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grt update

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can't wait for the next episode...
please update

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Finally! Thanks!

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This is very good writing. Love the part about Devika forgetting to close the valve and water coming out and hitting her and making her gown transparent. Smart writing.

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Awesome story... Keep updating...

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Wowww man.....You are taking the story to a new level from the oritginal author.....Of course he is an excellent writer....but your kind of points are too good.....Nice smooth taking of story without any fast happenings and fast reactions......Loved this smooth perfectly timed narraton....also such a good narration dude....Please take the story this way....I also like your non-linear kind of story narration....that adds enthusiasm to the reader.....Also if possible please try to add surprises to the story.....Wanna read how you will take the story between devika and hurries no worries....please take the way you are taking the story forward....and make all the scenes very convincing just the way you are doing.....The most important thing about you along with your awesome narration is your updates man......Thanks alot for giving us those fast and lengthy updates.....You are also mentioning us when to expect a nexxt update....that is soo kind of you dude....._/\_....please continue the story......

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Update pls

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Good small update
My Thread :

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great update

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Devika: Bye

Venki: Bye Darling. See you at 8 pm. Enjoy your private party

Devika: I will miss you both. Take care of Adi

Venki: Sure. You too of yourself. Bye sweetheart


Devika: Hello Rahim

Rahim: Hello Madam, where are you?

Devika: Just entering the mall

Rahim: Wait, I will come to the entrance gate

Devika: I will come. Let me know the shop area

Rahim: I guess for your clothes, Bebe would be fine

Devika: Sounds good. Will be there

Rahim: It's on the second floor, next to Van Huesen.

Devika: OK, see you there

- - - -

Rahim: Wow Madam, you are looking fabulous in this sari

Devika: See and you want me to coming modern dress

Rahim: I am sure you will rock in that as well

Devika: Naughty

Rahim: (smiling)

Devika: By the way. Happy Birthday

Rahim: Its tomorrow

Devika: But the party is today. I will wish tomorrow as well

Rahim: Thank You So Much

Devika: No problem, dear

Rahim: Let us start. We have hardly 1.5 hrs now

Devika: I usually do fast.

Rahim: You are always super. One more thing

Devika: What?

Rahim: Just for your convenience, I have found a parlor near the restaurant. You can change clothes there. I know that Aunty. It should be fine.

Devika: Wow, you are so intelligent. I also need to get eyebrow done. So it is a good plan.

Rahim: Cool. Thanks

Devika: No need to be formal. It's your day today

Devika and Rahim went in the dress section. Lot of mannequin with modern and ultra modern dresses there. Rahim have seen them earlier but this was his first experience in moving around women section. He was extremely happy to his favorite teacher so close to him and buyng a modern dress on his request.

Rahim: I not sure if all girls are so thin like shown in pictures here

Devika: Models are like that.

Rahim: These looks like starvng girls

Devika: starving ??

Rahim: I mean, looks like not having food since long. See their legs they are so thin just like skin over the bones

Devika: Ha Ha. These are skinny models

Rahim: I feel little thick legs are good. Should have some meat like yours

Devika: Rahim, what are speaking about me

Rahim: Sorry, I mean you look much better than these models.

Devika: When you saw me? (quickly realized her mistake of asking him this question)

Rahim: That day when towel dropped.. yeeks ..sorry

Devika: Forget it. Accident. Don’t like that about me. I am your teacher.
Devika: (changing the topic) I feel this dress will look good. I like red color.

Rahim: Wow, this is amazing. But I feel this is bit big on you.

Devika: No. Size is good

Rahim: Look this pattern. Same cloth and but more beautiful

Devika: No Rahim. That is bit more short and no sleeves. I am not college girl

Rahim: You are much better than any college girl. I bet.

Devika: (blushing) Thanks Rahim. But I am not that open

Rahim: Not for today also?

Devika: No my dear. I have to be in limit. Remember I am your teacher and married lady. Also I am trying for the first time in open

Rahim: So you wear at home?

Devika: Stupid. Don’t ask such things

Rahim: Sorry. I was curious.

Devika: Its ok

Rahim: Madam, see that lady with two kids is wearing shorter than this

Devika: I am not lady. She is with her husband.

Rahim: OK. So you can wear with Sir.

Devika: I might because I feel safe with him around

Rahim: Nobody can do anything you if I am aroud you

Devika: Ha ha. Thanks Rahim but you wont undersand what I meant here. I am shy

Rahim: You don’t need to. We already saw you in jungle. You looked so good in tribal wear.

