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Thumbs up getting clse to sweta and her sis

Within three days after meeting Shweta and her family, I accidentally met them near fun fare. First Sandeep saw me called me out loud then his both the sisters saw me and called me. I went near them and on enquiry, I learnt that they are going to visit fun fare and they requested me to accompany, I was also free that time so I decided to join them. We had nice time, Sandhya was interested in giant wheel. So, I took tickets and boarded the g wheel, the cradles were small to accommodate for four people, but none of them were ready to sit in other cradle so somehow we adjusted in one both the girls on either side as they were scared so at far end Sandeep occupied. When the wheel started spinning Sandhya shifted to my lap as she was scared, to secure herself sat on my lap so it was little spacious now. Sandeep was brave he sat freely but Shweta hold me as the wheel accelerated Shweta s grip was becoming firmer so I put my hand over her shoulder and within few moments it slid down and my hand was touching her bosom. As I saw no reaction from her, I slightly cupped her right breast while I was holding Sandhya around her stomach, all of them were enjoying the game, and I was enjoying sweats tit. As the wheel came to stand still Shweta found my hand, which had cupped her tit, she looked at me but I was ignorant of her look. We descended from the wheel and headed for other games and had ice cream and were roaming in the fare, Shweta had maintained distance from me, which was irritating me. I was cursing myself for advancing so fast, and I was thinking that was end of friendship. I planned to take them to scary all the kids were happy to visit, I knew that was real scary, as we entered I took Sandhya and Sandeep at each side and purposely left Shweta on her own. She too didnt comment anything initially, when we passed couple of scares it was all right but when there was huge sound after long silence, everybody were frightened Sandhya clutched me tightly and was Sandeep but Shweta who was at far end came and hugged me tightly, I tried to push her still clutching other two. Shweta said sorry and pleaded to hold her, so I left Sandeep who was totally recovered now and took Shweta in my arms and we continued our journey, we really enjoyed there when we came out both the girls were still hugging me. Now asked why you said sorry, she was silent for a moment, opened mouth to say something, and kept quite. I could understand, what that meant. Had chats and kids played so many games, rest of the time both girls were at each side, I didnt try to squeeze her balls any more. While departing Sandhya said, thank you bhayya without you we would not have enjoyed so much, thank you again and kissed my both cheeks, I too reciprocated. Now it was Shweta s turn to thank me, after bit thinking she clung to me and kissed me in turn I did hold her in tight embrace and kissed her back. Now she is totally out of tension. As she was still in dilemma, whether I was angry with her. But she said we would meet soon. I offered her to come to business place, so that we can meet frequently and even I will teach her business and accounting, as she was commerce student. For which she agreed and said, she will try to find some time and whenever I am free, surely I will come. Now I grabbed Sandeep, squeezed his cheeks, gave peck on his forehead, and separated. I was happy again as I had spent good time with them and I had shown them how much I care them and had spent money on them.

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