu left the game cursing and laughing at her fate. Garima started with 1000-. Vicky matched. She upped it to 2000/- he matched. She upped it to 4000/- he matched. She tried to convince him of the show, he refused. Believing that she cannot lose again she upped it to 6000/-, he matched. Now was her problem, Vicky was not asking her to show and was matching her bet. If she conceded now, she will lose all she had put in.

Believing that lightening cannot strike twice, she added 8000/- and waited for him. He looked at his cards again to show as if he was not sure to continue. Looked nervous and matched 8000/-. She didnt know what to do. She added 8000/- and asked him to show. He placed the great sequence in front of her. Not only Vicky had right to ask her to remove her garment but also made her lose the money. Within two rounds she had lost 50000/- and was left with very little money since Vicky and Ritu were letting her win with small amounts of cash boots. She was left with only 5000/- now.

Vicky told her to remove one piece as per her choice. She was wishing if she would have worn a longer t-shirt. Gradually and grudgingly off went her t-shirt exposing the light coloured lacy bra holding a set of good sized pert boobs. Vicky and Ritu gave out a wolf whistle teasing her and laughed. She also gave a faint smile.

3rd Set : Vicky dealt the deck and gave good cards to Garima and let her win easy with giving pathetic cards to self and Ritu. The cards were that bad that they laughed at each others luck. Vicky had a 2,3,5 and Ritu had a 3,5,7. Garima also understood that why they packed early.

Next round went to Vicky with Garima packing early.

Third round. He packed early and Garima won her short lasting duel with Ritu.

It was now Garimas turn to ask Ritu to give up some piece. Garima had just forgotten about the clause of the winner taking back the piece. It was as if Ritu was too eager to give it up. She took off her Qameez in one go and was in her cream coloured lacy bra and panties. Vicky blew a loud whistle and went close to inspect the creamy boobs. She laughed and said no touching. Vicky replied to say that the way Garima is winning his will go as well. By the time Garima realized that she could have won back her t-shirt, Ritu protested that since she has taken off her qameez, Garima could not win her t-shirt back.
4th Set:
Vicky won first hand easily. Low on cash, Garima gave up soon and so did Ritu.

Second game. Vicky won.

Third game : He dealt cards and gave Garima a trail of Queens and a trail of Aces to Ritu. He gave up after two rounds of 1000/- which indicated to Ritu that she had a better hand than Garima. She upped the bet to 2000/- which Garima matched. She raised it further to 4000/- Garima matched though she looked at the small amount left with her. Ritu could have raised it further but added 4000/- to which desperate Garima took all the money which amount to 4000/- and asked her to show. With great arrogance she placed her trail of queens and asked Ritu isse better kuch hai (do you have anything better than this) to which Ritu place her trail of aces.

Garimas face went pale. Not only she was to lose a piece of garment but also had to be slave of someone to get more money.

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