Devika: (red faced hearing that incidence). I think we all agreed not to talk about it.

Rahim: OK.

Devika: Let me try out this dress.

….. after 5 mins.

Devika: Dress looks good but its loose from the top

Rahim: I told you. Its big

Devika: LOL… Rahim you are so innocent. Its right size but fitting is bad.

Rahim: May be. Can you try this one?

Devika: OK. But I might wear it.

Rahim: OK. Why don’t you try Skirt.

Devika: hmm

Devika and Rahim moved around. Devika picked some skirts long enough till her knee level for the party and also some short ones for fulfilling Venki’s wish.

Devika goes in the trial room. She tries her dresses. She was looking ravishing in those sexy short skirts with sleevless stops. She was looking more sexy in those noodle strap tops. Only problem was she was weaing a bra with white strap. See needed a strapless bra for those tops.

She came out again wearing sari. It was almost 1 hour in trying stuff.

Rahim: Did you finalize something?

Devika: Yes. I have finalized the party dress and another dress for my sister (lying in front of Rahim)

Rahim: OK. Let us get billing done

Devika: I need to buy something more to wear inside.

Rahim: OK. How much time? We have only 30-40 mins left

Devika: It should be quick. Let me come in 10 mins.

Rahim: I will get billing done for these.

Devika: No need. I will come and pay.

Devika went in another section and quickly bought 32 D strapless red bra and matching panties. She got the billing done inside so that she doesn’t need to show it to Rahim.

Devika: Let us do billing. Where are the stuff.

Rahim: I aleady got done.

Devika: No. I wanted to pay
Rahim: You can pay be later. I just saved time.

Rahim was holding two bags which Devika found unusual.

Devika: Two bags?

Rahim: I got them in two different bags, so that you can carry them easily in the parlor.

Devika: Good.

Both quickly went out and took a cab and dropped near the parlor.

Rahim: Let us get in.

Devika: OK

Rahim: Aunty, she is Devika madam about whom I told you on the phone. She needs to get eyebrow done and then she will change here for the party.

Aunty: No problem, dear. Feel it in your own.

Devika: Thanks.

Aunty: Let me get your eyebrow done first.

Devika: That would be better.

Rahim: Aunty please fast. We have table booked for 6 pm.

Aunty: OK beta.

Aunty though said ok but was very slow. She first cleaned the chair and made her sit for 10 mins before slowly starting it. She showed Devika various shapes which took further time.

Rahim: (behind the curtain) Is it done Aunty?

Aunty: No beta. It will take time.

Rahim: Devika madam. You can call me once ready. I am going to check the place. It is already late

Devika: OK. I know the name. I will come over.

Rahim: OK. It is hardly 200 meters from here.

Devika: OK

Rahim left. Aunty with her own speed finished her eyebrow. She also did complimentary light makeup for her. Devika was looking so classy and ultra beautiful.

She came out and picked her bag to change room. She came out change room (little baffled). She picked another bag and opened it. It was having her new bra-panties. She calls Rahim

Devika: Rahim, are you carrying any bag?

Rahim: No, madam. I kept all outside your makeup room

Devika: I have only two. The third one with party dress is missing.

Rahim: You are kidding. How can it be?

Devika: I am serious. It is not there.

Rahim: Did you see on the table?

Devika: I checked all around.

Rahim: Oh shit!

Devika: Can I come in Sari?

Rahim: You can come in Sari but I am sad

Devika: Why?

Rahim: Always happens with me. God is always cruel to me. See He didn’t want me to one good party.

Devika: Rahim, please don’t feel bad.

Rahim: I am sorry, Madam. You can come in Sari but I will always feel as a curse of God on me.

Devika: oh Rahim. Don’t feel bad. I am coming. Be there

Devika started thinking. Poor Rahim. Lost his parents. Just wanted to celebrate his 18th Birthday with me and everything spoiled.

What should I do? Should I wear the other dress, which I got for Venki? It is a short Skirt. Almost 4 inches above knees and top is also bit open and sleeveless. What they will think seeing me like this? But Rahim will feel more bad if I go in Sari.

Oh God what to do?

I should not make Rahim unhappy again. Its just matter of 2 hrs. Boys have already seen me in Tribal dress. This one is short but I should be able to carry it fine. Good I have right inner garments to fit with it.

Vishnu: Rahim and Anand, don’t get faint

Anand: Why?

Vishnu: See yourself

Anand: Oh my God, I cannot believe. She is coming in that tiny skirt and small top. Am I dreaming? Pinch me bro

Rahim: (Slaps him) Stop overacting. You were aware of she is going to come in modern dress.

