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My Moms Desire To Have Sex

I am Umer, age 19 from Lahore and studying BBA. Well, I am a good looking guy with a height of 6 feet and I have a good muscular body as I am a fitness freak. This is my first story on this site so please forgive me for my mistakes.

A little about my family. I leave with my mom. Anusha( age 39) and my elder sister Nadia who is 4 years elder to me. My dad passed away when I was 13. But we were financially comfortable so there was no problem for us in terms of money and my sister is also working in an MNC with good salary. Ok.. enough of the family background and lets come to the story.

I finished my 1st-year examination and I and my friends decided to have some fun in the evening. I informed my mom and she agreed to it. We enjoyed a lot till late night. While going to our homes one of our friends told us that he has downloaded a blue film and he shared it to our mobiles. After that I went to my house got freshened,changed my clothes and hopped in my bed. I took my phone and watched the bf. It was a very erotic movie and my dick became erected. I started to stroke my 7inch dick and cummed at least 3 times. Then I slept as I was damn tired.

Next morning I woke up late. My sister left for her work and mom told me that she going to market to bring some vegetables. I told ok and went to get freshen up and went to take bath. As there was no one in my house I left the bathroom door open. While I was taking shower the bf came to my mind and my cock became erect again. I was aroused and started masturbating thinking of the hot scenes but suddenly my mom came and saw me stroking my dick and she gasped. I was shocked to see her sudden appearance.. mom what the hell.. what are you doing here. when did you come back.. and why so early I yelled at her.

But her eyes were fixed on my dick. I covered it immediately mom look away. cant you see I am naked I yelled again she turned away and said sorry. Actually, I forgot my bracelet in the bathroom so came back to take it but why did you kept the door open.. I got annoyed with this? I covered myself with a towel and told her for one bracelet you have come back cant you go without it. I spoke very harshly to her and told to go away.

I completed my bath and got ready. I was really disturbed by what happened earlier. I couldnt even look at her. So I went out of the house to get myself relived.

That evening I came back to my house. My mother was sitting in the hall and reading a book. I went to her and apologized for being so harsh on her.

Me: Mom I am sorry for what I did this morning and sorry for being so harsh on you.

Mom: Its ok beta dont be sorry. Its your age now and these things are normal for your age .

Me: Ok mom .. sorry once again.

She smiled and came towards me and kissed my forehead. I was relived and was happy that matter was settled. At night my mom prepared my favorite dish for dinner. I happily had my dinner and after that slept peacefully.

But form the next day onwards, my moms behavior was totally changed. She was giving me naughty smiles and was staring at me seductively. Her dressing sense also was changed.. she started to were sarees below her waist line exposing her curvy hips. She was also wearing blows which exposed her bare back. She used to purposely bend in front of me and expose her cleavage. Oh wait I forgot to mention my mother. She is very beautiful and attractive even at the age of 39. She is fair and has long, black silky hairs till her waist. She is slim and her stats are 36-28-36 a perfect hourglass figure with flat belly and she is 59 tall. Her boobs are quite big and suitable for giving a good titfuck and her ass is curvy and perfect.

Now coming back to the story as I told you her behavior has changed she was exposing her assets freely to me without my sister knowledge. She also started to keep her hair lose because she usually keeps hair tied in a bun or pony tail. She purposely used to keep her hands on my shoulders, thighs, chest and even near my crotch but pretend that it was accidental.

This was going on for few days and I was really getting uncomfortable with the sudden change in my mother. I was damn sure that she trying to seduce me after seeing my cock but in my mind, I was not at all interested in it because I was not an incestuous guy and I didnt have any bad intentions towards my mom. But I was getting uncomfortable as she thinking me in a sexual way. My mom was getting hotter and hotter day by day. She was wearing transparent sarees in a sexy way and her deep navel was clearly visible.

Whenever I wanted some help from her she just looks at me in a seductive way and says in a sexy tone oh Umer.. how can I say no to you.. after all, you are my darling son and gives a seductive smile. I seriously had a bad feeling about this. I wanted to say her to stop all this but I was afraid. I dont know why but I was really afraid and remained silent. But the more I was silent the more she was getting hotter. So I started avoiding her and hardly talked to her.

One night I woke up at around 1:30a.m. I was thirsty so I went to the kitchen to drink water. When I passing my moms room the door was left ajar and lights were on. I peeped inside to see what was going on. But to utter surprise my mom was lying all naked no the bed and was fingering her pussy with one hand and with the other hand she was holding and pressing her boobs.I was shell-shocked and was jaw dropped to see the sight in front of my very eyes. The first time I am seeing a women naked in real and that to its own my mom and she was masturbating. She was moaning and she was taking my name.

