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commet89 20th June 2016 01:46 PM

Best BollyGallery Pics Contest 2016 : Week 144 "Celeb with Open Arm" - Voting Thread

"Best BollyGallery Pics Contest 2016"

Dear XossiPians! :announce:

Xossip proudly presents you "Best Bollygallery Pics Contest 2016"
where you can win "7 days FilesFlash Premium Coupon"
or "1000 Reps points " !!!
:winner2:Plus get a chance to win "Hotty Spotter" dibba :ecs::yay:

Theme for the Week #144 was "Celeb with Open Arm"

This being a Voting thread. All you have to do is to vote for " Celeb with open Arm" Pic from already submitted entries.

The voting is open till 26th June 2016 : 5 PM IST.

:refree:Voting Rules:

1. This is an open poll where all the registered members can vote. Cast your vote for the best picture according to you.

2. Member with 50 or more posts can vote. Any member with less than 50 posts, his/her vote will not be considered valid.

3. You cannot vote for yourself, or log in using an alias/duplicate id and vote in your/others' favor. Such votes will be deducted from the total count, and the user may be banned from participating in future contests depending upon the severity of the breach.

4. You are not allowed to PM other members asking them to vote for your entry and no canvassing in any form would be entertained. Anyone found doing so will be banned from contest straightaway.

commet89 20th June 2016 01:59 PM

.:| Qualified Entries for week - 144 : " Celeb with Open Arm " |:.

Entry# 1Entry# 2Entry# 3Entry# 4Entry# 5

Entry# 6Entry# 7Entry# 8Entry# 9Entry# 10

Entry# 11Entry# 12Entry# 13Entry# 14Entry# 15

Entry# 16Entry# 17Entry# 18Entry# 19Entry# 20

Entry# 21Entry# 22Entry# 23Entry# 24Entry# 25

Entry# 26Entry# 27Entry# 28Entry #29Entry# 30

Entry# 31

commet89 20th June 2016 02:02 PM

Change of Rules :announce:

Dear all,

The top 6 entries (based on votes) that have followed all rules and contain valid votes will be shortlisted by the organizers. The winner and runners up will then be chosen from these six entries by a panel of judges.

We are forced to make this decision as there have been continuous attempts by some users to gain unfair advantage over others. This decision is final and no discussion regarding the same will be entertained.


commet89 20th June 2016 02:03 PM


koolking2011 20th June 2016 04:23 PM


amitganda86 20th June 2016 05:46 PM

voted :jerker:

commet89 20th June 2016 06:40 PM


arya007 20th June 2016 09:30 PM

voted :check:

Royal Rishi... 20th June 2016 10:37 PM


Rebel.Star 21st June 2016 07:16 AM


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