Anand: But buddy, she is coming almost nude

Vishnu: This guy will get us buried. Shut your stupid talks

Rahim: Yes. Anand. Please stop

Devika: Hi Guys.

Vishnu: Hello Madam. You are looking so cool

Anand: And hot

Rahim: Thanks for not making a bad day. I will be grateful for my entire life.

Devika: Its OK Rahim. I know it matters a lot to you. In some way I am also feeling new and young.

Vishnu: You were always young.

Devika: I know what you mean

Anand: But I am shocked.. I mean Surprised.. I mean…..

Rahim: Quiet Anand.

Devika: Ha ha. I know the dress is a bit open. But I know you guys keep secrets well.

Vishnu: Absolutely.

Rahim: God promise.

Devika: So boys, where is the table

Anand: There?

Devika: That corner?

Vishnu: Yes.

Devika: I thought you will find near to dance area.

Rahim: That was the only available one for VIPs who can enjoy place and feel more quiet, I mean away from loud sound

Devika: Hmm. I am bit thirsty

Anand: Let me tell waiter for drinks

Devika: Hello, no Alcholols. You are not 21 yet.

Vishnu: He mean only for fruits punch and cold drinks

Devika: That is good. I will have Sprite

Rahim: Me too.

Vishnu: Me too.

Anand: Me too.

Rahim: But you like Coke?

Anand: I don’t want to be odd man out.

They all went to table. Devika sat first and then Rahim sat next to her. Vishnu and Anand opposite to her. Initially they ordered some cold drink and onion rings. Late some Panner Tikka.

Devika: Food is tasty here

Rahim: Yes. One of my favorite place.

Devika: So what is next?

Rahim: Once we are done with starters, we will move to dance floor. They are havng good dance numbers and DJ is great

Devika: Good.

Soon they all finished the starters.

Vishnu: Let us move to dance floor

Devika: Now I am getting nervous. I have never been on the dance floor.

Rahim: Nobody knows how to dance. We just enjoy.

They all were on the dance floor.

Devika was looking smoking hot. Her mini skirt was not only too hot for these guys but for others also. Her fair legs where perfectly shaped. This is first time for these guys to see her legs for so long time. Her calf muscle was beautifully crafted. Right amount of muscles shaping out made her legs looks perfect on the calves area. Her knees were beautiful and so the round knee cap. A slightly meaty thigh muscle made the entire travel erotic from toe to thigh.

She was no doubt hottest lady on the floor. Her rounder shoulders and the perfectly shaped arms were making her sleeves top a worth to wear. There was no signs of tanning of color change. She was so pinkish and fair that her legs and legs were glowing in the disco lights which goes dim in between.

Though the beautiful legs and arms were firing the place but no one can take their eyes off from her pair of boobs which looks perfectly mounted on her sexy body. Those mounds are neither big nor small. Just perfect. Every now and then boys were tempted to take them in hand.

Devika was enjoying arching left and right on the dance beats. She forgot that she is in her lates 20s and boys are barely legal. She was trying to match steps with steps.

She found that her designer panties were of one size bigger. Normal panties elastics are good. This was little high end lingiere with net flower on the front and with barely thin elastic to give it sleek and sexy look. It was not possible for her to change now as she has left her clothes in parlor to pick them later. Her idea was to change back to Sari before calling Venki back.

Vishnu: What are you thinking Madam

Devika: Nothing (again started dancing)

Another dance number and Vishnu came close to her. He raised his arm and Devika followed him givng her. Vishnu was not a good dancer but there was a feel of class in his acts. He slowly held Devika from her waist and gripping right hand in hand. Song had nice beats and he pulled Devika close to himself with a smile. Devika returned the smile. Rahim and Anand started feeling the heat seeing them close again. A change in song and Anand asked Devika to dance with him.

She moved into Anands arms. Anand was the most rough ones. This was lottery for him that Devika was first time so close to him. He in hurry copied Vishnu. He too held her in the same way but his grip was more tight. Devika was feeling little discomfort but she didn’t question Anand. Song was slow and Anand was on high. He pulled Devika little more close to him that his chin was now above Devika’s shoulder. Devika’s breasts were now getting crushed into Anand. For Anand it was overwhelming situation. His hot breath started coming over Devika’s shoulder striking her on neck area. Anand was breathing little heavy. Song ended abruptly. Anand himself gave Devika to Rahim.