Ohhhummm..ahh.. ahhh.. oh Umer.. you have such a wonderful cockumm.. ahh.. its bigger than your dad.. ummm ummmmm I wish I could taste it ummm ahh..ahhh.. ohhh.. oh son you are so hot I wish you could fuck me.ahhhh ahhh ohh.oohh.. oh my son.. my Umer. I love you. I love you from the core of my heart..fuck me. fuck me harder ahh ahh ahh yeah.. yes .. yes make me cum.. make me cum my baby I just couldnt believe my ears for what I am listening and my eyes to what I am seeing. My mom lying on her bed, naked, masturbating and was moaning my name.I felt my cock is getting erected by the sight. I felt disgusted so I just silently went away from there to my room.

I couldnt sleep that night. The sight of my mother was hovering my brain. I was cursing myself for keeping the bathroom door open that day. After that, I was completely avoiding my mom. But she wasnt giving up. She was trying her best to seduce me.

One night when we were having dinner my sister told us that she has to go to Islamabad for work purpose and will return after a week. I requested my sister to take me also but she didnt agree. She told me to be with mom as she is alone. Actually I wanted to get rid of my mom and her seductions so I requested her a lot. But she didnt agree. I became upset. I looked at my mom. She just gave me seductive smile and winked at me. I felt this awkward. Thank god my sister didnt notice. I silently eat my dinner and went to bed.

Next morning I, my mom and my sister went to the railway station to drop my sister. After my sister departed we headed back home. I was driving the car and my mom was siting beside me. I was annoyed as hell. In my mind, I was cursing my sister for not taking me with her. We reached home I told mom that I am going to my friends place and would come late. She said ok and went inside.

I came home at night. My mom told me have dinner. I ate my dinner and thought of watching T.V. Later my mom came and sat very close to me. She was wearing a blue transparent saree and a matching blows in which her black bra was slightly visible. Her thighs were touching mine. I was feeling very awkward and I moved a little away from her but she just kept her arms around my neck. I was getting a very bad feeling. My heart was beating very fast. I was like motionless over there. Then she broke the ice and asked me Beta.. from for past few days I am seeing that you are avoiding me.. What happened are you angry with me? Have I done something wrong ?why are you avoiding me ?.. tell me na ?

Me: its nothing maa its nothing. I am not annoyed with you(of course I was but how could I tell her)

Mom: no there is something.. what happened. Please tell me, dear

She insisted a lot

Me: mom its.. justthatI.II am worried about my exams results.. I blabbed out something.

Mom: oh dear why are you so worried about it. Dont worry you will get good result.. you have studied a lot.. I have seen your hard work and she gave a kiss on my cheek. It was not an ordinary or motherly kiss. It was a wet one. She was so close that I could feel her breath. Her boobs were touching my shoulder. I was getting hyper. My mom was looking in my eyes. Her dark brown eyes were staring at me. I felt this strange. So I got up and told her that I am going to bed.. I saw a disappointment on her face I knew what she wanted.. but I ignored it and went to my room to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I woke and felt like something wet around my cock. The lights of my room were on.I saw what is going on and I was fucking shocked. My mom was sucking my cock. I was stunned by this.

mom what the hell are you doing.. leave me but she didnt listen. She kept on sucking my cock. mom I am your son leave me. this is wrong stop it.. stop it right now.. I pleaded her to leave me but she was acting dumb and was hungrily sucking my cock. I felt this disgusting and I was enraged. I pushed her away from my bed and scolded her.

mom have you lost your bloody mind. I am your son how could you do this to me. dont you have any sense that this is a sin

Mom: son just relax let me explain to you she had a scared expression on her face

Me: you explain everything tomorrow in front of Nana and Nani(her parents and my maternal grandparents) I am going to call them and tell everything

Mom: No Umer beta please dont tell any thing to them.. they will kill me

Me: then why are you doing this to me. dont you have any shame you are lusting your own son

Mom: no Umer I am not lusting on you I love you beta let me explain to you. You please clam down

Me: mom.. you have lost your mind just get out of my room. I am going to call Nana and Nani

Mom: beta, please. dont tell them I beg you please dont tell them she started crying and sat on the floor beta please listen to me once please I clammed my self and told her to explain

Mom: beta.. since your father died I was sexually starved. I was
felling so lonely.. I didnt had sexual pleasure for so many years. I thought of having an affair but I was afraid as I couldnt believe any other men because they are not trust worthy and they may use me in a wrong manner. But when I saw your cock I was aroused because I was seeing a cock after so many years. Even I felt guilty at first but later thought that it is the only way to complete my desire. You are the only one who is close to me and you are the only one who I could trust so I planned to seduce you. I know it is a sin but I feel so lonely and unsatisfied that you dont know how it pains me and she started crying very bitterly. I thought she is emotionally blackmailing me but no. She really meant what she said. Tears were running constantly from her eyes.