Rahim smiled and so Devika. Song this time was slow romantic like ballroom dance. Devika and Rahim were very close. Rahim was a very good dancer. He made some good moves with Devika. Devika was enjoying Rahim’s skills.

Rahim made a move and Devika was mesmerized seeing his skills. Then Rahim followed with stretching of legs and Devika did same. Little she knew that stretching took a big toll on the thin elastic of her panty. It broke down and now Panty was on the mercy of Devika’s butt which were holding her panties. Unaware of panty failure Devika was enjoying dance number.

Devika: You are a very good dancer.

Rahim: Thanks Madam

Devika: Now, I got why you were so disappointed assuming no dance today.

Rahim: Yes Madam. Thanks for making it

Devika: Always there for you.

Rahim: Madam, you are looking so pretty and hot.

Devika: (was shy hearing hot word from her student) Control Rahim you are my student

Rahim: Today I don’t want to be your student. I want to be your boyfriend

Devika: Oh Mr Romeo.

Rahim: Just kidding. But I will say Sir is lucky to have a beautiful, intelligent, hot and soft wife like you. I regret I was born 10 years after you.

Devika: Oh my God. Looks like 18 is not just a number. You are talking like Adult now. I should keep safe distance from you… ha ha..

Rahim: You are always safe with me.

Devika: Oh dear. Thanks

Soon Devika realized that her panties now are very loose. Devika was regretting wearing such weird panty and then dancing on the floor with young guys. She tried to control it but it was coming down. She excused herself and went to restroom. She figured out panty lost its elastic capacity. It was kind of one night panties and she misread its quality. Now she cannot risk it falling down in public. She took off her panties and threw in the trash and came out.

As soon as Devika was back on the floor, Vishnu pulled her in the dance. He took her hand made her rotate next to him. Her skirt moved up a bit exposing her mid thighs. Devika was not aware of skirt thing as she was more concerned about her panties in her mind. Vishnu passed Devika to Rahim and he followed the same thing. It was kind of dance move suiting the songs. Rahim’s rotation was bit more soft but skirt learned flying with Devika’s every spin on the floor. Vishnu was first to see her butts. He couldn’t believe his luck. He thought that Devika is wearing skin color panties. Anand too got hold of Devika now and he too followed the same move. Devika was like a ball spinning on her axis and among three boys. Anand as usual was bit more rough. He made Devika spin fast and more compare to other two. Little both Anand and Devika were aware of what Rahim and Vishnu saw. Yes both got a good glimpse of Devika’s butts and finely trimmed pussy area. Skirt made good flight three times when her beautiful round butts where exposed to public. Not only Rahim and Vishnu but few more folks on the floor saw that.

Anand made Devika tired. Song changed but she decided to have dinner. They all were back in their seats. Rahim was again sitting next to Devika and Anand opposite to her with Vishnu on the other side.

They ordered food and were waiting for it to be served.

Rahim was bending his eyes and trying to look Devika’s thighs which were now more exposed as skirt was riding up in sitting position. Vishnu saw Rahim’s eyes and he was smiling for Birthday Boy’s luck. Both exchanged smile and cherished recent exposure of Devika’s sexy butts.

Food was being served and Anand started fast. Vishnu and Rahim made little fun of him as he didn’t bother to ask others. He started first and finished first. Others were eating. Anand as usual started browing his mobile hiding below the table. Apparently he doesn’t want Devika to see him avoiding her. Soon all finished their dinner.

Waiter came with a cake. All four were standing around it. Rahim started cutting the cake and all of them were singing birthday song. Devika picked a slice and offered Rahim to take first. Rahim took the slice in mouth which Devika was holding it. Next Anand and then Vishnu did same. Rahim picked small slice and asked Devika to open her mouth. She took a bite and then said she will eat later as she is already full.

Devika: Rahim this Is small gift from your madam (holding him a new Bluetooth headset)

Rahim: Oh thanks Madam. Frankly your presence was the biggest gift for me

Devika: Oh Rahim. You are so good.

Rahim: Madam one more dance with birthday boy?

Devika: Sure but no more rotations. I am full. Just some slow ones.

Vishnu went to DJ and he played a little soft song. All of them were again on the floor.