I felt pity on her and went towards her to console her. I kept my hands around her shoulders and started to console her

mom I know you are unsatisfied but this is wrong. These things should not be done between a mother and son saying this she just hugged me tightly and was crying very bad. please son dont leave me dont hate please try to understand me. please she said

I didnt know what to do. But tried to console her. She couldnt stop crying. I then thought for some time and decided to just give it a try as it would only once.

I made her stand up and looked in her watery eyes I wiped her tears and said ok mom you can do whatever you want with me I surrender to you.. really ? she asked with a light smile. yes mom I cant see you in pain hearing this she came towards me and hugged me tightly and kissed me on my lips. I was hesitant a bit. She took my hands and guided it to her hips. It was so soft. She was sucking and licking my lips, she was caressing my hairs and face . I got aroused and later responded to her kiss. It was my first kiss and it was with my own mother. I got so engrossed in her erotic actions that I forgot the entire world and enjoyed the juicy lips of my mom. Soon I was sucking her upper lips and she was sucking my lower lips. Our tongues were touching and fighting with each other. We exchanged each others saliva. We were kissing and biting each others lips very passionately.

The sound of our kiss was making me crazy and I kissed her aggressively. We became breathless and parted our lips to catch some air. did you like it dear ? my mom asked yes mom I loved it. You are an amazing kisser mom saying this she smiled naughtily and removed my t-shirt and pushed me in the bed and came on top of me. She kissed my chest and licked my nipples and was licking and moving her hands all over my torso and began kissing my lips wildly like there was no tomorrow. I was caressing her back and her long silky hairs while I was kissing her. She then brought her hands at my crotch and rubbed my erected dick over my track pant. I was getting hornier and hornier and so was she.

I rolled her and came on top of her. I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose and bit and licked her earlobes. I licked and smooched her neck. She was giving light moans and was gently caressing my hairs. She was still in her saree. I removed her pallu and kissed her cleavage and licked it. I then went towards her belly. Gosh, it was so hot. Her belly was flat and so curvaceous and her belly button was so deep. I immediately started to lick and kiss her entire belly. I encircled her navel licked her deep navel.

She was enjoying my moves and was moaning ahh ahhh umm baby you are sooo good.. you making me very horny.. ahh ahh ahh

I was getting aroused by her moans and now I moved up towards her boobs. I began to fondle her breasts with her blouse still on her. I was crushing her boobs and she was getting hot by that. ahh ahh release them, baby.. they are all yours.. I then unhooked her blouse and threw it aside. Now my mom was in her black bra but her lower part of the saree was still on. So I made her stand again and unwrapped her saree and petticoat.

Damn my mom was now in front of me in black bra and black panty. She was kind of looking like a hot model from Victoria secrete. wow mom I never knew you were so hot I complimented her are you going to only stare at me like this ? she asked and winked. I grabbed her by her waist pulled her towards me and kissed her again. We both fell on the bed holding and rubbing our bodies to each other and kissing wildly.

Mom now came on top of me and I grabbed her boobs and was crushing
She was moaning in pleasure. Then she unhooked her bra and her huge boobs pooped out. I got an electrifying feeling after seeing those fair boobs with brown nipples which were erected. I caught hold of them and was cupping and playing with her tits. They were so soft like sponge cake.

Then she bent a little and placed her right boob in my mouth. I sucked and licked her nipple. Meanwhile I was pressing her left boob. She was enjoying my actions. ahh Umer.. suck my boobs baby.ohh.. ahhh.ahhhhhh.suck them son. bite my nipples.. they are all yours hearing this I became crazy and pressed and bit her nipples hard. She felt pain ouch baby be gentle but I ignored her and was doing it however I wanted. Then I moved to the left boob and did the same.

She was getting aroused by my actions ahhh do you like your mummys boobs baby?
She asked. yeah mom I love it they are so soft and tasty She then smiled and kissed me.

Then my mom went towards my dick. She removed my track pant and underwear and made my erected dick was free. She took my dick in her palms and stroked it for some time. Then she bent and kissed the shaft of my dick and said its soo beautiful son I want to taste it I was waiting for this moment its all yours maa have it I replied and she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. God what a felling that was. She was sucking like a pro. She was taking my entire 7 cock in her mouth. I could feel her tongue encircling my shaft. I was feeling so awesome.

I dont know how long she was giving me a blowjob but it was very long time. I was now going to cum. I told her that I am cumming. She didnt listen. I understood she wanted to drink my sperms. I then cummed inside her mouth and she swallowed all of it wow Umer your juice was so hot and tasty I loved it she said with a naughty smile.