Rahim enjoying all the attentions. He was so tempted to move his hand inside her skirt and touch her silky soft bums but he couldn’t dare it. He and Devika were dancing holding each other in their arms. Song was so soft and romantic that Devika was little carried away. Rahim’s face was very near to her. Their cheeks brushed couple of times. Rahim was not believing all this happening in the reality. His hands were on Devika’s back almost on the hooks of her new bra. Rahim smartly asked Devka to move her hands around his neck making a circle around it. Devika followed him. Now Devika’s hands were on cricling his around Rahim’s neck and Rahim’s hands were on Devika’s back. Both were dancing swiftly and romantically like a couple. Devika today first time was more of a girlfriend rather Madam in her own. She was so impressed with Rahim’s dancing skills and his overall physical appearance. Rahim saw in her eyes and she to saw him staring her. In very dim little the were dancing slowly. Devika wanted to end this soon so she playfully asked:

Devika: Done Mr Romeo?

Rahim: I don’t want to end my best birthday

Devika: I need to go soon.

Rahim: Hmm

Devika: Hope, I didn’t disappoint you at all.

Rahim: (expertly made his eyes wet) I am very emotional now.

Devika: Its ok. I am sure your next birthday will be further big one

Saying this she hugged Rahim wishing him all the luck and love in his life. Little she knew what was Rahim upto. Rahim’s expert hands made a little try on Devika’s bra hook. He was not sure whether he did or not but he slowly unhooked her bra without letting Devika feel during their dance and hugging.

Soon song changed to little faster one. Rahim pushed Devika for one more dance and started little hip hop movement. Those movements were enough for bra climb down with in her top. Devika realized her another malfunction and was now finding way to go back to restroom and arrange it again. Rahim knew that something happened. He was now holding her more tight.

Rahim pulled Devika in the dance her boobs crushed into his chest. This time impact was more as boobs were bare inside thin top. Rahim was also in his thin T-shirt clearly felt the softness of her boobs. He moved Devika around and now he was standing behind Devika having her back on his chest. Holding her hand he started making few moves. Devika was again lost in the dance. She thought she will end after this song. Rahim’s one hand was holding Devika’s right hand and Rahm’s left hand on on Devika’s belly. He was making some 90’s songs move and his hand travelled little up. With few more movements his hand was further up and now it was alarming Devika as well. She wanted to come out of this but it was too late for her. In very next move Rahim’s hand were on her boobs there was a very thin cloth which was separating their skins but physical impact was very big. Devika was like a fish out of water and Rahim was holding her tight in his cluches making more dance moves rubbing her boobs by his left hand palm, wrist and arm. Devika was taken back by massiv touch on her boobs. The soft boobs were crushed under pressure of Rahim’s arm. Devika finally broke the right hand hold and tried to move out. Rahim dance expert caught her again. This time both his arms came from inside of her arms and were vertically upwards. From her both the sides to her shoulder. He was holding her from behind and now he started dancing in the pose. Devika’s back was completed flat on Rahim’s chest and belly. Rahim’s hands were holding her tight from both the sides coming below her underarms and blocking to her shoulders.

Rahim’s chin was now on her shoulder and his cheeks were touching her.

Devika: How much more Rahim. I need to go.

Rahim: Song is ending soon and so will together.

Rahim kept dancing in that pose and his cheeks were brushing her cheeks more closely now. His hands moved towards her boobs and before she could adjust Rahim in pretext of ending the song with a new move caught Devika in surprise but moving both his palms over her boobs, giving her a tigh squeeze and then making a perfect move to turn her, he gripped her again crushing boobs in his chest and then finally released her. Song also ended. Rahim was quickly one feet away from her. Devika was kind of lost. Definitely it was offensive but song was so romantic that it covered up for Rahim’s act in positive way. All the touches she got on her cheeks and boobs made her wet. She moved into restroom and came back after adjusting her bra.

It was already 8:40 pm and she was late. She saw 4 missed call from Venki. She called Venki and asked him to pick her up. All three came out to say her bye. Devika asked Rahim to collect her bag from parlor Aunty. She was talking with all three and waiting for Venki to come. Cold waves of air were ghusting inside her skirt and were reaching to her pussy area. Rahim’s touch had definitely made her bit horny and wet. Little cold air and music was taking her to another level. Standing out all four saw a couple making out in a corner. She felt that embrassing but couldn’t control seeing them again and again. Vishnu saw Devika’s eyes and they met again. Devika caught seeing them and she turned other side. She was now standing with talking much. Cold air was now entering her skirt from all he sides. Feeling of cold air made her more horny and now she was literally leaking. She heard the honk of Venki’s car. Witho delaying further she said bye to all and went running towards Venki.


Venki: Devika, its home now. Wake up. Lets get in house.

She complied well everthing happened today. She realized well that Rahim is no more a boy. Not sure about other two.

(Many of the incidence Devika cannot imagine as they happened without her notice. I kept them to keep the flow on. Read this a move flash back)

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