I then made her lie on the bed and went down towards her pussy. I removed her panty which was wet. We were both naked now.I watched at her beautiful body for some time and started to smooch and lick her body. I kissed her shoulders, neck. Her boobs, navel. I then licked and kissed her fair thundering thighs and licked her feet. One by one I sucked her toes and licked her entire feet. She liked it.

I then saw her beautiful pink love hole, the place from where I was born and was about to destroy it. I began to lick her pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she gasped and jerked her body. I was digging my tongue deep inside her pussy and was licking her pussy. It was so fucking tasty and she was enjoying it and she was playing with her boobs. ahhh ahhh.. ohhh baby this feels so good..ahhh aahhh your dad never licked my cunt wow this so goooood..ahhhh. dont stop dont stop please dont stop my dear.. keep licking it Umer.. ahh ahhh lick your moomys cunt baby..yes yes just like that.. you are such a good boy.. my son is such a good boy.. ahh ahhh ahhh

I then widened her pussy lips a bit with my figures and licked her clit. She was moaning in pleasure and was caressing my hairs. She was jerking and shaking her body. I held her waist tightly and again licked her pussy. ooh ahh baby.. Umer I am gonna cum. I am gonna cum
She then had her orgasm and cummed in streams. I swallowed all of her love juices and licked her pussy dry.

Then she pulled me towards her and gave me a deep kiss on my lips and said Umer I never felt such a heavenly pleasure in my life I love you, darling I love you so much now please fuck me, honey. Put your beast in my hole sure mom but I dont have a condom I said thats not required I want to feel your skin. Do it without a condom. Do it now !!!!

She almost yelled at me. I was now top of her. I placed my dick at her pussy region and rubbed against her cunt. I wanted to tease her for some time
Beta please dont tease me insert your cock in my love holes. Please beta fuck me I am dying to get fucked. After a lot request I inserted my cock in her pussy. It was a little tight because it was unused for years. But due to lubrication of licking and her orgasm it went inside. OH MY GOD.. I felt her pussy so warm and her vaginal muscles touching my dick

yes baby.. fuck the brains out me she said and I stared to stroke her. I gave slow strokes at the beginning she moaning to the fullest ahhh ahhh ahhha ahhh ohhh. Umer. fuck me. fuck me hard baby Increase your speed I increased my speed to the maximum and fucked her hard.. she moaning in pain and pleasure ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhh. yes yesssss yessss yesss fuck me fuck me my boy ahhh ahhh oh yeashh. Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh her moans were making me crazy and encouraged me to bang her hard..

Oh yes yes, baby ahhh ahhhh ahh fuck me hardumm harder baby.. I am all yours fuck me. satisfy me baby ahhh ahhhh fuck your mom my son your so good ahhh ahhh you are driving me crazy ahh ahhhh oh ummm ahhhh love you she was moaning loudly so I kissed her lips while humping and was grabbing her boobs. I continued fucking her in the missionary position for some time. Later I stopped and told mom to come on top of me. She came on top of me and in a cowgirl position and started to ride my cock. She was moving up and down. Her boobs were bouncing and that made me crazy. I grabbed her boobs and she placed her palms on mine.

ahhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes. I loving it beta you are my man. I love you.make me yours.make me a slut I want to be your bitch ahhh ahhh ahhh make love to me darling. ahhh make love to your mom I love you. She moaned ohh mom you are so hottt I am enjoying fucking you. I love youu too ahh I moaned.

After that, we our changed our position in doggy style and I was humping her from behind and was fondling her boobs.

We were fucking each other like there is no tomorrow. We forgot who we are and in what relation we are. It was like we were in a different world. Our bodies were drenched in sweat and were shining.

Mom looked even hotter in sweat. After tremendous fucking, I felt like cumming
Me:mom I gonna cum

Mom: me too babycum inside me

Me: but wont you get pregnant

Mom: dont worry Im in my safe days

Hearing this I increased my speed and in no time we both cummed at the same time inside her pussy. We were exhausted and collapsed on the bed. We were lying naked beside each other and panting.

I looked at my mom and she looked at me. She smiled and came close to me. She kissed my forehead and lips and embraced me. thanks, darling you made me feel like a young teenage girl again.. I love you

Me: I love you too mom

Mom: dont call me mom. When we are alone call me Anu.. dear

Me: Ok Anu darling

Mom: so how did you feel ?

Me: Honestly speaking I really regret that I was ignoring you. I should have done this earlier. Can I have sex with you again

Mom: sweetheart I am all yours, you can have me whenever you like. But now I am really tired and kissed my lips. My dick became again erect.

She saw that and gave a naughty smile. We then came in 69 positions and licked and sucked each other for about 8 to 9 minutes and climaxed. We drank each other juices and then we slept in each others arms.
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